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Watch: Trailer for ‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ Wes Anderson’s Return to Live Action Filmmaking

Watch: Trailer for 'Moonrise Kingdom,' Wes Anderson's Return to Live Action Filmmaking

The trailer for “Moonrise Kingdom” — Wes Anderson’s return to live action filmmaking following his acclaimed stop-motion animated family film “Fantastic Mr. Fox” — has dropped its first trailer and it’s a total delight.

When not showcasing its crisp, heavily goldenrod cinematography, it’s pushing its adult ensemble, which is about as good as it gets: Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Bruce Willis and Jason Schwartzman head the all-star cast.

Our favorite thing about this trailer, though? The kids! Anderson has always been terrific at casting young actors (just watch “The Royal Tenenbaums” or “Rushmore”) and these kids seem like they’re going to be a hoot. We can’t wait!

“Moonrise Kingdom,” which Anderson co-wrote with Roman Coppola, will be in theaters on May 25.

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It's in the similar sense of color from Fantastic. Mr. Fox. Why people love Wes Anderson? He's in bit of nerdy, quirky, adorable sense. Awesomely to see Edward Norton also in this!


Always anxious to see Anderson's latest! I love the cast (he and Woody seem to be the directors that everyone wants to act for) and, judging from the trailer, I love the way he goes right on being Wes Anderson, self-referential and right back in the face of the critics who tired of his films. The trailer has the stacatto cutting, the odd music, affected acting and even the slo-mo walking! Your prototypical Anderson hard-boiled, gritty realism! Bring it on!


I'm a big Wes Anderson fan and greatly look forward to this newest film of his. but he's hardly "indie" anymore…


Love Wes Anderson. This looks great!

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