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2012 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

2012 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 84th Academy Award winners through February 26th, when the winners are announced.

While many are pegging a Viola vs. Meryl showdown in the best actress race, it seems after her SAG win and some very affecting speeches on the precursor circuit, Ms. Davis is looking more and more like an assured a win come Oscar night. Which leaves the only truly nail-biting acting race to the boys.

In the lead actor category, there’s been a considerable split among precursors between George Clooney (“The Descendants”) and Jean Dujardin (“The Artist”). Both won Golden Globes, while Clooney took a Critics Choice and Dujardin won the SAG. Either one of them could take home the Oscar, or feasibly another scenarios could go down if they split a large portion of the vote: Brad Pitt’s humble charm on the circuit could help him win an Oscar for “Moneyball” (it also helps he’s never won, while Clooney has).

This will make it one of the most relatively exciting envelopes to be opened February 26.

Best actor predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

The Nominees
Demian Bichir, A Better Life
George Clooney, The Descendants
Jean Dujardin, The Artist
Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Brad Pitt, Moneyball

The Predicted Winner: Jean Dujardin, The Artist
The Possible Spoiler: Brad Pitt, Moneyball or George Clooney, The Descendants
Shoulda Been Here: Michael Fassbender, Shame

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Roxanne I.

George Clooney. Number 1. Brad barely did any acting in Moneyball. Sorry Brad. But you don't need an award you know you're great and you are loved!!


Damias has to win he did a great Job in the movie a better life


Hoping for Oldman! …WISH Tom Hardy was nominated for Warrior.


I would love to hear Bichir won, but that is extremely difficult he could have a good carer here in Mexico, but up there is only a latin actor J. Cloony has long way, a great number of films so, I hope J Cloony wins, I would hate Brat takes the figure.


should be Demian Bichir!


I go for the best actor and the best man in the world,- Edvard/Oscar in "Tuba Atlantic"!!!


I go for Demian Bichir! Exellent actor. exellent person exellent in everything he do.




Shoulda Been Here:

Eddie Redmayne (My Week with Marilyn)
Thomas Horn (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close)
Ryan Gosseling (Drive)
Ewan McGregor (Beginners)


Really wish that Joseph Gordon-Levitt could have made it in for 50/50. His balance between comedy and drama was surreal. Although, if anyone were to drop, Fassbender would have hopped in. Next time JGL, next time.


Demian Bichir

Chris O

George Clooney should win by far

Suresh Sankar

Jean Dujardin will be the winner


Demian Bichir is the best , I have watched all of his movies and he act in a theather performace in my university and he is an excelent actor , all Mexico know about it!!!


I agree with Cecilia. DEMIAN BICHIR is heart-wrenching in A BETTER LIFE.


DEMIAN BICHIR gave the best performance. He should win, A BETTER LIFE is the best movie.


Michael Fassbender gave the best performance of the year. He should win, but he is not even nominated. Pathetic. That means that Oscars this year, and especially this category, are completely irrevelant. I really don't care who out of those more or less mediocre nominees will win this year. Especially that the only one deserving nominee, which is Gary Oldman, has zero chances to win.


i agree; best actor should go to Michael Fassbander for Shame. this man was robbed of his Oscar.


The movie, A BETTER LIFE, will touch all of your emotions. DEMIAN BICHIR knows what the people go through that he portrays. A BETTER LIFE is one of the best love stories to come along in many years. It is a love of a father and a son. It is also a love of a group of people who are humbly trying to survive. I agree with Yolanda below. A win by this movie could change millions of lives. Politicians do not understand the goodness of the immigrant. Maybe this movie can bring about a beautiful change in the hearts of this world. This movie is a true story and passionately depicted by DEMIAN BICHER..


This catagory could be interesting for once!_ until a month ago I thought Clooney had this in the bag>.But with Dujardin's SAG and BAFTA wins it seems less sure- perhaps the votes will be split and Pitt could do it!

Beth Powder

You forgot about Michael parks for Red State. That movie was so good and so few watched it or even gave it the respect it deserved. How disappointing.


This category is ruined for me since Michael Fassbender didn't get a nomination! By far the best performance of the year. I also love Michael Shannon.


