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Watch “Shit White Girls Say… To Black Girls” (The Madness Continues…)

Watch "Shit White Girls Say... To Black Girls" (The Madness Continues...)

And the sh*t-storm continues… this time, with a twist…

Watch Shit White Girls Say… To Black Girls.

The possibilities are endless folks; I'm sure we can next expect Shit Black Girls Say… To White Girls, Shit White Guys Say… To Black Guys… etc, etc, etc… and if these don't already exist, jump on it! It just might be the break you've been waiting for :)

Franchesca Ramsey is the creator and star of this one.

Watch below:

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Anita Kearney

at least they are no longer asking ot see our tails. this actually happened to me on a school trip. the white girls in my room kept spying on me when I went into the bathroom I finally asked them what they were doing and when they told me I just fell on the floor lmao. I stripped let them inspect me even let them comb and oil my natural hair. We made it a learning experiences to dispel myths we held about each other. I had not thought of that in years until I saw this. I am 50 this happened when I was 14


ha..ha..I thought the Nicki Minaj joke was hilarious. God forbid they somehow realize that she is also a rapper. Trust me..she'll never tell 'em. (Or anyone else)….The New Fake Reconstruction of Black Female Rappers. I thought that I was the only one that noticed that. Classic. Good Stuff. Had to laugh. @ZenMamaPolitic (Twitter)


LOL @ "Your hair feels like cheetos."


this was hilarious

Geneva Girl

If I haven't heard all of these and more! I have the opposite problem with hair. I have wash-n-wear hair which confuses white folks. "Like, where did your hair come from?" My head. "How come your hair isn't blaaack?" Actually, it's brown.

Franchesca Ramsey, I hope, is headed for a very bright future. Too funny indeed.


As a white girl, my only defensive comment is about when she turned down the rap music. If I'm in a car with a white friend and she turns on country music, I would tell her to turn it down, so that might be more of a "taste in music" thing than a racist thing. As for everything else, I hope I've never been that bad, but I can't swear that I haven't!


That was every shade of AWESOME!!!




This one FTW. She could've added,"Why is there a Black History Month?", " You sing, right?", or "Do you know Shaniqua in accounting?" lol

Lavetta Cannon

SHE NAILED IT!!! I loved this…she is hysterical:-)


ah this was the best one lol!


entertaining… keep it up… shine a light on it…all of it.

Donnie Leapheart

I'm going to just stop trying so hard and just shoot episodes of, "Shit Osiris Says…"

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