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2012 Oscar Predictions

2012 Oscar Predictions

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 84th Academy Awards, which will be announced live in Los Angeles on February 26, 2012. Also check out our poll of blogger and critics as to who will and should win, as well as a personal rant on why this year’s award season was a major disappointment.

Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” and Michel Hazanavicius’s “The Artist” led the nominations with 11 and 10 mentions, respectively. They were both nominated for best picture, alongside “The Descendants,” “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” “The Help,” “Midnight in Paris,” “Moneyball,” “The Tree of Life” and “War Horse.”

The Artist” certainly seems like the film to beat at this point, and in general most categories seem pretty sewn up. Check out predictions in all categories below.  For clips of the films nominated in major categories, take a look at Press Play’s picks for who should win.

























Peter Knegt is Indiewire’s Senior Editor and awards columnist. Follow him on Twitter and on his blog.

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Passion picks like “Tree of Life” are not likely to make a mark on Oscar night; with nine films up for the top prize, the Academy’s preferential voting system strongly favors consensus choices. Not everyone loved “The Artist” — it’s not quite an amour fou — but very few Academy members seem to dislike it. Voilà: the winner.


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THE ARTIST was wonderful and everything I could ever want in a film. While there has been some backlash with detractors saying it is too light and fluffy, the film has undeniable charm and was clearly made as a love letter to old Hollywood. Based on the months of pre-show awards results THE ARTIST is poised to win Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. I also loved HUGO and would be thrilled if that were to win Best Picture of any other awards for that matter


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I love ww II-related movies and serials, I think it (films) deserved to got oscar

Games,Tv show,Products reviews

I love ww II-related movies and serials, I think they deserved to got oscar.
Games,Tv show,Products reviews

Jannet watson

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It sounds really good!


War Horse deserves more credit than it has been given. It should definitly snag best sound mixing and best cinematagrophy and/or best picture. It was corny in some spots but it relieved an inspiring message and really was a genuinely good movie.


Watch Academy Awards 2012 Live HD Streams Free HERE (Worlk Wide):


Many people here commenting on movies apparently cannot spell words they use every day, nor form coherent sentences in the English language.
Therefore, their opinion on movies should be disregarded, as would be a load of crap.

Roxanne I.

Viola looks stunning. Minnie awesome girl. You look beautiful. J. Lo you'd have to convince me that you have twins. You look untampered. Glen Close just an amazing transformation. You deserve the best always. George Clooney that's all I have to say. Can't forget Brad. I mean who could. You're everywhere and you're eye candy thank you for all the talent. Such wonderful movies.

Roxanne I

Someone get the sound manager's attention. feedback from microphones are coming through the television not pleasing to one's ears. Just thought you'd want to know. Thank-you.


read this:


Lol! Trending moment of Oscars! The Dictator dumps ash on Oscars red carpet host!


I need "Hugo" to win


Don''t forget the 2012 Zombie Academy Awards:

Sally Kirkman

More astrological predictions for 2012. Find out more at How exciting, the results are almost in. Can't wait!

Bruno Claro

How about the new trailer about the War Horse: lol

this is annoying

u should just write all the predictions on one page.

Movie Notebook's predictions:

Content Engine

For anyone interested in the Oscars or astrology or both, check out this series of Oscar predictions as divined by a talented and experienced astrological prognosticator on — a dedicated to content for Content Creators.


Midnight in Paris wins based on the wine alone:


Viola Davis is an excellent actress. She gets me every scene she shows up. But there's no way she would be superior to Meryl Streep. No one can portray the most powerful PM of Britain. They casted her, 'american actress' while there're so many great british actress with a real british accent. Meryl could do what Viola simply did in The Help. But Viola couldn't do what Meryl did in The Iron Lady. If Viola won, which she seems to, she would join the list the actress who should have not won Best Actress like Gwyneth Paltrow (rob Cate Blanchett), Julia Roberts(rob Ellen Burstyn), Reese Witherspoon(rob Felicity Huffman), Sandra Bullock(rob Gabourey Sidibe). Period.


With all respect, Viola Davis was 'a help', not a leader. Should not have been in the Best actress category (of any award).


While it is true that the Oscars don't always nominate the best films, I feel their nominations do, typically, go to good films. However, I was confused by the inclusion of "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" and "War Horse." Neither of these films are Oscar-worthy, especially in a year where so many quality films were snubbed. The fact that Stephen Daldry's exploitative tear-jerker gets a nod when the excellent "Drive" was completely ignored is, in my opinion, an absolute embarrassment to the Academy. And "War Horse" was typical Spielbergian over-the-topness. Are the Oscars the new Grammys?

pat hayek

Please send me the updated on the acedemy awards, thx


Viola Davis was SPECTACULAR in The Help. She defientely deserves an oscar.

ugo straniero

I think the best actress is Glenn Close in the film Albert Nobbs, with Janet McTree always in the sam film.


The Artist is a trivial, totally predictable, gimmicky but mildly attractive movie, but has no business being considered a Best movie. 80 + years later, somebody made a reasonably competent, pleasant silent movie. A Nice trifle. But this year there were at least a half dozen Much better movies, i.e. more thought-provoking, better acted and directed, with actual plots. For example, Hugo, The Descendants, Moneyball, The Help, and I personally liked much more Tree of Life, Melancholia, and The Adjustment Bureau. But I guess they are only talkies, as far as Hollywood cares.


The Artist – The Best Movie


Keep in mind that the Academy membership consists of A-list talent – the same talent that makes the movies that most of you love and cherish.


test comment – ignore


To realize how ridiculous the Oscars are (as people like George C. Scott did turning down two best actor awards; other notable no shows = woody allen; marlin brando) you only have to rem ember that Rocky was chosen best picture over what continues to be regarded as a masterpiece, Taxi Driver. The Oscars are midly entertaining, but are a true joke in terms of a measure of the craft.

ali afazal


yellou y sou brasileiro gosto da premiasao do oscar pois vemos atores famosos de muitos filmes que conhecemos sendo premiados como os melhores no oscar uma cerimonia que reune gente famosa do mundo todo todo ano assisto mas esse ano quero saber quando vai transmitir pela globo onde aconpanho o espetaculo que os americanos USA sempre fasem

moises dos santos cambras

yellou y sou brasileiro gosto da premiasao do oscar pois vemos atores famosos de muitos filmes que conhecemos sendo premiados como os melhores no oscar uma cerimonia que reune gente famosa do mundo todo todo ano assisto mas esse ano quero saber quando vai transmitir pela globo onde aconpanho o espetaculo que os americanos USA sempre fasem


I really think 'The Artist ' should win. It is a fabulious film. The lead actor
is so sexy/handsome. The Help, was a really good movie too.

Jerry Cabot

I would love to see surprises this year. That the winner or winners would be more the greatness of heart than the excelence in technical things. I really want that to happen.

Steve the GREAT

Dicaprio got snubbed. The man who broke Tom Bradys wife in gave the best performance of his career. Far better actor than Brad Pitt. The oscars have been like politics for many years.

Monica S

If you are interested in making your own predictions for this years Academy Award's winners check out We are having a predict and win contest for the 2012 Academy Awards. The winner will receive $100 gift card.

Susan c

I have to agree with everyone here , the academy awards are just not logical or even worth watching any more , I stopped taking it serious when Avatar lost there butt to the hurt locker , Really , no one I knew when back to the theater to watch hurt locker over and over ,as did so many people with avatar ,,, but they hate the man who is better then them in film making and cast there voite els were ,

Donna Miller

Phooey for not nominating michael Fessbinder for Shame and Bryce Dallas Howard for the help

One Love

The Academy Awards will slowly be forgotten within years to come due to the fact that the Oscar officials and voters no longer vote for the best, they just vote for who they like to see win… In the acting category, one should vote base on transformation and ability to execute an outstanding performance. Then again, in recent years many good performance were overlook and not acknowledge which account for the decreasing popularity of the Oscars. One can honestly say that the Academy Awards is no longer valid nor does it marks a person position in the Film Industry. The Academy Award can prevent this from occurring by changing the pattern to which films are nominated and process of electing a winners. In short terms, change the length of voters allowed to vote, instead of more than 5000 voters where bias votes exist, why not allow a minimum of 150 voters to prevent racial and bias votes from occurring and make it more considerable. That is of-course my opinion on the Academy Awards which i believe will sooner disappear from the public image. One more thing, the Oscars will never have as much rating as the Super Bowl………………………………………….


My wife an I have recently completed watching most of the nominees. We were quite surprised how slow/lengthy/dragged down three of the notable nominess became about 2/3 thru. "My Week w/Marilyn", "Hugo" and "The Artist" just didn't have the content to support the length of the film, which REALLY surprised me mostly from Scorcese. We are particularly amused (and to some extent, saddened) the the shallow Hollywood rush to this year's great gimmick: "The Artist". Look, it was enjoyable, but really? In our minds, the Best Picture is either "The Help" or "The Descendants", but hmmm…, no gimmick. There's no question that this year SHOULD BE George Clooney's year for best actor. If Clooney doesn't win, then it will be very similar to Cheryl's comment below, when somehow Cher beat out Glenn Close in one of Close's best (if not the best) role of her life. As I recall "Hollywood" said it was for Cher's "Body of Work". It really is sad how shallow Hollywood can be. We're pulling for you Geroge! Maybe you'll get some respect for YOUR body of work. But, who knows with the fickle, silly Hollywood crowd.


i stopped really taking the oscars seriously after adrian brody beat daniel day-lewis in 2003. that made absolutely no logical sense to me. one man slightly altered his accent and acted nervous and emotional, and one actor transformed every single thing about themselves to unbelievable lengths. and the former won the award. i still cant get over it


The fact that Take Shelter has recieved little to no attention in the awards season sickens me, such a quality piece of work deserves recognition. Michael Shannon's performance is so far above anything else ive seen this year and the fact that he hasnt atleast received a nomination, has for me, detracted completely from the majesty of these awards…

Dennis Diosomito

All these people at the Oscars are stupid. They really don't make the films, wormholes that surround Earth does. No person has ever made a motion picture in their life besides pornography. What you have to figure out is how do the wormholes get thier faces to look just like them. It's not the real people at the Oscars who think their accepting awards for things they've never done. Cerebral Frotal Brain Pole Stimulation: "Idiot…"

Dennis Diosomito

Gary B.

A correction to one of my comments about the great original music score from "The Artist". It was not the musical piece by Bernard Hermann from the Hitchcock film "Vertigo". It was from "North by Northwest" when Cary Grant was sneaking up on James Mason's compound near Mt. Rushmore to rescue Eva Marie Saint.

Gary B.

"The Artist" should get the award for "Biggest Artistic Gimmick of the Year". It was not a bad movie and an okay tribute to the silent era but why Best Picture nominee? I'm amazed at how many people loved this film and think it's so original. First of all it's "A Star is Born" done for the fourth time (they've tried to give that storyline the Best Picture Oscar before). Secondly, these comments I've read about how great the music was. Is it just me that noticed that they borrowed music by Bernard Hermann from the Alfred Hitchcock film "Vertigo" towards the climax of the film? I was expecting something unique for a silent film to be done in 2012 but it never came. I felt it was an average retro film. For those of you who love this so much, just turn on Turner Classic Movies on Sunday evenings. There are many original silent films that are far better than this one.


los miembros de la academia, se han ensañado en tres ocaciones con Glenn Close negandole el derecho a reclamar el galardon.¿para que nominan a tan exelente actiz si no la van a ratificar como lo que es,? la mejor de todas las actrices. Araccion Fatal, Relaciones Peligrosas,Hamlet, La Casa de los Espiritus. son algunas de las grandes injusticias que se han cometido contra ella y sus maravillosos personajes, ojala este año con Albert Noobs la academia por fin deje sus intereses y reconosca todos los errores pasados para con esta espectacular mujer y actriz. por ultimo pienso que la mismisima Meryl Strep reconoce que Glenn Close hace demaciado tiempo tendria que haber ganado un Oscar de la Academia.