Michael Shannon in "Take Shelter" was one of the greatest performances tha I have ever seen. He got completely snubbed here.


If the academy does what it was intended to do,to honor those who have done great performances. DEMIAN BICHIR IS THE BEST ACTOR ,FOR A BETTER LIFE. I have seen all 5 movies, I am a regular movie going woman, Ihave seen this movie 6 times and i cried every single time. George and Brad have said in the media they admired demian's work in this movie, which is amazing that other nominess feel this way. George failed to make me cry in the scene when he crys for his wife. Brad did good, but not great. Mr. Dujardin did a great job but in the scene where he puts the gun to himself he failed to make me feel his pain, it made me jump with the bang. Mr. oldman on this movie did good but not great. Mr. Bichir did an amazing performance,he made me feel his pain, my throat got obstruted, I felt their separation, and sadly this is just like a true story, it is still true in the present. I truly pray that the academy votes by performaces only and not by color, or popularity. and to savia, i totally agree with you, to boo, the truth is he will win, if they dont see that he is mexican, because if this performance was done by a white person, It would be no question . DEMIAN IS THE BEST ACTOR. p.s. i would like comments of only those who have seen ALL FIVE MOVIES.


My predicted winner is Demian Bichir. He earned this award.

Leandro Martins

"The Predicted Winner: Brad Pitt, Moneyball"

Say what?! No chance, please update this…


I have to go with Jean Dujardin. I saw "Brice de Nice", watch "Un gars et une fille" on YouTube and have seen the "OSS117" films. It took a news article to make me realize that the urbane George Valentin was the same guy who did those comedies (and you can't appreciate how different he was unless you'd seen Brice de Nice — trust me on this if you haven't). He (Dujardin) showed real range and handled a difficult medium well. Not to mention having the Palme d'Or, the Golden Globe, the BAFTA… Bonne chance, M. Dujardin.


Demian Bichir and the producer of "A Better Life," made this beautiful movie from their hearts . This movie is a true and difficult story of immigrants who feel scared and unwanted. They are the sweetest people you will ever meet. I live in Georgia, and I see the men standing along the road waiting for work just like the men in the movie. I have seen the men digging holes in the 105 degree sun for 12 hours straight. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, being the humanitarians they are, would probably even prefer that "A Better Life" wins. I hope you are right about the "dark horse" this year.


A couple of years ago Marion Cottillard upset julie Christie. Both were excellent, important performances. Another foreign "dark horse" deserves attention this year. Bichir has created a lovely character here. The academy has a chance to revalidate themselves with acknowledgement of his work. Ten years from now…I suspect his will be the performance of the year most remembered.


I hope very much that Demian Bichir wins. This movie is played so genuinely by Mr. Bichir. As another writer stated, you can read his feelings on his face. I promise that if you watch this movie, it will bring you to tears and it is a true story. He dedicated this movie to the millions of people who are really living their lives as his character. A win by him could bring much needed peace and understanding to millions of people, and could make a huge difference in our world. I don't know that wins by the others would do that.

Michael Davenport

In my opinion- Jean Dujardin, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman will be the top 3

One Love

Have we all lost our minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way should Brad Pitt win best actor. If Brad Pitt wins then the Oscar will never be taken seriously after February 26th……………………… Just give the award to Jean Dujardin and end of Discussion.

Shirley Medina

I hope Brad Pitt gets the best actor award at the Oscar, he really deserves it!


soy mexicano, asi que como mexicano deberia apoyar a demian bichir, pero como critico aficionado, bien por su nominacion y por su actuacion , pero el oscar lo ganara el frances Jean Dujardin, su actuacion es fabulosa esta tan metido en el personaje que le creemos por eso lo ganara.


Why Brad Pitt? It seemed like it as George Clooney, then Jean Dujardin won the DGA, so it seemed like it would be wither of them, but now Brad Pitt? Maybe the race is squeezey.


It's between Jean Dujardin and Brad Pitt, it would be interesting see who will choose the Academy, a movie star with a great body of work, or one of the most charming performance of the year, I actually, can't decide right now, GOD, can be any of them!!

Nik Grape

Woa woa … Pitt is the predicted winner now? What am I missing here..


