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Watch Trailer For Indie Drama “Greencastle” About Lonely Widowed Single Father in Rural Town

Watch Trailer For Indie Drama "Greencastle" About Lonely Widowed Single Father in Rural Town

Described as a “quirky off-beat drama,” Greencastle is written and directed by Koran Dunbar, who is also the lead actor in the film. The film, about a single father in a rural town in PA grieving the death of his late wife, was able to raise post-production costs through Kickstarter last month.

After taking a look at the trailer, I found it refreshing to see a racially diverse cast, which, besides Dunbar lists Nikki Estridge, Aurelius Dunbar, Doua Moua and Christopher James Raynor.

Here’s the full synopsis:

“Greencastle” is a quirky offbeat drama about man’s search for meaning amidst the ache of despair chronicles Poitier, a single father who works as an Assistant Manager at a small town pet shop, as he enters a “quarter-life crisis” impelled by a recent tragedy. Greencastle intertwines lives of loneliness and disconnection, fatefully leading Poitier toward an unexpected and sublime awakening.

Glancing through Koran Dunbar’s IMDB, Greencastle seems to be his first writing/directing/producing effort; he does have a couple of recent acting credits in supporting roles.

Going by the recent updates in the film’s Facebook page HERE, it looks like the film has been submitted to a few film festivals this year.

Take a look a the trailer below; I’ve also embedded a first-look video underneath it, in which the cast and crew discuss the film.

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Michelle L Maller

I had the chance to see the film, and all I can say is wow. I got to hear this young man's story from being homless with a child to creating this film, it's simply amazing. Koran's acting was vey moving. Greencastle is a must see. The woman who played his mother Tanya Chatman stole the scene. Does anyone know when the film comes out on DVD?


I wish I had heard about this film before the festival, since my wife grew up in Greencastle and we lived there for 15 yrs after we got married before moving out to CA where we are living in San Jacinto less than 45 min from Idyllwild. We would have gone to see it.

what up

i think dunbar's acting chops probably need a little developing, but he told a great story…one that doesn't get told much in film. black single fathers are hard to come by, especially if they live in rural america. thanks.
the lead actress is beautiful.

Fletch Reed

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to see "Greencastle" at the Idyllwild Festival. Of all the films screened, this one affected me more than most. The reason being is this: I was a single dad once too…now I'm just an old one (73). Haha. Kidding aside, what affected me so much was the angst (thanks for the word choice Nadine!) and the anxiety that permiated the story. Never did I feel that things were "too" bad for Dunbar's character, but I always felt that things were on the verge of getting worse. A subtle sense of fear exists between the quirk and melodrama…and it works. Now, isn't that what life is like when you're a young person trying to fit into adult clothes? After the screening, I had the pleasure of pulling Dunbar aside for a few quick minutes (always on the move, these budding film makers!). I shared my experiences with him and found him to be a pretty bright guy. Once I shared my single father status with him, he bluntly told me that he specifically made the picture for folks like me. In the end, I think this picture, and certainly this filmmaker, have a real shot at doing something special with "Greencastle." It moved me.

Latoya Jarvous

The Koran Dunbar guy after doing research on him seems like an interesting guy. He is hitting a somewhat uncharted realm of film. There needs to be more film makers like him, but unfortunately I am not sure if he will fit in with the norm of "Hollywood Filmmaking" The story of the black person living in "rural anywhere USA" does not got get told ever. Me growing up in rural America I already can relate to him. I am interested hear more about him. He does have a uncanny resemblance to Denzel Washington. Vanessa do you have anymore info on him? It looks as if was a comedian….


Koran Dunbar seems like he has a nice spirit. He plays angst well.


And they say making a movie with humanized characters of color is hard. Definitely looking forward to this.


Very nice, wish it was a part of New Voices Fest @ BAM

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