My wife Ani likes Di Caprio in J Edgar Hoover and The Help. Oscar for both. Chao Rod


The Oscars have been on a downward spiral since Cher collected the best actress against Glenn Close and Holly Hunter.


J. Edgar of Leonardo d Caprio's movie was never liked by Academy instead included The Descendants which I also watched! Leo shud be nominated for best actor…they never like Leo??? Brad Pitt acting, ughhh!!!

Kasper / Mude

War Horse is the best movie I've ever seen. So I really hope it will win the 6 Awards.


I hope this year the Oscar goes to The Artist (of course I'm referring to Meryl Streep).


I CANNOT believe Giovanni Ribisi's name is not on this list for Best Supporting Actor in Rum Diaries. He was by far, one the best performances of the year. And Charlize Theron for Young Adult was amazing. What is wrong with these people who are doing the nominations?

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences determined Friday that it will officially credit four producers, instead of three, for “The Tree of Life.” so where is Johnny Depp for Hugo ‘s producer .his company ‘s logo is after GK .what’s the hell. why they didn’t say any thing? he should be nominated .


I'm curious as to why the IN logo was so prominently shown at the beginning of Hugo, and Johnny Depp's name was in the credits at the end as one of the producers, yet he's never mentioned in any of these award nominations–the only two ever mentioned are Scorcese and King.


Everyone is missing the point. Our views and opinions on films and performances are highly personal and formed from our own emotional experiences and capabilities to think. It just so happens that these are the nominees based on the personal views of Academy Members and therefore all the criticism and backlash coming from critics and fans for the likes of Shame, We Need To Talk About Kevin etc is a little ill-thought out about what it is about films that draws us in to them in the first place.

We've set up a game where you can make your own predictions and win points. It includes the Oscars. Try it at


well, the nominations turned out to be terrible

Robert Gantenberg

Noomi Rapace
Leonardo di Caprio
Clint Eastwood


If Harry Potter doesn´t get an Oscar, it will be very unfair!! :-) The last movie was great, those costumes, settings etc. :-) Let´s hope!


What is the big deal about the Descendants? It is good but far, far , from deserving an Oscar. And Clooney? Give me a break . Ok, but not that good.


Martha Marcy May Marlene, Drive, A Dangerous Method, and Shame all got snubbed by ridiculous blockbuster movies. The Oscars hold no weight to me anymore.


Oddly enough, the nominees and those films that won for best poster and trailer are almost identical… Heres the link to the 2011 TFI Awards…
Just shows that when you produce quality marketing material, you tend to produce good movies…


I am good with the nominations but with one suggestion. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. They had one more open and they can't put it in. I am very diappointed it didn't get a nomination for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Their shouldn's be others taken out. They had their chance and they blew it. I hope a miracle can happen. And if they win for the catergories it's nominated for, win at least one. We will see.


I have seen "A separation".that was a good movie and have some thing to this 9 film list,there is no doubght that its the best and will take the oscar.for sure. but there are more and more splendid and respective movies in iran filmography.lots of artistic movies.hope to see them all in the oscar from now on.


“Bullhead”and “Monsieur Lazhar”are great choice but for documentary where is Project Nim.and screenplay 50/50, beginner,take shelter…


50/50 ,take shelter for screenplay, Tilda, Albert Brooks, Michael Fassbender.where are them? what's the hell there .it's belong clooney ,pitt and policy


Best Adapted Screenplay and original are the worst nominated where is 50/50, beginners,win win,take shelter..




Why Ryan Gosling is no here???His role in Drive was the best.I hope Oldman will win,was very good.


Spanishfan, you are an idiot, please stop posting.



The Artist vs The Descendants vs Hugo vs The Tree of Life vs The Girl with A Dragon Tattoo…. Methinks The Artist.
Nick Nolte vs Christoph Plummer vs David Brooks vs Jonah Hill vs Allan Rickman vs Andy Serkis
Methinks Christoph Plummer
George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Octavia Spencer, A Separation,, Done


Thomas Horn in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
was absolutely wonderful and I see his name no where in Oscar predictions. Not even as an outside shot.


Picture: The Artist. Director: Hazanavicius. Actor: Clooney. Actress: Either Streep or Davis, though I'm starting to lean toward Streep. Supporting Actor: Plummer. Supporting Actress: Spencer. Original Screenplay: Midnight in Paris. Adapted Screenplay: The Descendants. Foreign Language Film: A Separation. Documentary: Project Nim. Animation: Rango, though the Globes did remind us of Spielberg's power. Cinematography: Tree of Life. Editing: The Artist. Art Direction: Hugo. Costume Design: Either The Artist or Jane Eyre, that's actually a hard one to predict. Score: The Artist. Song: "Life's a Happy Song" or any other song from The Muppets. Sound Mixing, Sound Editing: Who knows? Highly likely to be a Spielberg film, but it's hard to tell which. And there's also Super 8. Visual Effects: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, though they might give it to HP&DH2 as a consolation prize. Makeup: The Iron Lady or HP&DH2, for the same reasons. Short, Animated Short, Documentary Short: Always impossible to predict this early, though I risk to say La Luna has a pretty good shot at winning. Overall, this year's awards are actually pretty easy to predict, aside from one or two categories.


Harry Potter should deserve Oscar Nominations! Best Supporting Actor, of course, to Alan Rickman; Best Picture, Best Visual Effects, Best Original Score, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Please support HP7 p.2!


50/50 and Bridesmaids over win win and beginners? really? i do not think so at all. i HOPE oscar members have better eyes and ears


I hope I'm wrong about this, but with all the news updates on shortlists and the relative consistency of all the major critics awards, I doubt there'll be many surprise nominees. Maybe unlikely winners in the Best Picture category because of the extra nominations, but that's about it.


Harry Potter needs to dominate the Oscars. It needs Best Picture, and Best Supporting Actor for Alan Rickman. Those are the only two awards that actually matter for it. But Best Visual Effects, Best Original Score and Best Makeup would be great too.


If you compare Rooney Mara's role as Lisbeth Salander to her other roles she has played previously…. It blows you away. She was basically unknown before and came out to do such a strong powerful role that just doesnt come along for women actresses often, and she nailed it. She completely transformed herself as actors and actresses do, yet she out did herself with this one.


Why am I not seeing more support for Rooney Mara? She nailed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo….. Just the Movie in general should have been nominated way more. It was amazing.


Andy Serkis. He is outstanding in every production he is in.


I wish Drive would get the full recognition it clearly deserves. Sure a lot of people; myself included, must have realised upon first viewing how truely rare such an art piece like this is.

The man/loner and his machine innuendo, the near silent characters who speak only when the feel it necessary (or don't feel like wasting their breath – i can relate), all the emotions in play that come to light better without the overuse of words. Then of course the subutle but truely captive soundtrack then reflects the "world", characters and motivations superbly; the city of L.A. even becomes an unintentional character in my opinion.

The following weeks after view Drive; i happily did some homework on Ryan Gosling & Nicholas Winding Refn, and am in awe of some of their previous individual works. Christina Hendricks i feel deserves such credit after accepting portraying a character with very few lines who was subtley unflattering and vunerable. The rest of the cast to be honest did a terrific job in playing characters who seem firmly rooted in their life choices and are perhaps unable to change.

If this film was to get nominated in best picture and director, even without winning; im sure that would be enough for fans like myself to see the director, cast and Cliff Martinez score the reception in deserves.

(Must say i disagree with people who thought this was a violent film. The violence was moderate in my opinion; and only happens when characters feel it is the only option under the full circumstances at the given time. Perhaps it was the short but "lustful" build up to it the sticks in critics memories).



I am tired of seeing M. Streep and G.Clooney winning every year as if there are no Oscar deserving actor other than these two old farts. Inspite of Streep's role in Iron Lady as M.Thatcher was mediocre, she won golden glob award. These Oscars are all connection based rather than talent based. Oscar awards lost all its credibility.

Reynaldo Pagsolingan

I'm sick of Clooney and Streep hogging the awards shows. There is nothing special about the former and Streep can portray well, but mostly drained of connection and authenticity.

Here are my thoughts about movies of 2011 and the winner's list of the only credible award shoving body.




Not too bad list. But for best supporting actor, i'm not a huge fan of Potter, but there's an oversight in your list ; your completely forgot Rickman who gave an amazing performance.


Alan Rickman !!! Severus Snape !!! BSA!


a seperation…………….will achieve oscar 4 best foreign language film


Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar, his portrayal of Severus Snape was utterly mindblowing and absolutely gut wrenchingly touching to watch. Please support Alan!!!


The Academy has lost all credibility…by not nominating Warrior I no longer buy into this whole awards show bullshit. It was a superb film with a superb cast and an even better story.
Nick Nolte/Warrior…nothing more to say…


Come on Hollywood – Olivia Colman in Tyrannosaur was incredible. She's more than a long shot for that Best Actress nomination…


Why is it that Harry Potter hasn't been nominated for best original score


I'm ammazed that "Beefhead" is not regarded here, I feel this foreign language movie by far better and more "normal" in movie than most other possibilities here! It seems that this category at the oscars is more for "artisticly different" movies instead of movies as a whole! For the rest we know that The Artist will sweep the Oscars followed by the Descendents!


foreign movie is political this year in every festivals.


did you see where do we go now ?,declaration of war ,pina ,in darkness until now?


Totally agree, Alan Rickman definitely deserves, at least, a nomination, and i guess the academy awards will consider him. His performance in Deathly hallows P2 is masterful and he deserves the oscar more than anyone. he's one oh the actors who've never been considered by the academy as they deserve to be.


Alan Rickman NEEDS an Oscar. His performance in HP Deathly Hallows P2 was amazing- it broke my heart to see this character who never smiled break down in front of the love that never loved him back. I've never cried in movies but this made me sob and make a complete fool out of myself in the movie theaters… Alan should at LEAST be nominated. He never won an Oscar before and he more than deserves one. Bravo Rickman!!!


yes about foreign movie where do we go now is great.I just can't say enough to give this movie the review it deserves.A beautiful, serious, heartfelt funny story. The world needs more movies like this to bring us all close together. it's deserve to Oscar.


"Where do we go now" is"the Audience Award at the 63rd Toronto International Film Festival" the one won by Oscar's winner The King's Speech !but until now there aren't good publicity for it. why?it's rare and Beyond brilliant.And this movie deserves an Oscar win. another great movie is Declaration of War.If cinema is about escapism, then 'Declaration of War' will certainly transport you, placing you right in the middle of this young couple's lives as they battle with something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.both of them are incredible movie


harry potter tiene que ganar como mejor pelicula.premian 10 años de actuaciones excelentes y guiones y todo.ademas sera bueno para las futuras transmisiones,ya que si esta pelicula lo recibe los que seguimos las entrgas nos sentiremos complacidos!

Sue Pritchard

Forget all these comments and prepare yourself for a great film due out this month. Albert Dodds, its a beautiful film and im sure Glenda Jackson will be up there with the Oscars, your loss if you miss it!

albert gannett

Ryan Gosling's performance in Drive was the most powerful I have seen since Citizen Kane wish he would win an oscar even though the movie was bloody.


"Declaration of War" It's a heart wrenching French film about a young couple coping with their toddler's cancer diagnosis. Based on their own true story, director Valerie Donzelli and writer Jeremie Elkaim also star in this poignant, inspiring should be win .but they choice for policy in every award until now


DRIVE isn't nominated? Are you kidding me. Best movie I seen all last year. Great visuals, intense scenes. The OSCARS are always a joke.


I believe that while Christopher Plummer has a good shot at winning BSA, I think Alan Rickman will be a leading contender, both are at the age where they deserve one… Chris was phenomenal in "Dragon Tattoo, but everyone seems to forget that..