*Yawn* George Clooney gave the same old boring performance he does every single year and that's playing George Clooney, no versatility nothing and that's the best performance of the year? The academy has become a joke…Next!


Gary Oldman might be the most underrated actor of all time. He finally gets nominated by the academy and the reigning sentiment is that George Clooney or Brad Pitt will win? Gary Oldman should've won best supporting at least twice before now. He should've been nominated for just about every role he has ever done. Jean Dujardin or Demian Bichir look like solid winners, but seriously, give props where props are due. The academy owes this to Oldman, not just because he has had the most underrated and incredible career, but because he had the strongest performance this year.


If the Academy thinks George Clooney in the Descendants is the best of this year's offering, I offer this: Academy of Motion Pictures is a political body that doles out honors for reasons not apparent to the movie-going public – i.e. us. Not only was that a second rate movie (I actually kept looking at my watch due to my level of boredom), but Clooney was much better in Ides of March, and others.


Jean Dujardin is the outstanding choice. Without a word he carried a movie. He was funny, charming, sad, tortured and inspirational.


Why wasn't Leonardo nominated???!!! In fact, he should've been won for "Shutter Island" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"! He's so underrated! Anyways, back to the actual nominees. If George wins, I'm going to blow up in fury. He can't act…simple as that. He's literally the same person in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE HE'S IN! I hope Jean wins. His role, in my opinion, seems like it was the hardest to play. I was so ecstatic he beat George at the SAGs. Brad Pitt is also overrated, but I don't think he matters this year anyway. If anything, he should've been nominated for "The Tree of Life". It's clearly between Clooney (unfortunately) and Dujardin. Please win DUJARDIN!


Bichir was pretty good in a bad film. Ryan Gosling had the performance of the year in drive but since he had about 10lines the academy ignored him, he also played a nice psycho when you think about it (like deniro in taxi driver). Brad Pitt was great in moneyball but even better in The Tree of Life

Gaspar Marino

I agree Michael Fassbender ws a glaring omission.


No Demian Bichir, Yes Michael Fassbender!


Leo DiCaprio was not nominated BUT Brad Pitt was? Are you out of your minds? Brad Pitt and that crazy junkie can hardly fill up theaters any more


I AM SO SICK of Brad Pitt!!!! I will NEVER pay to see a movie he is in NOR that low life he is with Angelina Jolie – the movie studios KEEP throwing them at us and NOBODY wants them – they both LOOK old and plastic – Angelina Jolie looks mental, plastic, anorexic – go eat and work out!! And her interviews – OH PLEASE – Brad found her in the shower slumped over from emotion? Maybe drugs and a mental break down. These people are a joke and are FAKE – FAKE – FAKE – they make the press tours and are nice to the TV Mages when they are promoting and selling. I swear everyone I know is SICK OF THEM. I cant even separate my dislike for them and watch them as entertainers. If Brad Pitt wins, the movie studios will be shocked at the reactions.


Jean DuJardin!! George Clooney is the most overrated actor in the business. DuJardin carried a remarkable film on his back and is responsible for much of its praise.

Shawna B

Brad Pitt. He became the character in Money Ball. It's rare a movie brings me to tears and this one did because of his performance.

Glenna Cross

I loved Demian Bichir in A Better Life. I'd never seen him before but thought he was fantastic. I read his feelings on his face…and believed them. I doubt he will win but think perhaps he should.

Janis Reid

Giovanni Ribisi was ROBBED of nomination for Rum Diaries! He should not only have been nominated, be should win, handsdown.


I still can't believe Leo DiCaprio is not nominated for "J.Edgar" ! I mean, ok maybe he's not always picnic during his shootings, ok he's been played depressive and nevrotic men for a long time now ! But people who say he has no range and has the same acting in "J.Edgar" than he had in his passed few movies obviously didn't watch it with real attention ! The way he speeks (even if he has a strange voice), the way he looks (he doesn't have a frowning face that much in this film) and the way he moves show all the nuances and the intensity he's able to give in a character !!!

