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What Kind Of Bird Are You? Trailer For Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Is Here (And It’s Great)

What Kind Of Bird Are You? Trailer For Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' Is Here (And It's Great)

Wes Anderson has a style and cinematic voice that is so distinct, you know it almost immediately after seeing a single frame. And while his ongoing explorations of his obsessions have led to disappointments like “The Darjeeling Limited,” his return to live action filmmaking following the charming “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” looks to find the director once again at the height of his powers.

Familiar yet fresh, the first trailer for “Moonrise Kingdom” will easily delight longtime fans of Anderson and even impress those who may have become jaded about his work. Wearing its “Pierrot Le Fou” influence clearly on its sleeve, and powered by an undercurrent of self awareness which keeps it from slipping into self-indulgence, the story centering on kids — with newcomers Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward leading the pack — seems to have brought fresh vigor to Anderson’s world.

Co-written with Roman Coppola and starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Harvey Keitel, the story is set in Anderson-stylized 1960s New England, and follows a young boy and young girl who fall in love and run away together, turning their small town upside down in the process. Yes, it’s reminiscent of much we’ve seen from Anderson, yet it feels alive and fresh, with a whole new world we’re eager to explore. The song in the trailer of course is, “Le Temps de L’amour” by French chanteuse Francoise Hardy. Maybe someone checked out our suggestions way back when?

“Moonrise Kingdom” opens on May 25th. Watch below. [Apple]

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No Keitel in the trailer… or did I miss him?


This does look fun. A much lighter tone than I was expecting for some reason, but count me excited.


love it…and yes i've had an original framed 'pierrot le fou' poster on my wall for 5 years.


I really feel like I've seen him do all of this before. Precocious kids who act like adults and wacky, neurotic adults who act like children. I get it.

Even the Cohens eventually grew up and did "No Country for Old Men".


this looks incredible.


it seems like i agree with everyone here saying Wes is awesome! and Darjeeling Limited was a fantastic movie. i guess he's an acquired taste :P


Wow. Count me in. Looks awesome.

(And Darjeeling Limited might be on balance his weakest film, but it's by no means bad.)


"The Darjeeling Limited" sucked but yeah, this looks like textbook Wes Anderson… meaning I'm excited.


The Darjeeling Limited a disappointment? Hardly! I dare say it was his best film (and if not then second only to The Royal Tenenbaums.)

I think you need to revisit the movie.


Holy shit! That's looks wonderful!


What a great trailer. My expectations are soaring.


Darjeeling Limited was such a great watch. I can't help but like his stuff!


@ Reese:

It's called Le Temps de L'amour by Francoise Hardy

Also, another rad version by April March; not too different from the original, though.


The Darjeeling Limited was far from a disappointment. I think it's his best film.

Stephen B

Did he finally give up the Futura font? Bruce Willis fits in way better than I expected. Murray shirtless wearing patch madras pants is a win.


does anyone know the song playing at 1:10?


walks on the thin line of self-parody but doesn't seem to cross it. color me super excited.


I second that.


Yep. Amazing.

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