Harry Potter deserves the Oscar for best picture. It really does, I mean, it was incredible. I agree with what people have said before me- Alan Rickman was AMAZING.


harry potter and the deathly hallow part 2 deserves to be a best picture,visual effects,art direction………….
and of course alan rickman deserves to win the best supporting actor and THEY WILL………….




alan rickman deserves to win best supporting actor


what the hell ?! ryan gossiling is on Longshots For Best Acter ? :o
dude just look at the imdb ratings and see the ratings of moneyball and drive , and see the reviews !!! he and the director of that movie should win an oscar !


in darkness is amazing .why didn't speak about it .Declaration of War is inspired can't stop to cry it touches your heart .both of them have great act and directory.I hope to win them.


I expected to see Harry Potter somewhere, but then I remembered that there aren't any out this year :,(


if meryl streep wins?
it's gonna be legen… wait for it … dary


Rooney deserves Best Actress. She absolutely immersed herself in the role (piercings, learned to kickbox, ride a motorcycle, and get the accent, went way out of her comfort zone to present a character she loved from a book series she adored) and broke her back to bring something new to the role. She was exactly how I imagined Lisbeth – her vulnerability, her strength, her anger, and her humanity.


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My personal picks for best picture and the male acting awards. Doubt any of them will actually win.

Best picture: Drive
Best actor: Brad Pitt for Moneyball
Best supporting actor: Andy Serkis for Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Please, Academy, please! Give Andy Serkis the nomination for his outstanding performance as Caesar. Deep down in my heart, I'm 100% sure he won't be nominated, and that's a damn shame. A damn, damn shame.


Where is Warrior?! Great movie and I'm a girl who doesn't watch fight movies!

hp 7

alan rickman


The oscars are an industry based award Are you expecting some magic fairness? they cant do that in judging olympic events.

It does provide an opportunity for some to find something admire and gush over….and for others it gives them something to despise or rant about.

People need that.

Mrs. Radcliffe



one film took me by storm.if we start giving bravest films award, this film gets it
if there is a peace award for a movie in 2012, again this one gets it.
Hitler´s Grave is neither a Jewish film, nor against the Moslems but only a pure concept of humanity to be praised for many years to come or perhaps forever.
i sincerely hope the Academy gets a careful look at this great movie and perhaps let each sentence in the film be an iconic script recognition in all film histroy for the dialogue is just out of this world.
i am still baffled how such a movie was ever made?!
here are my favorite awards for this most courageous film i have ever seen, and believe you me i have seen it all,
Best Film for HItler´s Grave
Best Director Daryush Shokof
Best Original script for Daryush Shokof
Best Actress Nomination for Taies Farzan
even though i would just give it to her for her bravery to do the film.
my respect to the makers of the film of the century

Maria Tereza

To my condition would be

Anne Hathaway One day

Ana maria

Q I can not believe you guys did not point out Anne Hathaway for a day


kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.Nao acredito que vcs nao indicarao Anne Hathaway por Um dia…


what about short films?


alan rickman deserves the award


I can't find the movie 'Warrior' in the mix. why not? Great movie!


j.edgar should be in the top 5 movies of 2011 it was a great film…. c'mon a best actor nom but no best picture nomination? not cool :(


Uhhhh Martha Marcy May Marlene was the best film of 2011. It NEEDS more nominations!


I completely agree that Alan Rickman definitely deserves the nomination! He's an amazing actor who plays his role in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two so well!


Totally agree with the Alan Rickman consideration (actually, it's an insult the fact of him been snubed for the SAG and the GG). What's wrong with the awards season lately? Why fantasy movies are usually ignored, why good comedies are ignored?, why sci-fi movies are ignored?, why only dramas with a popular (not good) actor crying are "excellent" films?, why a movie has to "campaing" and be recognized for a circle of critics if even the audience hasn't judged it?, why always the "supposedly" good movies get released almost one week before the Oscars?, the audience doesn't count anymore for the quality?… only the awards campaings count now for a film to be "awarded"?, has the Oscars become a promo for films with little economic future and not anymore a meritocratic recongnition? Were "The Hurt Locker" or "The King's Speech" the best films of each year? I don't think so…


I can accept if Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 isn't nominated for best picture, but Alan Rickman deserves the nomination for Best Supporting Actor.


If Girl with the Dragon Tattoo doesn't win anything it's because people haven't watched it!! Mara for best actress, amazing!


I think Shailene Woodley should be in the supporting category and that bridesmaids will not get any oscar nomene but it's a great monie thou




The Best Picture Nominations will be as follows:
The Artist
The Descendants
Midnight in Paris
The Tree of Life
War Horse
The Help

Look for Payne, Scorsese, Hazanavicius, Allen and Malick to get Best Director nominations.


There's a lot that goes into "should" as in what makes a film deserving of an award. All things considered, I think Tree of Life deserves best picture. It is a rare and beautiful film, Mallick consequently deserves the little gold statue.
As for actors, Fassbender really nailed Shame, and its really tough choosing Mara over Davis, but given the complexity and the requirements of Lisbeth, I'd say Rooney shouldn't go home empty handed.

Still need to see: The Artist, Midnight in Paris.


Tree of life is the best movie ever after for the year of 2011 ,


I, a few weeks ago, have made a Powerpoint on who won Best picture and who should have won based on RT's average score (not percentage because the average score is what really determines how good the film is). I'm not saying Rotten Tomatoes should be a #1 source, but you would be surprised how many winning films actually deserved it. In fact, only about 10-15 out of 83 films actually won and deserved to. Even my favourite film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, had a lower score than Jaws. The Academy should take this into consideration.


One word: Lisbeth


How is warrior not nominated?


If one thing is clear, it's that none of these movies are good. This has been a very weak year for films, certainly the weakest so far in my lifetime. Put any of these movies in 2002, 2000, or any year in the except for maybe 1995, and I stress maybe, and none of them would even get nominated. This is all for best picture of course. Don't even get me started on the acting awards.


i know it is almost invisible but the oscars should have a clear look at the film Hitler´s Grave by Daryush Shokof.
this movie can change a lot for the better in this tormented world we live in right at these times.
Best Film Hitler´s Grave
Best Original Screenplay Daryush Shokof for Hitler´s Grave
Best Directing Daryush Shokof
i would also give the award for the most important film of many ages to this amazing movie as well.


Am I the only who feels that the Academy almost never chooses one of the best films of the year for best picture? Many times the best films aren't even nominated. It is a disgrace if not at least one of these films is nominated: Shame, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Drive, Another Earth, or The Tree of Life. The only times since 1960 that I feel the best film of the year won best picture were in 1960 (The Apartment), 1984 (Amadeus), 1987 (The Last Emperor), and 1999 (American Beauty). That is very sad.

The Hyper Guy

Patton Oswalt, Charlize Theron, and Carey Mulligan should be getting more attention. What are the chances Academy members check this site out? ATTENTION ACADEMY MEMBERS: VOTE FOR PATTON OSWALT, SUPPORTING, CHARLIZE THERON, LEAD ACTRESS, AND CAREY MULLIGAN, SUPPORTING.


I do not understand how Glenn Close is still in the top 5. The SAG is ridiculous- they always nominate at least one crappy performance per year. For instance, last year: Hilary Swan in the awful Conviction. This year, a tip of the hat to Glenn Close and her co-star in Albert Nobbs… considering everyone HATES that movie and it's doing a 30%ish on RT and somewhere real low on Metacritic. Same goes for The Iron Lady except the Streep-factor can never be counted out. If the Academy would like to reverse this trend and reward WORTHY performances like Swinton and Charlize Theron, please be my friend.


How Charlize Theron is not an automatic top 5 candidate for BA is beyond me. Glenn Close will have to sit this one out. Albert Nobbs has gotten really bad reviews and her performance has gotten exceedingly mixed reviews. Theron has gotten raves across the board.

Steven Crammer

These are some things that the academy will probably overlook completely:
Best Picture – Another Earth, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Drive, Shame, Win Win
Best Director – Mike Cahill, Sean Durkin, Nicolas Winding Refn, Steve McQueen, Bela Tarr
Best Actor – Mel Gibson, Paul Giamatti, Michael Shannon
Best Actress – Elizabeth Olsen & Britt Marling
Best Supporting Actor – John Hawkes & Bobby Cannavale
Best Supporting Actress – Charlotte Gainsbourg & Amy Ryan
Best Foreign Language Film – The Turin Horse
Best Cinematography – Another Earth, Drive, Melancholia, Shame

Kenny Wright

If you want a longshot choice, give me 50/50. It was authentic, funny, and also serious. Well directed, well told, and well acted. A story that many can relate to, it deserves at least some notice.


I wish the movie 'Warrior' was a little more respected by the so called experts.


I wanted to smash the screen when I visited the Oscar official site and see Kristen Stewart, Pattinson, Lautner on the Most Mentioned Actors This Week. And the BUZZ section showing the names of the most tweeted Oscar predictions are also filled with the aforementioned names. Stupid tweens.

Reynaldo Pagsolingan Jr.

Bridesmaids is fun, but not Best Picture material.
Fassbender is also terrific as well as Steve McQueen. The two should be nominated.

It really is shitty of you to made us go to separate pages to see these categories just to up your pageviews.

I'm also stunned of your blindness for Refn.

Reynaldo Pagsolingan Jr.

I've seen the 8 Potter films and maybe even loved few of 'em but the last installment REALLY don't deserve a nomination for Best Picture. Maybe Rickman has a slim chance but I'd still pass because everything in that disappointing movie is rushed. Typical cash-grabbing from the studio. In the vein of mainstream films like HP2, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and wish an excruciating death to people who mentioned 'Twilight' and 'Breaking Dawn' in the comment box.

Mara, Dunst (F*uck the voters for ignoring her on many award ceremonies), Swinton, Davis, Theron and Streep were terrific in their respective roles and they should on the top of best Actress list. Chastain should get her Oscar for her Celie Foote role in 'The Help' and Pitt should be nominated for 'The Tree of Life' not for 'MoneyBalls'.Melissa McCarthy should be locked for a nomination as well as Michael Shannon for 'Take Shelter'. I also think Gainsbourg deserve a suppporting-nomination for 'Melancholia'.

amir hossein

It is clear that separation is the best foreign language movie.

Spongebob Is my Husband

I think The Muppets have a better chance of getting Nominated for something way more than Bridesmaids, J. Edgar, and Harry Potter. I'm not saying this because I like the muppets, I like harry potter but, they only thing it would really got nominated for would be Visual Effects but it wouldn't really win.


This is Brad Pitt´s year!


Rooney Mara, Gary Oldman and Michael Fassenbender performances deserve an oscar. They were snubbed at the SAG but hopefully they will get an oscar nomination.


"Declaration of War is great . you should see it. you will change your mind .it's brightness ,it's life ,love …

Isabella Koldras/Sydney/Australia

With so many Oscar's categories and (over) crowded list of predicted nominations,
the sky is the limit for where the race for final/late January's list will go from here.
Oscar nominations are not people's choices!. Lets hope, the Academy'll remember
lesson from: 1. The past – so many "good" movies have been overlooked and it saddens
so many of us that the best ever French film duo "Jean de Florette", and" Manon des Sources"
with its wonderful orchestral version of this haunting theme from Verdi's Opera "La Forza
del Destino", never got a Oscar. 2.The present- Roman Polanski's "Carnage" based on the play by
Yasmina Reza, with stars like Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, John Reilly, Christoph Waltz, was
the top debut at the Specialty Box only two weeks ago. Worth remembering are names like
Meryl Streep, Christopher Plammer, Jean Dujardin, because it's time for them to get fair share
of recognition and film "The Artist", because it's simple brilliant. Happy New Year !.


Where do we go now ? By Nadine Labaki … best foreign movie


Nobody talks about Warrior, which was a terrific, with 3 fantastic performances from joel edgerton, tom hardy, and nick nolte.


Where do we go now? LEBANON nadine labaki


an Declaration of War is great.and I'm sure if you see Declaration of War you accept it is worthy of appreciation .great great great.If cinema is about escapism, then 'Declaration of War' will certainly transport you, placing you right in the middle of this young couple's lives as they battle with something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.every one should see it .
Mysteries of Lisbon is great movie too. festivals didn't see in darkness and where do we go now too. I think political members decided long time and it 's not good .please see them.


