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Watch: Megan Fox & Mike Tyson Team For Brazilian Language School Ad

Watch: Megan Fox & Mike Tyson Team For Brazilian Language School Ad

Well, this is all kinds of WTF. But anyway, while Megan Fox will spend 2012 trying to broaden her acting wings thanks to appearances in “Friends With Kids” (where she’s actually quite good) and Judd Apatow‘s “This Is 40,” she’s wise enough to realize she’s still the fantasy of many young men, and thus she’s putting that reputation to some use.

A pretty bonkers ad for the Brazilian language school CCAA has arrived, and it delivers a very simple message. Learn English so you can talk to hot chicks like Megan Fox, or be forced to hang out with dudes like Mike Tyson instead. While most “Transformers” fanboys have dreamed of landing on an island filled with nothing but multiple Megan Foxes, this ad makes it real. But the real twist? This was filmed in California. Anyway, this is worth a minute of your time at the end of the day, so watch below, followed by the making-of video. [JustJared]

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Ok people, in fact the add means that you can have good opportunities if you can communicate well in a language, in this case English. In other hand, sometimes speaking bad English can put us in difficult situations. So the add means that if a student goes to another english school he won't be able to speak well, that's all. How I know this? I can speak English and Portuguese so I understand the real meaning of the message.

maria elena alvarez

jajajaja por no ablar ingles bb jajaja


Jesus guys, seriously? Brazilian language? This is shockingly ignorant.


I'm starting to think The Playlist is written by nothing other than horny 30-something men. Megan Fox could barely even say her own name convincingly in that ad.

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