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Weekend B.O. Jan. 27-29 (Black Cinema Hangs On!)

Weekend B.O. Jan. 27-29 (Black Cinema Hangs On!)

Though it dropped 44% from last weekend, black cinema’s Lord and Savior George Lucas’ film Red Tails held on to the 4th place slot, beating Man on a Ledge; though it couldn’t beat off Underworld Awakening, The Grey and One for the Money. And even that film stars the one person that EVERYONE hates – Katerine Heigl.

But still it remains to be seen if Red Tails has any legs or else we are doomed  (I’m telling you WE’RE DOOMED) to see nothing but Tyler Perry movies, and lame rom-coms starring Gabrielle Union, if Red Tails doesn’t do better. I’m going to jump off a bridge.

1. The Grey ORF $20,000,000
2. Underworld Awakening SGem $12,500,000 Total: $45,126,000
3. One For the Money LGF $11,750,000
4. Red Tails Fox $10,400,000 Total: $33,780,000
5. Man on a Ledge Sum. $8,300,000
6. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close WB $7,145,000 Total:$21,106,000
7. The Descendants FoxS $6,550,000 Total: $58,848,000
8. Contraband Uni. $6,500,000 Total: $56,400,000
9.  Beauty and the Beast (3D) BV  $5,345,000 Total: $41,147,000 
10. Haywire Rela. $4,000,000 Total: $15,279,000
11Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Par.  $3,550,000 Total: $202,641,000 

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Tamara Rambles

"Man on a Ledge" is gathering my interest every time I see the trailers proclaiming it to be "new and inventive and original" [sic].

I have been the worst movie-goer this year. I've yet to see films I swore I'd be present and accounted for on release-day *cough* "Red Tails" *cough*. Circumstances and other things have held me back.

That Liam Neeson flick is certainly worth a rental. Count me among many who don't care for Katherine Heigl. Romantic comedies soar, in spite of. Saw the trailer for Tyler Perry's Good Deeds" last night……….because it's Tyler Perry it will do well, but in every shot and frame in which he speaks and raw emotes, I couldn't help but think: "I bet this trailer [film] would be different, possibly even better if another lead [not the svengali behind the film] was cast." But whom?

I'm awaiting "Chronicle"… which hopefully I will be able to drag myself to the theater to see. Whenever I see the trailer, I get chills… *and they're multiplying*

The Grey and Underworld…the top two in box office. Why? Because people like wolves! Foxes? ("Red Tails") not so much… Ha! Okay. *exiting now*

blah, blah

CTFU. Sergio, not to sound like a groupie, but I think I love you, LOL.

Donnie Leapheart

LOL @ black cinema's Lord and Savior George Lucas…C'mon son!


This was a waste I expect to come here and read something informative not a poor attempt at sarcasm


Sergio, shut up.

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