I think Deathly Hallows Part 2 was a good film. But there are better.


This constant whining about Harry Potter is getting extremely tiresome. Give it a rest.


Oh no. Over time the Academy has been showing its true, and very hypocritical, colours. So many movies have been overlooked and which surpasses in so many ways. All for the sake of ass kissing and elbow rubbing. But you what, I won't lose sleep over something I have no control over. Though it seriously saddens me that even art has been tainted by political like behavior. C'est la vie…it is what it is…….


Its really annoying that you made us go to separate fucking pages to see these bullshit categories just to up your pageviews.


You just have to look at all these comments to see that Harry Potter and it's cast should have been up for way more awards!!!


In my opinion I think it's ridiculous that Harry Potter is only recognised as a film with 'good visual effects.' Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 is so much more than just that, the picture is beautiful, and outruns other films that are going for consideration, since when has a movie like BridesMaids ever competed with it? Harry Potter includes some heart moving performances as well as including amazing sound, picture and craft man ship………..I'm not a HArry Potter freak, but I will admit that even I am a little shocked to see it put in such low catagories, it beats some of those films by miles and deserves better.


hp is the third best movie of the year a lot of people believe!! hp was awesome and deserves more nominations!!!! twilight? seriously? shouldnt be mentioned!


I think that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 deserves more nominations.Especially Best Picture,Director,Cinematography,Art Direction,Visual Effects,Makeup,and Original Score.Knowing fans,they would want to people nominated in the Best Actor,Actress,and Supporting Actor and Actress.Daniel Radcliffe,Rupert Grint,Emma Watson,Maggie Smith,Julie Walters,Robbie Coltrane,Alan Rickman,Ralph Fiennes, and Helena Bonham Carter are just a few of the cast that deserve to be nominees.If it doesn't win Best Picture at least,it will be surprising seeing as it IS the biggest franchise in history.Would the "The Return of the King" ring a bell?


about foreign movie: Le Havre is great and deserve to Oscar.I surprised ,it's not nominated for golden glob . and War of Flowers is great too. if they are fair and not political ,they will choice one of them.other festival apparently were political.


Considering this is Indiewire, I'm pretty surprised that there are no predictions included for short films and documentaries. I saw the riveting and beautifully edited documentary short, "Incident in New Baghdad" at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. It should be on everyone's radar for the Best Documentary Short nomination, and beyond.

Peter Van Buren

Where are the predictions for short films and documentaries? With a moniker like "Indie film" you should not miss those!

I'll help by suggesting Jim Spione's "Incident in New Baghdad" as Best Doc.

The film is built around Bradley Manning (accused) leaked classified gun camera footage. Known as the “Collateral Murder” video, the deeply disturbing footage recounts a US helicopter attack on a group of mostly unarmed individuals in the streets of Baghdad in July 2007, resulting in the deaths of at least eight individuals including two Iraqi journalists, and two wounded children.



Harry freaking potter!!! This is absolute bullshit. I spit on this prediction.


Where are the shorts? Live action? Documentary? You call yourself "IndieWire" and yet you have eliminated probably the most independent of all the categories, the short films. What gives?


the Oscars are a joke and really boring for ex sample best actor.
1 George Clooney=so so
2 brad Pitt + pathetic mediocre actor who has lost his pretty boy looks and that is all he had never could sit through one of his movies and not get bored
those that should be top are
1 Johnny Depp = entertainment and a versatile in any roll
2 Michael Fassbinder =acts them all under the table
3 Christopher Plummer = fantastic
4 Leonardo DiCaprio = entertaining and one of the best actors out there
5 nick nolte= always good
those are but a few that deserve an award more than the first two , the Oscars are a joke
the ladies nominated are more realistic . and as for foreign films in the land of blood and honey the biggest joke of all and an insult to any foreign film makers of true value. you people should be ashamed of yourselves. but what do you expect from Hollywood. let the people decide and to hell with the committee. jmo


What about the movie " In time " ? I guess it should win Academy Award. And "1920. Battle of Warsaw" should win Academy Award for foreign movie.


Why always all the hype about Brad Pitt, it gests me tired. I would say he is a decent actor rather than an excellent one.


I really hope Drive at least gets nominated this year for best picture. This gem has gone really unnoticed this year which is to bad. I think it will be this years 'In Bruges' and lucky to get one nod (it may even win best supporting actor).


in my opinion i think that harry potter 7-2 should have a nomination of (but no winner) best picture and best special effects, and transformers 3 should have more than that, at least best cinematography, and also score. i hope that the movie that won the Best Picture category will be a good and excelent film no like The King's Speech, the social network was the one that should one that oscar or inception or the black Swan. and best adapted screenplay for hp 7-2


For Best Cinematography I agree with Emmanuel Lubezki, but Manuel Alberto Claro's work on 'Melancholia' was really, really good so I think he'll get nominated. And I'm happy 'The Tree Of Life' is getting a (slight) boost from all the critics awards, so I'm hoping it's either that or 'The Descendants' for Best Picture, though 'The Artist' is proving annoying… I wrote the rest of my predictions here on my blog


Peter Knegt should answer us why does he snob DH P2 so much. And why is such a taboo for all these critics who gave great critics at the summer to vote at last a hp film for an oscar ???


Drive has to be in the talk of best movie, music and film editing. The music as such a amazing effect in the movie. And Warrior should at least get mentioned as the best movie, it wont be nominated i know that and i dont think it should, but i hope to hear something about it! And nomination for Nick Nolte! Though a lot of this movies hasnt been released yet so hard to comment it. Got really high expectations about Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Both in acting and the movie itself.


Best Picture Locks: The Artist, The Descendants, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball
Reasonable Possibilities: Bridesmaids; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; The Tree of Life
No One's Seen Yet: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, War Horse
Even though you guys seem to love The Help, it's not that strong of a possibility. The reviews have been merely good.

bassem sebaaly

i like where do we go now. it should win cz it s an amazing film

Mario Kazan

where dowe go now should win!!!!
amazing movie
u should watch it!

tyron ebel

Warrior deserves more recognition and yes Mr Nolte was brilliant but Tom Hardy deserves some credit too!


This list is a farce. I've seen almost all the films on this list and the best ones–Melancholia, We Need to Talk About Kevin, A Dangerous Method among them–will undoubtedly be overshadowed by the mediocre mainstream pap. But then, one can always hope. Look what happened last year ;-).


Harry Potter definitely should be nominated for more categories! It was freaking amazing!!!! (:


Nicknolte should win best or supporting actor.


GTFO Alan Rickman's D***. And anything that has to do with Twilight. B Pitt was mediocre in Moneyball. Has anyone seen tinker tailor yet? I thought it'd get more hype. Same with Drive, disappointing. Also, F*** movies about horses. Just 'cause it's Spielberg, I swear.


You're saying Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is only gonna be nominated for Art Direction and Visual Effects? What about Original Score? The music was so incredible and epic! and Alan Rickman should be nominated for Best Supporting Actor!

Michael Nelson

Alan Rickman needs to be nominated!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, Clooney is great in The Descendants" but it's not much of a stretch for him. On the other hand, DiCaprio in J Edgar is so incredible in such a complex and difficult part that I'd have to go back to DeNiro in Raging Bull for a comparable (and even greater) performance. But is he going to win? Of course not…


I can't believe The Descendants is in the running as Best Picture. And how the heck are George Clooney and Brad Pitt's performances anything but mediocre. What a bunch of hype and B.S.
Shows you what a name can do.
Any of the men in the Dark Horse category gave better performances than those two.


Glenn Close for Albert Nobbs!Are you shi***ing me!Keira Knightley or Rooney Mara deserve that nomination slot…


I really think IndieWire has been underestimating The Tree of Life in its predictions. With every new batch of awards that have been announced these past few weeks, The Tree of Life has been picking up its fair share of recognition–whether its for cinematography, acting, or even best feature. I know it's not the most brilliant film ever made and it has a fairly limited appeal with audiences, but I hope it continues to get attention in the months ahead. And go Dragon Tattoo–I hope you're as good as I anticipate, and the Academy recognizes you for that.


What about Breaking dawn part 1?The movie was EPIC.And Kristen Stewart deserves to win an oskar.


I love that the writer of this article has included Drive in every category that they possibly could, but its far from being a "Dark Horse." It has a 0% chance of being nominated for anything other than Best Supporting Actor. Like The Town from last year. Who should sweep the Oscars? The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. What film has no chance of sweeping the Oscars? The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Anyway, Best Picture/Director will go to The Artist. Best Actor/Supporting Actor will go to Clooney or Dujardin & Christopher Plummer. Actress/Supporting Actress? Who cares? The only interesting female performances this year were Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia, Tilda Swinton in WNTTAK and Carey Mulligan in Shame. None of them have a chance. Same boring winners.


Best sound mixing : The Artist ? Mouahahah !


I'm amazed at how many idiots are whining about Knegt not picking their favorite movie. The guy isn't picking who he wants to be nominated, he's picking who will be nominated. Your personal taste or Indiewire's taste is irrelevant when it comes to predicting. What is relevant is the tastes of the Academy voters, which happen to be rather specific, and the campaigns run by the studios thus far. It would be like complaining about a writer not predicting that Ron Paul will win the 2012 election: just because you really want it to happen doesn't mean it has any more than a snowball's chance in hell. And yes, some of the nominees being suggested just ain't gonna happen, no matter how good you think they are. If you don't like it don't watch and/or care about the Oscars. I know I don't.


I know it's relatively unseen, but We Need To Talk About Kevin was spine chilling on a whole other level. 24 hours after seeing the film and I still can't stop thinking about it. I'm hoping Tilda Swinton gets a nomination as well as the film itself for Best Picture. It's a beautifully dark psychological film


and what about Alan Rickman? He deserves a nomination for his portrayal of Snape.


These picks are off across the board, in terms of vast underestimation. Chiefly, but by far not the only offense: Where is Shame? Why is Fassbender under only "reasonable possibilities" and Carey Mulligan who blew every other female performer on your list out of the water isn't even on your dark horses list? McQueen doesn't make director…I'm lost. Hanna for sound awards and score? I could go on but this list is just too off.


I am surprised Rachel Weisz's performance has been ignored in this list and in many others for The Whistleblower…


I hope that the Academy gives "Real Steel" at least a chance in the section for "Best Visual Effects"


to completely ignore Demian Bichir in A Better Life for lead actor after getting raves for his performance such as "best performance of the year" is completely disappointing


I think voters need to realise what a HUGE feat it is that Olivia Colman, an unknown British comedy actress is even considered a 'dark horse' for an Oscar nomination following her devastating portrayal of a domestic abuse victim in 'Tyrannosaur.' It's about time the Academy stopped thinking an Oscar-winning performance is simply "transformation"… i.e. putting on lots of make-up or playing a historical figure. The performances that matter and which will resonate in this industry for generations are those which penetrate the very essence of who we are. I can honestly say that Olivia Colman's tragic performance will stay with me for the rest of my life.


DiCaprio is my favorite actor and honestly… I hope he doesn't win. It would be a shame to see him win for this Movie when he's had such other great performance that were overlooked.


What happened to "Drive"? Best Cinematography? Best Film Editing? Best Score? What the hell, man?


r u serious???? hary potter is here but not twilight?!??!?!! twilght is way better then harry potter hands down. twilight deserves nomintions and deservs more awards then these movies


What, no "Muppets" for Best Picture? Anywhere? That's a low blow! Sure, it's not a lock, but it's definitely a dark horse at least! If "Up" and "Toy Story 3" could make it, why can't "The Muppets"?


