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Weekend Box Office Dec.30- Jan.1 (“Pariah” Opens Strong In Limited Release)

Weekend Box Office Dec.30- Jan.1 ("Pariah" Opens Strong In Limited Release)

Of most importance to us is how Pariah did this weekend in its limited opening engagements, and we’ll get to that in a second.

But first, no surprise, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was No. 1 again this weekend, bringing the franchise and Tom Cruise’s career back to life, pulling in over $300 million worldwide to date. 

Other films, like Sherlock Holmes and We Bought A Zoo increased their box office totals significantly, and War Horse opened strongly as well.

But Pariah did extremely well in its very limited platform release this weekend, making almost $81,500 in only 4 theaters nationwide. The film expands to more theaters on January 6th, and strong word of mouth and solid reviews should help it pull in some solid numbers.

Here’s this weekend’s list:

1) Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Par$31,250,000 Total: $134,139,000
2)Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows WB $22,095,000 Total:$132,100,000
3) Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Fox $18,250,000 Total:$94,609,000
4War Horse BV $16,940,000 Total: $42,969,000
5The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sony $16,300,000 Total:$57,100,000
6) We Bought a Zoo Fox $14,300,000 Total:$41,787,000
7)The Adventures of Tintin Par. $12,000,000 Total:$47,841,000
8) New Year’s Eve WB (NL) $6,741,000 Total:$46,372,000
9) The Darkest Hour Sum. $4,300,000 Total:$13,200,000
10)The Descendants FoxS $3,650,000 Total:$39,675,000
11) The Muppets BV $2,588,000 Total:$82,456,000
12Hugo Par. $2,525,000 Total:$49,539,000
13) Young Adult Par.  $2,200,000Total:$12,167,000

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I don't know why people are arguing about the box office? The point is the Shadow and Act editors are correct Pariah did indeed gross over $81,000 dollars since the movie was released. The movie is a black lesbian film which is rare to even get distribution by a big studio like Focus Features. Why can't people just be happy that a black LGBT film is in the theatres and will be expanding to more markets very soon? People have complained on this site that there is a narrow representation of blackness in cinema. Now Pariah arrives I think people should be happy about it. I sincerely hope more black LGBT movies reach a wider audience and not just be stuck in queer film festivals. I wonder if that E Lynn Harris movie is ever going to be made?


I wonder if anyone knows if Pariah will be released in Toronto? I think this is wonderful news that a black lesbian movie is doing so well at the box office! I believe more LGBT entertainment iis important. The director of Pariah is doing a great thing here expanding the stories about the black experience. I also like that Kim Wayans is in Pariah and I heard she did an excelllent job

Miles Maker

Watching PARIAH's 4-day average climb to $16,275. The Holiday week from Christmas to New Year's definitely affected ALL box office numbers but this critically-acclaimed movie won't be denied! @NorthstarPics on twitter

Dui Jarrod

This is GREAT!!!! And is amazing for the cast and crew of the film!!! Looking forward to catching the film myself.


I wish Shadow and act would have reported objectively. Pariah did good business. At the end if the day it made the same as I Will Follow and Gun Hill Road pretty much. It was in between them by just a few hundred dollars. A quick Google shows that Gun Hill road made $12,600 on each screen in the three theaters it started in, I Will Follow made $11,800 in the five theaters in started in and Pariah made $12,300 in the four theaters it started in. I think the most fascinating part besides the tricks on this blog is that these independent black movies make practically the same whether it is a studio like Focus Features putting it out, a grassroots group like AFFRM putting it out or a small distribution place like Motion Group that did Gun Hill Road. The money spent on it don't matter it seems like. The audience who will see small movies and not just Tyler Perry is the root of it.

LeonRaymond Mitchell

Please ignore the Haters check out the numbers and do your own scale Pariah is out grossing most films, take a look at their budgets take a look at their cast of other films and I'm sorry Pariah is killing it with the numbers, if most films (Black films with Black cast ) did as well we would not be in the shape we are in as far as Blacks films being a thing no one wants t0 touch. Iron Lady -please star cast Tinker Taylor -star cast, this film is doing good biz right up there with Ava DuVernay's projects I see a flat out champion and 10 times the better story and direction than Precious , Gun Hill Road even wishes they had these numbers , at some point you have to see the over all picture -this film will long long legs !!!!


Loved Pariah. Good luck to Dee Rees & her team.

Oh there is a typo in the third line it should be "increased" instead of incresased.

Miles Maker

See you in San Diego, DC, Chicago, Boston, Dallas and Seattle this week! @NorthstarPics


"Numbers don't lie, people lie" – Mo Better Blues

For obvious reasons, Sergio's number is inflated: Pariah only grossed $49, 700 on it's opening weekend. The film played in 4 theaters and had a per screen average of $12, 495. The total gross of the film thus far is $81,400.

Source Box Office Mojo:


IW is posting contradictory assessments on "Pariah." Another post "Holiday B.O." with the Iron Lady lead in suggests that Pariah "was not faring as well" compared to other limited releases. Here, you write that it did "extremely well." Which is it??

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