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Watch: Vincent Gallo, Dancing & UFOs In Amazing Teaser For ‘The Legend Of Kaspar Hauser’

Watch: Vincent Gallo, Dancing & UFOs In Amazing Teaser For 'The Legend Of Kaspar Hauser'

Even if the world ends in 2012, we’ll still have one more movie starring our favorite enfant terrible Vincent Gallo. What can be said about the writer/actor/director/producer/musician that hasn’t be said already, but even if we’re bummed we’re never gonna seePromises Written In Water,” at least there is something else that promises the out-there awesomeness Gallo usually provides.

In case you forgot, last spring Gallo signed on for two roles in the Italian and English language “The Legend of Kaspar Hauser.” Not a remake of the Werner Herzog film, instead the David Manuli-directed film is described as a “post-modern western” take on the strange but true story about the titular man who showed up randomly in Nuremberg in the early 1800s with stories about being raised in a dungeon, and while educated, had never stepped outside his cell into the world. It’s a fascinating story with many contradictory and just plain weird elements, but we’re pretty sure there was never a UFO involved.

The first teaser for the movie has arrived in advance of its premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and it’s all electro beats and dancing. And it rules. Gallo will speak Italian for his role of The Pusher and English for the part of the Sheriff. The cast will be rounded out by Claudia Gerini as the Duchess, Fabrizio Gifuni as the Priest, and Elisa Sednaoui as the Psychic, with stage actress Silvia Calderoni taking on the title role of Kaspar Hauser. Right now, it’s only slated for release in Italy but we hope someone picks it up stateside. IFFR runs from January 25 to February 5. Watch below.

Update: A reader has alerted us to the full theme song heard in the trailer by electronic act Vitalic. Listen below.

[via Quiet Earth]

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The most hollow, pretentious film I have ever seen. Vincent Gallo and all these guys that think they're so hip, so underground are the perfect bunch of dicks, and the women that let themselves being objectified on the screen by those dicks, aren't worth the paper their stupid image is printed on. Laughable attempt at art house cinema. Postmodernism gone wrongly baaaaad.


It's Vitalic ;)


anyone have a clue or leads as to what that awesome song is?


this rules? maybe the litterbox, where it will be uncovered to be the biggest turd.

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