For obvious reasons, I haven't seen The Iron Lady yet nor am I particularly bothered about seeing it either. But the fact is that Thomas Newman is doing the score, and it pisses me off once again, same as every freakin other year, that he inevitably gets snubbed – as he has been in the list above, an undeserved dismissal considering the guy's been nominated to win like 14 times and never crossed the finish line, an injustice of criminal proportions in my eyes. And even if his score for The Iron Lady sucks, which it could well do, it wouldn't matter. He technically could and should have picked up the coveted golden statue for any one of the following films: Shawshank, Road to Perdition, Meet Joe Black, WallE, Lemeny Snickets, Revolutionary Road, Cinderella man – and that's naming but a few! It's clear then that he's already earned that oscar, and since he hasn't actually been honoured with one yet, by my calculation, that makes him the most deserving person to get one than anyone else alive, and until he wins one, I will not be satisfied! Music is so essential to the spectacle of film, and we've got a lot to thank Thomas for. Even if you don't know his music off the top of your head, you'll have heard it, since it's used in practically all forms of commercial television i.e. tv spots/the apprentice and what have you. So here's hoping some douche of a judge from the oscars goes on one of these sites, hopefully this one, and takes heed of this highly reasonable appeal. But let's face it, they won't, because the people who really deserve the accolades never get it :(


why is the help not in the list for best movie and director?


I wonder how many foreign language animated movies Peter Knegt has seen. My guess is ZERO.


WARRIOR is a very good movie, it should be included here. It's not really exclusive for the MMA fans. It was directed well, written well and performed well. I mean it's not just one dimensional, it has drama, action, humor and suspense… It should be nominated in most categories especially Best Picture and Director.


I just have to say after seeing a lot more movies since I last commented. J. Edgar BORING, My Week With Marilyn OK, The Descendants BRILLIANT and MOVING but………..: 50/50 is STILL the best film i've seen this year. Joe is still being predicted AT LEAST to get a Golden Globe nob, but his performance deserves MORE than that. Especially for Anjelica Huston (Why isnt SHE on the list. She just got nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her work in this film). 50/50 also got 2 more I.S.A nominations for Best Picture and Best Screenplay (Nothing for Joe, sadly). Im GLAD to see Will Reiser higher up on the list to get a nomination for his screenplay since, essentially, the fim is about him and his experience with his cancer diagnosis. Also to include that the National Board Of Review gave the award for Best Original Screenplay to Will and it also won an award for being one of the Top 10 Inide films from this year…. all we can do now really is wait and see (Keep in mind, The Academy VOTES to get this nominations AND wins for the films that are)


Wow. That's some shitty predictions. It seems to me that it's more than a bit daring to predict 50/50 for only one of the major Oscars. Levitt will win.
To all of you who's rooting for Deathly Hallows pt. 2, I'm sorry to dissappoint you. It's not going to win for best supporting actor. Rickman actually plays a rather small role to be material for a nomination for best supporting.
As for Drive. I can't see Oscar's passing, without at least a semi-prestigious Oscar. Refn is my sole favorite for best director. But perhaps The Academy will act as complete morons (as usual). And give it to some art house bull-crap by Malick – who knows.
And another personal favorite of mine Crazy, Stupid, Love will at least get one nomination (at least I hope so). For what? I don't know.


Deathly hallows p2 should get a few nominations at least

Mohsen Azizi

Best Foreign Language Film :
First : A Separation (Nader From Simin ) ''Iran"
Academy most think about this film
i think this is grate this is BOMB …….
i wanna kiss the Asghar Farhadis hand for the sake of this movie


When's the Academy gonna stop the bias foolishness and start giving credit to real art and authenticity? Every year it's the same people with a lil fresh face thrown in for good measure. And there's the case of robbing the actors/actresses of their dues. Nominating and awarding films because they're box office hits most times is unbecoming. And this 'Me Too' mentally is vastly becoming tiring and transparent. Many of your supposed film predictions are ridiculous!

Eddy Esta

Where Do We Go Now? deserves to be nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film Category … It will be the first Lebanese ever to be nominated … but Lebanon's got an Oscar won by the composer Gabriel Yared back in 1996 for The English Patient. 2012 will it be Lebanon's year at the Oscars … We will wait and see …

Oscar Fanatic

I went and saw 'We need to talk about Kevin' today and was amazed at Tilda Swintons performance and believe she is such a worthy if not the recipent of Best actress, yet I am to wait for all the other movies to come out to see them as living in Australia we have to wait a while for them all to come out. I am even a little surprised this movie has not been reccommended for a Best Picture Nominee. But yet, as i said before i have to wait and see all these othe movies first before I can have my own final say.

OScar zombie

@Author. LOL really? Way to jump on the "safe Oscar prediction" bandwagon. steven speilberg, brad pitt, george clooney, and matt damon. we bought a zoo. really? GTFO. and j edgar got terrible reviews even though I love leo just as much as the next guy I dont think its getting any.

Just Some Guy

I agree with people saying 50/50 should get some more buzz. I thought Levitt did a great job. I also agree that Super 8 should get some more hype. As for H.P. Oscar's aren't about popularity, and I don't think that movie is Oscar worthy besides maybe Costume Design and Visual Effects. But what about DRIVE?! Seriously, that movie was my favorite of 2011. Like others said, Cinematography, original score, film editing, and best director should all have Drive at least in the runnings. Moneyball was good, but I think it's getting way too much hype just because it's Brad Pitt. And who the hell cares about "the artist", don't obsess over a movie just because it's a throwback. Those are my humble opinions, but I'm just some guy

randall gerber

don't forget about the successful and funny "BRIDESMAIDS",especially melissa mccarthy's performance.she'll pull off a marisa tomei-type win.


Gary Oldman better win for Tinker. Lord knows he deserves it.


This commentary section is pretty much filled to the rand with bitter British people, preferring their actors over Americans, only wanting their own to win. Some of them are even threatening to kill Academy members unless their own films and actors win.

I must say you lot are doing a great job at representing Britain.


You're also missing Tom Hanks for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close -___-


you all need to recognize Michael Shannon, this man can ACT! it should be him, not Jean Dujardin


Charlie Theron should be higher up. She will definitely be nominated for Best Actress. Her performance in Young Adult…. WOW!


Position Among The Stars, Marathon Boy, Give Up Tomorrow, Senna, The Arbor for Best Documentary? Bar Pina, why are all of the 15 nominated documentaries North American? Sure there are some great US films that should be in there but come on documentary branch voters, there is a world of great stories – not all of them US films, 14 from 15 films – it's embarrassing how inward voting and fellow branch member backslapping this looks! Surely there should be a rule that any voting branch member involved with a submitted film should not be permitted to vote.


This is an awesome year. Bret McKenzie has a strong possibility of an Oscar W, Patton Oswalt might snag a nomination and 50/50 might still grab one nomination (one of the best movies of the year). I've enjoyed the movies this year. They aren't quite on par with last year's, but I, personally, believe that they blow 2009's out of the water. At least this year, there's no Social Network. That way I won't be incredibly disappointed at the end of the ceremony.


I'm surprised that you put "Pictures in my Head" as top original song, yet "Man or Muppet" is not on the list. I thought "Man or Muppet" was the real showstopper, along with "Life's a Happy Song". Regardless, I think there is a very good chance Brett McKenzie goes home with an Oscar.


The Descendants was just OK and J Edgar was mediocre. If MONEYBALL which was phenomenal doesn't get a Best Pic nod I'm not going to be watching the Oscars. Period.

Ronnie D.

The Descendants really wasn't that great; Sideways was way better, and this wasn't even George Clooney's best performance to date. Overall, this is turning out to be a pretty terrible year for movies.


I don't think Super 8 is getting enough credit here. I thought it was excellent all around. The score, by Michael Giacchino, definitely deserves a nod. It's so iconic and probably my favorite score out at this time.


and picture nominee of course , forgot it


where is alan rickman!!? should be at least nominee.
For gods shake dh part 2 was one of the best movies of 2012
We all know that academy doesnt want to give hp an oscar , but at least a few nominees should be given , cinematography and art direction were always amazing in hp series, alan for supporting actor, visual effects were spectacular and music score was also good enough for a nominee!


I agree with some of you. WARRIOR and Nick Nolte should be chosen. Best movie of the year 2011!


Real Steel must be nominated for visual effects instead of HUGO or TRANSFORMERS 3 ,
and Hugh Jackman must win an Oscar for BEST ACTOR .


As far as Viola Davis, I think you've got it all wrong. In light of Streep's reportedly astounding performance in 'The Iron Lady', she should be campaigning for a nod in the Supporting Actress category, where she has a greater chance of winning. And it isn't a stretch – actors with far more central roles in their respective films have successfully campaigned for a spot in this category to up their chances.

Tobey Keddy

were is the harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 it was a great film, alan rickman and maggie smith brilliant, great music


SIDE NOTE: It would be nice to see something for Maggie Smith, as well, for her performance in the final Harry Potter installment. Being a Potter fan I'm trying to acknowledge the fact that despite Harry Potter being not only a franchise, but a franchise based on a book, but I felt that some of the performances by the cast (an all-star cast, at that) in the final installment were some of the best I saw this year. Perhaps not by the principal actors (who were brilliant, don't get me wrong), but I feel like the supporting actors were more vivid than EVER in this Harry Potter film. They brought me more emotional moments than in any of the other HP films. I'm just saying, I hope the Academy recognizes the immense impact Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, and the rest of the supporting actors had on Deathly Hallows Part 2.


Where the hell is Alan Rickman's performance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2??? The movie wouldn't have been the same without him! Holy Christ…if he doesn't get AT LEAST a nomination for that role…I'm so done. He deserves it. What a talent.

a person who will kill the academy if H.P didnt win an oscar for best picture!


emily hiker

ok i am a huge oscar fan and i would die to see one of the academy members even recognizing the comments below please listen to the fans and people out there!

best picture: Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2, the help, my week with Marilyn, moneyball, extremely loud and incredibly close, the descenders
best actor: BRAD PITT, George clooney, , leonardo dicaprio
best actress: MERYL STREEP(guyz….. its about time and common the performance was legendary.. ull be stupid if u didnt) Viola Davis, Michelle Williams,


I think that HP should be nominated for something big. I mean, come on!! It's been one of the most popular movies and books for over 10 years!!! It deserves to be aknowleged!!


Once again, 'Harry Potter' is snubbed from a best picture nomination – or anything more substantial. Although, I'm glad to see it's on there at all. Also, how come 'Win Win' isn't up for best picture or best actor for Paul Giamatti? I do agree with the 'Super 8' noms cause that's another standout to me. I just don't find the Top 5 or 10 as intriguing as last year's picks.


Woody Allen doesn't submit his films to win Oscars so Midnight in Paris wont win anything


Definitely Hanna for Best original score…how did you forget that????


First up. J Edgar is pretty much out. So Oldman and Fassbender have got a good shot. Drive deserves recognition for picture, director, cinematography and others but won't get it. The Help doesn't need to be up there except for Actress and Supporting Actress. And I don't think Midnight in Paris will make the cut except for Original Screenplay


Crazy, Stupid, Love got some early Oscar buzz when it was first released. Not a possibility anymore? Steve Carrell deserves some Best Actor buzz, too.


WARRIOR for best suporting actor TOM HARDY


Best Actress:
1. Meryl Streep – The Iron Lady
She's gonna win her 3rd statue!!!


Nick Nolte for "Warrior" and the film is a potential Best Picture or at least a candidate…


i am not biased but i feel most of these picks were obvious, you got to add on Warrior if you've seen it, it was great, at least a 9/10 firlm.


DOMINIC COOPER for "The Devil's Double" should be HIGH on your list of Best Actor nominees — I hope America will not overlook this, as it often does, such a portrayal as this with Cooper portraying not only 2 roles but really 3.

Oscar follower

This guy obviously has not seen these movies if he is putting Ids of March up there so many times. Drive was by far a better performance by Ryan. The Ides was meh. J Edgar is a ungrounded interpretation seeking to find gayness in anyone who happened to be a success. Shakespeare, Bacon, Hoover, gay. Hence the academy will love it. War Horse I admit I havn't seen, but in no way looks grounded as a sure thing nom for so many categories.


