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Watch That Dude With A Really Long Name In Best Laid Plans

Watch That Dude With A Really Long Name In Best Laid Plans

So here’s the 1 millionth trailer that begins with the narrator saying “In a world….” The cliche has been around since the beginning of time and I can’t believe that they’re STILL using it.

But to get to the point, here’s the trailer for the British film Best Laid Plans starring Adewale Akinnuoye-Agabaje, though let me warn you in advance that you’re probably not going to like it.

In the film he plays an idiot savant with the “mental age of a seven year old and gentle as a lamb” who happens to be ace at bare-knuckle fighting skills which also just happens to come into handy with his only friend, a small time hood, gets in trouble with crime kingpin over a drug deal that went bad. So it’s like Rocky meets Rain Man meets The Green Mile in Magical Negro Land.

The film gets a limited release in the UK on Feb 3 before coming out on DVD on the 20th

Here’s the trailer:

H/t to EC Forde

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Well at least both of them are Black


in a world, where they still make silly trailers like this… this one takes the cake!!! #Coming soon straight to a DVD near you.


Did they really make "Of Mice & Men" a gangster action pic?!


…our American B.S. is poison – spreading overseas. Nice.


It would take too long to speak on everything I did not like about this trailer. *Rolling my eyes*.

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