Drive deserves recognition for cinematography and editing


Leo got robbed for his role in "The Aviator" and he's going to get robbed again. J. Edgar wasn't the best film, but his performance was brilliant.


I hope Kirsten Dunst will get nominated for Melancholia. Best performance of her career so far.


"Midnight in Paris" es una real y estúpida mierda, si el nombre de Woody Allen no estuviera, sería una comedia romántica mediocre. Mejor director? C'mon!!!!! "Drive" es la mejor película que vi este año y Ryan Gosling el mejor actor de su generación. Injusto que no aparezca en más nominaciones. Los Oscar se han convertido en una payasada.

Oscar Bullies

Harvey Weinstein's buddies run this website.
THE WEINSTEIN TRAIN JUST PASSED THROUGH. Excuse Mr. Bully but Michelle Williams
does not deserve an oscar nomination for her mediocre work and I don't appreciate my very professional comments being removed because of you!


Best original song-what about 'bridge of light' for happy feet 2?


pff u wish bridesmaids gets nominated, and moneyball shouldn't be reasonable possibilities, brad pitt's acting is marvelous, and jonah hill could be nominated. Harry Potter, 50 50 and Warrior deserves more nominations


Where the hell is "Drive" and "50-50" there some of the best ive seen in along they should both get best picture nominations


Those talking about Deathly hallows is out of their minds. It doesn't stand a chance. Look at imdb. Movies like The Dark Knight and Fight Club are top 15, but neither movie got nominated for best picture. Deathly Hallows is not in top 250.


thank you such great information to give


Why isn't Carnage included in any of these? Also I think Young Adult will surprise some people and hopefully it will get nominated for Best Picture, because so far the Reitman-Cody combo can be pretty great. I think Clooney for the Descendants is a lock, and I think The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo needs to be a lock for more. I mean, we can't know for sure until we actually go and see it. I hope Bridesmaids gets Best Original Screenplay, as Judd Apatow said recently comedy can get shoved to the side, even though it provides some of the movies we enjoy most!


Arthur Christmas nominated for Animated Feature? Huh?


From what I hear, J. Edgar's main flaws were its lighting, makeup, and narrative (I haven't seen it so I can't necessarily judge for myself). I doubt it will get a makeup nod. I also think Nicolas Winding Refn has a great chance of getting a directing nod for Drive.


I'd like to see Alan Rickman nominated for best supporting actor. The "he doesn't have enough screen time" argument doesn't make sense….remember how long Viola Davis was in Doubt? And she got a nod for (also so happy to see her on the list for The Help, by the way.) Her performance was stunning.
Would also like to Elizabeth Olsen for Martha Marcy. Considering half of the entire movie was a close up of her painfully and believably tormented face…


I don't often watch movies more then once, especially new ones, but I've watched Drive 3 times. I just love it so much. I really hope it somehow gets nominated for Best Picture even though the lists I've seen don't really have it in there.

From the Top 10 I've only seen Moneyball and while it was good, it wasn't as good as Drive and I also had Warrior ahead of it easily too.

Think the predictions so far for the ones that no-one have seen may be a letdown too.


I don't see how so many people can feel so sure that there are 'better' performances than Alan Rickman's in HPDH2 Isn't 'better' a subjective word? Which means if there are 100's or 1000's of other voters who were, like myself, moved by Alan's ability to elavate that movie and bring home the major twist after 10 years of build-up in the convincing, transcendent, believable, heartbreaking way he did (in 12 minutes) maybe, just maybe he'll get enough votes for a nomination. I don't understand what more the man could have done short of somehow having his heart physically explode out of his chest to convey the emotion he conveyed. I CARED about Severus Snape. I can't say that about any other movie role I've seen all year so far. Just because Broadbent will do a good or even great job in a popular Oscar movie doesn't mean he should get nominated over work that holds far more emotional power and nuance.


list primarily excludes two strong dark horses of the year:
supporting actor

The Skin I Live In
Foreign Film


where's melancholia? that film was beautifully depressing


What about Elizabeth Olsen under the Best Actress Category and 'Melancholia' for "Best Cinematography" as well at least?


Ok, there is a huge flaw with the best animated film category. Rio should be a lock, there's no question about that. The next thing I don't get is Happy Feet Two which is underachieving for unknown reasons. I saw it and personally I thought it was better than the first. I mean come on, Rango, Tintin and Arthur Christmas? Rio and Happy Feet 2 can each individually destroy all these movies. If these predictions are accurate, it's just another reason why I don't respect the people who decide the winners.


No sane list would exclude Warrior, Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte


"Where do we go Now?" to the Oscars..I think the Lebanese movie has a great chance of winning the Best Foreign Language Movie as its not just a great movie in terms of production, but the story has a great symbolic meaning with all what's happening in the middle east and the world in general, that let us all pause for a moment and ask our selves, Where R we Going Now or Where Do we go now???

Natalie - fictionadore

I have to agree with those who have said that Harry Potter should recieve more nominations. The series has made an outstanding contribution to film history and should be rewarded as such. In particular, Alan Rickman's performance as Snape was outstanding and I firmly believe he deserves a nomination. I'm also disappointed that Wuthering Heights has not been mentioned. This film utilises visuals to such an effect that they almost rival the imagery presented in the book and the natural soundtrack was simply beautiful. If any film deserves a nomination for sound in 2012 it is Wuthering Heights.


Harry Potter has to be nominated as best picture! When you consider the contribution they have made to the world of cinema and the fact that the final film broke soooooo many records! Oscar CANNOT ignore it!


Alan Rickman deserves a nomination (and I think win) for Snape. He put on by far the best performance of the year in any movie and it would be a travesty if he were to not gain any credibility. Other than that, everything else looks pretty solid, however I think Andy Serkis deserves a Best Actor nomination for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He's always been a phenomenal motion actor and he's never gotten any recognition for it, so I think he deserves a nomination at least.


I love how the authors of these Oscar prediction lists are so predictable themselves. They typically include the usual characters we see every year, regardless of actual content. Moneyball? I loved the movie. But Oscar?? The Tree of Life?? If Bozo Jones was the director instead of Terrance Malick, nobody would have even heard of that movie. Isn't it amazing how many Oscar predictions for Best Picture do not have 50/50 included? Why would anyone leave that movie, a film of unique depth and social impact off the list, to leave on the list films like Moneyball and Bridesmaids. I loved both of those movies, but to be an Oscar caliber movie I always thought that in addition to entertainment value, the film should also enhance the art in some significant way, either by social or moral commentary or presenting a monumental example of human accomplishment or effort. The other element that can make an Oscar worthy film is the demonstration of a breakthrough of some kind. 50/50 presents illness and in particular, Cancer, in a unique and groundbreaking manner that elevates the human spirit. That is Oscar material.


i'm rooting for the help, the iron lady and albert nobbs. sorry not a fan of drive coz the movie was striving too hard to be a scorsese and tarantino. also, super 8 has the most ridiculous plot and wtf ending for me. i may be a big fan of harry potter but i don't think its a "best picture" contender. it may deserve awards pertinent to special effects, but that's it.

and yes, "the woman in the septic tank" from the philippines deserves a shot.

Connor Webb

What happend to Super 8, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, and The Help! I thought this was the Oscars, not the Razzies!


I would add Super 8 to the list of "Best Original Score". It's score is fantastic.

george marshall

hi .I just Albert Nobbs. The Score is beautiful.. It could be a real dark horse contender this year…
Subtle score…you should check it out? love your website

joji alonso

don't shut out just yet "the woman in the septic tank from the philippines". screened in hollywood last november 14, members of the HFPA loved the film. the script was sheer genius and lead actress eugene domingo wowed the group like no other. it has just been invited to screen at the forum section in berlin. it is the biggest indie blockbuster in the philippines, to date.


Its a shame about Oscar Politics and whatnot, because Alan Rickman deserves at least a nomination. But hey, maybe the Academy will surprise us? (Though I doubt it).
However, Deathly Hallows should win 'best effects' hands down, yes?

Joshua Hernandez

Hello Harry Potter deserves more nominations!!! at least for visual effects and best picture. common the harry potter series should win one Oscar for God Sake


I hope HUGO will win(be nomenated) some categories. i realy like this kind of movies. At least in Cinematography will be a great battle with War Horse


Honestly, Drive was the BEST movie I have seen in a long, long time. I feel it should be up for best picture, best actor (Gosling), best supporting actor (Brooks), best director (Refn), and best editing.


I didn't like Drive that much like there was no dialouge and i love good scripts. the violence made up for it though. I just dont get it. all he says is "I'm Driver…. I Drive" WTF!?!? I didn't care for it


Jennifer hudson in 'Winnie' I have good faith in that movie :) The descendants is going to take OVER the Oscars just like 'The Hurt Locker' did. lol


If Drive only receives one nomination I will smash a nail in someone's head with a hammer.


Tom hardy and nick nolte for warrior. That movie is so under rated.


These are actually really good. Some of the best I've seen


How is The Artist supposed to be a lock for Best Screenplay if its a silent movie…

Elijah jones

Joseph Gordon-Levitt had one of the most real performances I've seen. It wasn't super dramatic and he didn't try to be. In my mind, he has already won. Plus, I'd like to see 50/50 get a nomination for Original Screenplay. Its a beautiful movie that shows that light can be shown even in the darkness.


I'm curious why Clooney's out of the running for Best Director in this article, also Tom Hanks for acting in 'Extremely Loud'…


It'll be interesting to see if an Iranian film (A Separation) deservingly wins Best Foreign Film Oscar at the 'American' Academy Awards. Here's an interesting list of top contenders for Foreign Film Oscars –


why is J Edgar still in this list?



What the hell man. They never get nominated.


Harry Potter must win the oscar for best movie, the movie was so wonderful, so sad, I cried all the time, Harry Potter 7 was the most beautiful and incredible film I saw in my life. HARRY POTTER DESERVES THE OSCAR FOR BEST MOVIE YES


The Help – best picture … wow, you cant get more superficial and cliché than this movie.
If this movie gets any recognition (except the great Viola Davis, who is a powerhouse actress)
I loose faith in the academy.
I hope Drive gets lots of recognition not only for acting (Gosling, Brooks, Mulligan and pretty much all of the actors were great), but also directing, editing, score and cinematography. That movie was amazing!


Ridiculous! Kirsten Dunst is NOT a dark horse, she is a more than reasonable possibility! I hate how this years' lists are conveniently disregarding what a lot of critics are saying

Abhitha Naidu

Harry Potter should be considered for best actor/actress, there are so many talented actors who work on those films, it's too bad the fantasy genre doesnt really get recognition(lor of the rings is an exception) . I hope it at least wins for special affects, or art direction. OR they should win an honorary oscar, after all it will leave a huge mark in the history of cinema, and it will be remembered for many years to come.

Angelina winsley

I agree Harry Potter deserves the oscar for best movie, the drama movies always win, why? Harry Potter has everything, romance, adventure, fantasy, drama, action, thriller so, academy consider please….


HARRY POTTER deserves the oscar for the best film, the film is just phenomenal, magical, fantastic, why the academy always choose the drama films? I can't understand, Haryy Potter has everyting to win the category for best movie. Please academy it's the last chance, please.

Isabella Koldras

Here's my selection for the Oscar 2012 "bests":
Best Oscar 2012 Host: Billy Crystal,
Best Picture: The Artist,
Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Cinematography: Roman Polanski and Yasmina Reza,
Best Actress: Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady,
Best Actor: Jean Dujardin, The Artist,
Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist,
Best Original Score: Roman Polanski, Carnage,
Best FilmEditing: Carnage,
Best Costume Design: The Artist,
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, Beginners,
Best Foreign Language Film: In Darkness, Poland.


I think Mel Gibson was brilliant in the Beaver too. People may not like him but you have to give the man credit for being talented. Hollywood has forgiven most a holes actors before why not Mel.


I think Anthony Hopkins in The Rite needs to be in for sure. Come on academy, he is genius.


Harry Potter won't be nominated because of Politics. They were sort of "snooty" films in the eyes of Hollywood. Very exclusive in terms of cast and crew brought on board to work on it. It alienated a lot of Hollywood's elite who liked the franchise when it was the first two films… but like the fans saw the films sort of fall apart in the third fourth and fifth movies which were very different films in terms of how they were made and how they looked. John Williams did NOT want to be apart of the franchise after the first film. That should tell you something too. Generally speaking the acting was not great in the films except with the side characters Snape & McGonagle & Dumbledore played by some elite actors (Rickman, Smith, Gambon) The main characters were children and let's face it not the best actors.

I enjoyed the 8 films but just don't see how they get a nomination for best picture. Who is going to vote for them in the academy?


The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo was amazing. I saw an early screening. Rooney Mara was fantastic and to have to play in that rape scene – wow. It was tough to watch but the film as a whole was incredible. It's the type of "thriller" film that has enough of an emotionally powerful story to win best picture. Christopher Plummer was great in it too.

J. Edgar isn't getting good reviews… and I can't see The Help winning ANY awards let alone the nominations you think.

Meryl Streep is supposed to be delicious as Margaret Thatcher… maybe she'll win after not having won anything since the 80's.

To those people saying Harry Potter has a shot at Best Picture or as Best Supporting Actor for Alan Rickman – Get Real. The academy hates fantasy. That said the only times they have rewarded films in that genre were when the films have been adaptations from books. Alan Rickman had less than 10 minutes of screen time. He was fantastic but in my opinion there have been other equally great if not better performances this year in supporting roles. Warner Bros is throwing their weight behind J. Edgar, not Harry Potter. It probably won't get a nomination now that 10 films are not guaranteed to be nominated.


I´ve lost a little interest in the acting noms,since I think the unwritten rule that two actors of the same gender can´t get put in the leading category,alá Traing Day or Brokeback M. Still,this year has been very dissapointing and besides wondering when the academy are going to nom Ensembles,I would like to see the noms; Christensen for best,Chastain and Mirren for S.actress,the score and actually the film The debt but that won´t happen.Despite being a comedy,Brendan Gleeson in The Guard feels like a lock,it´s a marvellous performance.Mia K for Jane Eyre,she was great and will be compensated.Harry Potter will very sadly,just like the last LOTR,be nominated for best Picture for the total saga and a good film that stands on its own legs will pay the prize but that´s how it is.DiCaprio will be nominated and loose again.The audience likes Edgar but 42% at Rotten tomatoes makes it hard to see it get more then lead actor,make up and art direction noms.It seems the best films are to come.Cronenbergs A dangerous method might be a real surprise…


Alan Rickman Deserves best Supporting actor as Snape he was awesome !


Every movie that was priced with a great chance to win, fell. I hope this chance to give Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 to win, the movie deserves to win, the time is now.


How come you haven't mentioned Alan Rickman as BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for his role as Severus Snape?


Jane Eyre is a beautiful film and deserves a nomination. Also, Robin Wright Penn in 'Conspirator,
' should give her a nomination. There were just too many great performances this year to be sure of what will happen.


I persoanlly think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt should get a nomination (AT LEAST) for 50/50… One of the BEST perfomances I've seen this year. To me it stands out among the rest


I'm hoping for a supporting actor oscar nod to Michael Rispoli for his role as Sala in the film adaptation of Hunter Thompson's "The Rum Diary." The film is definitely one of this years under-rated movies and Rispoli was a great addition to an already superb cast.

bob hawk

Some of us at AFI Fest HAVE seen DiCaprio in J.EDGAR and I think he can be considered a lock. Hammer, alas — so good as the younger Clyde Tolson — is done in by the wretched make-up job as he gets older. (DiCaprio's make-up, on the other hand, is top-notch throughout.) As far as Best Picture and Direction is concerned, I don't think J. EDGAR has a chance in hell — not to mention the ridiculously overdone nonlinearity of the editing, making for a confusing and muddled mess, and a turgid shlog through the first hour.

By the way, Dench is every bit as good in the sublime MY WEEK WITH MARILYN as she is in J. EDGAR. Zoe Wanamaker, as Paula Strasberg, also is impressive, albeit a very dark horse. Look for MARILYN to be a strong contender in many of the craft categories, including cinematography, production design, costumes, etc.

Finally (for now): Although also a very dark horse, Dominic Cooper's astonishing performance in THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE is at least the equal of some of the other Best Actor dark horses mentioned, and should at least be acknowledged at this still early stage of the game.


I just watched Jane Eyre, and while I doubt it’ll be widely considered for the higher profile categories (which is a pity for Mia Wasikowska especially, who gives a wonderful performance) I am glad to see it included in your costume predictions, for which I think it is a lock. I would also say it deserves cinetmatography, as it was beautifully shot and captured the darkness of rooms lit only by candlelight better than any period film I’ve ever seen, but without losing any important visuals. Maybe it’ll do well at the Baftas.

Do the Academy really hold a grudge against the HP films for not casting American actors? They do realise that none of the characters are American? I’ve never heard of anyone criticising an American film, based on an American novel, with only American characters, for only casting American actors.


Brendan Gleeson in The Guard for a long shot best Actor nod? Got to be in with a chance, surely.


No love for Potter? Pathetic. I hate how people are against it because it’s fantasy, a blockbuster, and basically because it’s ‘Potter’. It’s a brilliant film, and this bias needs to stop.

Kevyn Knox

These predictions seem very similar to my own. I am giving The Tree of Life a better overall position (possibly just wishful thinking though) and also give a Supporting Actress nod to Marion Cotillard for Midnight in Paris. After all, Woody does have a talent for directing female Oscar nominees and winners – and I have a feeling Midnight in Paris could pull off the win, but it would probably need a few more nominations to do so. The big questions I think come with Extremely Close, War Horse, Carnage, J. Edgar and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Will these make their marks strongly, if at all?

To plug my own place, my predix can be seen at


Potter DH 2 will be nominated as will Rickman. The chances of either winning will depend on its competition, I’d say based on what I have seen so far this year, no other movie nor actor holds a candle to this movie. A lot of sites, news, etc. predicting are leaving it completely off their list for some reason? If WB begins a media blitz, both DH2 and Rickman stand a pretty good chance IMHO.


The first heist scene in “Drive” is a masterpiece in Film Editing so I would count the film into the Editing category. Gosling is also probably going to get a nomination. Some consider that he’s been robbed twice from a nomination (Lars & Valentine) after Half Nelson.





What about the CARNAGE for the best adapted screenplay; it would surely give acting
nominations to some/all four of the role/s, not to mention the genius himself Roman Polanski
for the director of the best cinematography.
And for the best foreign language film IN DARKNESS (Poland).


What about Rachel Weisz in The Whistleblower?She should be put down in the reasonable possibilities section for the best actress predictions!


I’m very excited about the 2012 Oscar Season (Eddie Murphy as a host = that’s
unpredictable fun) and quite confident that this’ll be a time for brilliance of
Mel Gibson and Meryl Streep to be appreciated and Roman Polanski
included in the group of Directors of Global Cinematography.
All it takes is a little bit of courage and pure christian (civilized?) forgiveness.

marco didion

what about Martin Sheen in the Way?

Emily D

Seeing these predictions makes me very excited for this comming Oscar season. I am wondering why One Day was not included on your list. I have herd lots of buzz about it, and i personally loved it.


What about John Hawkes for Martha Marcy May Marlene? And why no HP7 on the Best Picture list?? OF COURSE it’s going to get nominated! It has to!


I had a dream a few weeks ago that Leonardo Di Caprio won an Oscar, I rarely dream but I did and it was quite vivid that he won; this is before I even knew he had the movie Hoover coming out, what is up with that! Also think Ryan Gosling is that good that he can win one one day too.


While ‘War Horse’ and ‘The Lady’ are both mentioned, I think there is a major oversight concerning both films…David Thewlis! There has been lots of buzz surrounding his performances this year. It would be about time the Academy recognized his talent!

Leonor A.

My vote is for the British this year, one of my favorite actresses the great Helen Mirren for Best Actress in ‘The Debt’ which I would also like to nominate for Best Picture. I’m going out on a limb with the next nominees which are Alan Rickman, Daniel Radcliffe for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2’, and another Best Picture nominee. #wishfulthinking.


Best Director:
Payne: Deserves to be here and might win
Speilberg: Already won a couple times and last couple of movies have been bad
Allen: Not his best work with paris still good though
Eastwood: Needs a good one after the disapointment of Hereafter
Mallick: Great movie deserve to be here


after this year’s oscar my hopes are not very high.
i definitely think ryan gosling deserves a recognition, not only for drive but for ides of march as well. drive is also my favorite movie so far, though i haven’t seen all of them. for example, tree of life, i haven’t see, but i just think sean penn should be in any list.
but for me, the biggest disappointment will be woody allen’s nominations. i don’t think he will win, and midnight in paris, for me, is one of the greatest movies this year. i don’t understand how woody allen doesn’t have more awards.
i really hope this oscar modernizes itself a little bit, and stop being so predictable giving awards to movies that do not deserve it only because they’re what usually wins.
it’s different when you put meryl streep, for example, in a category with great actress who also deserves to win, but, well. it’s meryl streep. we really don’t need to fool ourselves. but when it comes to best picture, they need to give a shot to not so old-fashioned movies, who everybody knows it’s just wery well made. last oscar’s indications were a chance to do that, with black swan, blue valentine, social network and ESPECIALLY inception. and they didn’t :/ so i hope they change something this year. let’s wait to see all of them first, but for me, drive and midnight in paris are definitely the ones that deserves it, though are not favorites.

(ps: i’m not american, sorry about my english :/)


after this year’s oscar my hopes are not very high.
i definitely think ryan gosling deserves a recognition, not only for drive but for ides of march as well. drive is also my favorite movie so far, though i haven’t seen all of them. for example, tree of life, i haven’t see, but i just think sean penn should be in any list.
but for me, the biggest disappointment will be woody allen’s nominations. i don’t think he will win, and midnight in paris, for me, is one of the greatest movies this year. i don’t understand how woody allen doesn’t have more awards.
i really hope this oscar modernizes itself a little bit, and stop being so predictable giving awards to movies that do not deserve it only because they’re what usually wins.
it’s different when you put meryl streep, for example, in a category with great actress who also deserves to win, but, well. it’s meryl streep. we really don’t need to fool ourselves. but when it comes to best picture, they need to give a shot to not so old-fashioned movies, who everybody knows it’s just wery well made. last oscar’s indications were a chance to do that, with black swan, blue valentine, social network and ESPECIALLY inception. and they didn’t :/ so i hope they change something this year. let’s wait to see all of them first, but for me, drive and midnight in paris are definitely the ones that deserves it, though are not favorites.

(ps: i’m not american, sorry about my english :/)


I keep seeing these wishful thinking nomination for Shame. Saw Shame at the festival and i am pretty sure that it will be a divisive film. I feel that some of the camerawork, music and acting are somewhat pretentious and manipulative that I can see why he won coppa volpi from a jury headed by Aronofsky. The only possible nomination, Fassbender, is possible if the voters vote for him based on the hype, without seeing the film. I mean, come on, there is absolutely no way those academy members will nominate a guy who masturbate on screen. Not when there are plenty of other worthy and safe performances out there. If they want Fassbender in the kodak they will nominate him for something else. The film itself will go nowhere near Best Picture.


rum diary is great . the movie has great cast. JD is the best and Jenkins is good too. Robinson is the good choice for directory.


where is the rum diary? you forget every things.


My vote goes to Saoirse Ronan in Hanna.
It was more than the normal dramatic performance: essentially she made a totally
implausible character completely believable.
More than that, Ronan managed to the make the audience sympatise with Hanna’s actions
and even making her extremely likeable, keeping the viewer’s attention riveted on Hanna
throughout the entirety of the picture.


Best cinematography has to go to The Tree of Life. I’m pretty sure sepia tone doesn’t buy you an Oscar. Lubezki has been quite overdue for one of those little gold men…


The oscars are prejudice towards sci-fi/fantasy. I think the only one to win an oscars is lord of the rings. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 was amazing. I dislike the fact that because J.K. Rowling refused to let her books be ruined by Hollywood. I commend her on that. I dislike the oscars because they are against mainstream. Why can’t they throw in some movies that are popular? I agree maybe Harry Potter wasn’t the best movie this year but Alan Rickman was amazing. That is all I have to say.


A Dangerous Method is extremely overlooked. It may not have the best reviews but once it is released in november, people will be considering many nominations – if not a win. Possibility of nominations would be Best actress, supporting actor, screenplay, costume, make-up, original score.


2.Jean Dujardin, The Artist
3. Leonardo diCaprio, J. Edgar
4. Michael Fassbender, Shame
5.Gary Oldman, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier



Kirsten Dunst should not be a dark horse at all, but a serious competitor. Her performance was one of the best female performances of recent years.


No ones seen The Tree of Life yet? Ive seen it twice and you’ve defenitly seen it also. J Edgar seems really likely I would say. The Help is not likely to get anything but actress. Its overhyped


Drive definitely deserves more praise than it is being given, I’ve seen almost all of these movies and first ryan gosling in drive is better than half the ones up there, nicholas winding refn should definitely needs to be a dark horse for best director, all i need to say is if albert brooks doesn’t get a nomination for best supporting actor and drive isn’t in there for best score, i’ve lost all faith

bob hawk

Is Kirsten Dunst considered a dark horse simply because MELANCHOLIA is burdened with von Trier’s press conference gaffe at Cannes? Certainly, she gives one of this year’s most stunning and complex performances and should be seriously considered.

Of course, because of the Cannes contretemps, the film will never be considered for best film or director, but it should also be a potential (if long shot) candidate for cinematography.

And speaking of end-of-the-world movies, TAKE SHELTER should at least be added to your very long list of “darker horses.”

Brian Fantana

Maybe Keira Knightley’s jaw gets a nomination for DANGEROUS but audience is saw it with laughed at Russian (?) accent – no Clooney anywhere?


I find it somewhat surprising that The Adventures of Tintin is not even among your top 25 contenders for Best Picture. Surely it stands a greater chance of getting nominated than a lot of the movies on your list!

Santiago Toca

It all depends, of course, on how pleased the Academy voters are by it, but it seems to me that “THE TREE OF LIFE” is a greater threat than people would initially think. It IS a beautiful movie. After all it is Terrence Malick film that has won the palm d`or at cannes and people went crazy with the power-house performances that Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain delivered. It has been noticed, also, that people that didn´t like the movie, hated it. And the ones that loved it, went apeshit for it. Although is true that after all “The King`s speech” did get crowned Best Picture and that the Academy could be inclined to reward rather classic and sober pieces. I hope this film stays on voters` mind by december. You can´t help get trapped by it. Is deep and complex and compelling, besides having the best cinematography seen in a movie ever. Seems to me that being compared to “2001: A space odissey” could work very good for this movie. Let´s wait and see.


Drive is the best movie i’ve seen so far this year. It’s not nominated for anything!! I can see why it’s not nominated for acting or picture, but not director? cinematography?? SCREENPLAY!!!???? the academy is complete bullshit sometimes. King’s speech should not have won last year.

Taylor Garrod

Harry potter at least needs to be on the dark horse list for best picture and should get nominated purely based on the cumulative work that came before (see return of the king) and because the academy should be aiming to interest more people in the show by picking a few mainstream films.


What about Anna Kendrick for best supporting in 50/50? She’s getting fab reviews for her performance!


I already feel like I don’t care about the Oscars this year when it seems it’s all about taking well-known actors and putting them in specific roles so they can be nominated and walk the red carpet. Yawn! If Harry Potter and Alan Rickman aren’t nominated I won’t be tuning in for the first time in my life (I’m no kid!) If that lunatic Christian Bale can be nominated and the pedophile Roman Polanski can be nominated then how can I accept that the Academy holds it against Harry Potter that it hired only British actors!? It’s a British production froma British Novelist! Insane!

Ronnie D.

How is “Take Shelter” not even a dark horse for best picture??? I honestly don’t understand; it’s gotten such positive reviews and won the critics prize at Cannes, and just overall looks phenomenal, and yet no recognition.. what’s up indiewire?

Also, on another note, please consider organizing the comments from most recent to oldest, with the most recent comments at the top; your method is not very practical.


I do not think that The Tree of Life will be nominated for anything. There are times that the Academy actually is more on the mark than the critics and the Academy will see this piece of pretentious indulgence for what it really is and will not nominate it.


Doesn’t look like Oscar can squeeze even 5 films for Best Pic category out of this jumble. A thoroughly uninteresting year.
And with Eddie Murphy picked as host, this may be the first Oscar telecast I skip in years.
But if Chrtistopher Plummer gets nominated, I may watch.


oops. Just noticed you have SHAME up there. Shame on me. :-)


Why is there no mention of Vera Farmiga in “HIGHER GROUND”, which she also directed. Possibly because it’s such a nuanced performance it slips under the radar? Anyone can play big with enough coffee in their system. Vera and HIGHER GROUND have more critical acclaim than 90% of the films listed here.

If Kate Winslett delivered this kind of performance, she would be a shoe in. Too bad Vera isn’t a Brit, she would be locked.

SHAME…. also no mention.

Peter, have you seen these two films?


There’s no way Allen is a lock for Director.

And why is Tintin not even mentioned as a possibility?

TC Kirkham

Drew is right on the money – Drive is definitely deserving in the score and director categories, as well as Best Actor for Ryan Gosling and possibly supporting actor nods for Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks.I’d also like to see it in the Best Picture race more prominently as well. And I also agree with Drew about Nick Nolte for Warrior in Supporting Actor as well.

I’m a bit stunned that Ezra Miller has suddenly taken a dive from the supporting actor list – I still think his performance in WNTTAKevin is going to blow minds. And also, why is it that this year’s Sundance winner, Like Crazy, isn’t getting the love that Precious and The Hurt Locker got in the past couple of years? I don’t see it in the Picture category, and Anton Yelchin deserves some recognition for Best Actor potential as well.


Nick Nolte deserves an Oscar nod for supporting actor in “Warrior”. He was incredible in that. Also “Drive” should win for best score hands down. Refn should definitely be in the running for Director too. SO good.


I agree with most of the choices. The big question is, will the Academy go in for the romance, and nominate ‘The Artist’ majorly? It deserves to be nominated, but then all the films this year have been quite diverse, so it could be quite a tough one.

I also agree with you about Gary Oldman’s Oscar nomination, but it will be more of a ‘Frank Langella’ nomination, rather than an ‘Ian McKellen’ nomination (nominated for his entire career, rather than his work in the film), and chances of winning being next to nothing. I’m not saying Oldman is bad in TTSS, but how relevant is the Cold War to modern-day US? Has it become obsolete?

TTSS is completely an anti-James Bond film set during the Cold War – no high-speed cars, no women, no thrilling chases, no stunts/fights, no hardcore action, nothing that you can associate with a James Bond film. It is an expository (fictional) spy story, making you think and use your brains, making you concentrate (just like Inception), rather than forcing everything inside you. It’s slow-paced, and can get quite boring if you’re used to the James Bond fare of films. Would the American audiences and critics prefer watching a film of this sort, no matter how good the lead actor’s performance is? Oldman’s performance is said to be ‘underacted, understated and minimalist’. Will this work with the Academy? Or perhaps ‘too minimalist’ for the Academy? In which case, I expect a ‘career’ Oscar nomination, rather for his work in the film itself.

Also, I’m fully confident that Meryl Streep will win Oscar#3 for ‘The Iron Lady’, and Leo DiCaprio will finally get his ‘overdue’ win.

@Dave: I will say that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-2, despite being one of the best reviewed films of the year (96%-97% on Rotten Tomatoes), will NOT be nominated for Best Pic. According to the Academy, Harry Potter is NOT Oscar material, they only know Harry Potter from what Chris Columbus directed about 10 years back, which wasn’t the greatest, to be honest. Also, ‘Harry Potter’ as a franchise has been extremely snooty & sniffy about employing American actors (not even a single American actor in all 10 yrs!), not even those American actors who can do a great British accent. This is something that has not at all gone down well with the Academy (especially, Mr. Spielberg, who wanted to cast Haley Joel Osment as Harry, when he was still in contention as director for the franchise). So ‘Harry Potter’ is out of the question, as far as the Oscars are concerned.


Look out for Take Shelter for the main categories too. I think Tree of Life is locked for nominations, if not for the win. I’d love for Wim Wenders to get some recognition (for Pina).


Wow, this is the first Best Actress prediction that actually shows some independent thought.

I don’t know about Felicity Jones being so high up, though.

What Jane said is funny, btw.


MIchael Fassbender is the one actor everyone talks about. How about showing some courage in the nominations instead of going after Hollywood stars who get nominations more for their status and safe predictable pics. I’m looking at DiCaprio, Pitt and Clooney.

Amit wagh

Yeah…. NO one think about d harry potter 7 p2 ,x men First class, poc stranger tide,transformer because ths movie can atleast 4-5 oscar nomination ya may be win also.
…. harry and x men won oscar definately…,

Frank Hogan

What about Sarah’s Key being re-Premiered to make it more in the forefront of people s minds for consideration by early December?


I take it no one thinks Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will? I say it might be nominated for Best Picture. Maybe no win but deffinatly a nomination. And Alan Rickman might get nominated for Best Supporting Actor as well.


What about Mel Gibson’s performance in the beaver, he may be a jerk but his performance was brilliant


Also very surprised about Like Crazy for screenplay…doesn’t strike me (from the trailer) as the kind of movie they’d choose for screenplay. I’d assume Beginners or Martha Marcy before that…prob Martha Marcy. I hope so I love Durkin! His short film Mary Last Seen is terrific. Excited to see MMMM.


Not sure I agree about Ides of March. It’s one that’ll be more topical in the US and will prob resonate with the US audience a lot (thus they’ll be forgiving…esp since it’s a movie with many beloved American actors). I would personally rank it higher. Good list though!

bob hawk

Definitely a long shot Dark Horse for male supporting, but Hunter McCracken in TREE OF LIFE gives one of the most indelible performances on screen this year. Authentic and visceral.

And is there any question that Viola Davis will “go lead”? Although THE HELP is a true ensemble piece, Davis is a mighty presence, and I’m fairly sure that the powers that be will want to save the the supporting slot for several of the other actresses in that film.


“We Need to Talk About Kevin” is nowhere to be found in the Best Picture categories, not even as a dark horse. I find that hard to believe with all the praise it’s been getting since its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Is it possible that you guys just forgot about it? Also, what about “Win Win”?

Alan G.

Felicity Jones is a definite contender – she was brilliant in that movie.


What about Dominic Cooper in The Devils Double?
So sick of the boring predictable crowd.. Clooney,Gosling,M.Williams,DiCaprio,Pitt…Zzzzzz
I’m gonna fall asleep if it’s that bunch again!


W.E. Screening buzz is positive.
Should be considered a possibility for best picture.


Knightley top-billed in Dangerous Method and from those who’ve seen it at an early screening have said that she’s unquestably lead alongside Fassbender.


Carey’s part in Shame is very, very, very tiny. Fassbender is the only lead in that– she should definitely be moved to Supporting.

Peter Knegt

In general, the “no one’s seen yet” references are meant for films that have not screened officially. There’s quite a few among those that have indeed been seen by many, including folks at indieWIRE, at advanced screenings.


No one’s seen “Warrior” yet? Maybe no one at Indiewire, but…

And you really think Woody Allen will be shut out of Picture and Director? He’s a lock for both.

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