I don't understand why a lot of you guys consider his best work is in "Blood Diamond" or in "The Departed" ! He's not bad at all in these two, but he's soooo much better and subtle in "The Aviator", "Shutter Island" or "J.Edgar" ! He doesn't overact, or he overacts in a good way (in "Shutter Island") ! I'm french, and maybe I'm wrong but he seems more popular in Europe than in America ! Don't take it bad, hugh ?! And sorry if I made writing mistakes !!!

Joey Oxford

is Damian Bichir no demian


If George Clooney won an oscar, he is going to have more oscars than Al Pacino or Sean Connery.. and the same amount as Kevin Spacey and Robert DeNiro!!!!

Mahyar Brad

only Brad Pitt.
tree of life & money ball


Jean Dujardin should win. BLEGH! Did George and Brad really give their best performances in these films? Um no, kind of underwhelmed. The Nominations this year kinda suck! Honorable mention – Demian Bichir is an amazing actor people have said his name and "surprised" in the same sentence but if you saw the film you shouldn't be…2nd Mexican-born actor to ever be nominated, I think that is quite an accomplishment—DIDN’T YOU SEE HIM ON WEEDS????? <3


I think DiCaprio and Fassbender both were missed but I think either way George Clooney derserves this award because his performance was masterful as was Brad Pitt's in both "Moneyball" and "The Tree Of Life"

I Said

Leonardo needs to show his other side, he has to choose lighter roles as he is simply too tense. To be a great actor he has to venture on to other genres, not that he's not good, in fact I love him. However, a light, feel good and happy movie wouldn't hurt his chances on future Oscars, even if the movie turned out to be disastrous. He has to prove that he is a versatile actor and able to do many things, have a look at the great Merryl Streep or Jack Nicholson.


Why not Thomas Horn? Fantastic performance.


I posted my own predictions hours before the announce…some similarities, and also some differences with IW. Check and comment:


Jean Dujardin le meilleur des français…il va gagner!!


Thank you Stanescu. S? you couldn't have said it more exquisitely…I aplaud you. Now, Moneyball? seriously? don't get me wrong, Brad Pitt is a great actor and is a shame that he has not been acknowledged by magnificent roles like Legends of the Fall and so many more. Although, what exactly did he do in Moneyball that I missed? When we are talking Oscar's we are talking excellence, superiority, brilliance, distinction, merit…NOT MEDIOCRITY…right? Now, let me not forget…The descendents? NOO! really? See, when any actor is to be nomitaded AND awarded a BIG CHECK LIST is to be considered – not just a sloppy vote that later leads to an unfair desicion. While The Artist is a very good film with great performances – no doubt, and as a result it means that other outstanding films or roles are to be ignored? Therefore I find a total insult to see Leo in the list of possible spoilers….haha! – give me a break! My whole intention is to be objective and send my point accross and hopefully we start thinking outside the box and for everyone to evaluate things with a different perspective. Because I feel I am fair in my opinion, I am not to disregard the performances of Michael Fassbender and Gary Oldman whom were simply splendid; but let us NOT forget The Academy is to narrow it down to THE BEST PERFORMANCE and that Ladies and Gentlemen…should only go to Mr. Leonardo diCaprio – enough said.


Ok, I didn't see George Clooney and Gary Oldman's performances (I'm french, their movies are not in theatres yet in France). I saw Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Jean Dujardin, Leo DiCaprio and Michael Shannon's, and what I think is that : Fassby or Leo deserve it ! Their performances are absolutely astonishing !!! What the f. with Brad Pitt ? He did nothing spectacular in "Moneyball", he was very good, but not great !

Leo does deserve a nomination, and even the oscar ! Ok, his voice is kind of strange when he plays the old Hoover (I saw it in english), but I thought it fit with the strangeness of the character and he finally got the tired old man !!! He was moving and mysterious, cold and vulnerable, charming and repulsive, full of authority with a precious gesture justified by the hiden homosexuality of his character. He incarnes all these caracteristics in the most subtle way. He's not far of an extraordinary performance, and I can tell you that a lot of french reviews manifest a big love for him !!!


two words = Gary Oldman


definitely dicaprio! he should win, and he should have won a long time ago. Sometimes i think the oscards hold a grudge against him!!!

Nancy SW

My friend and I just took our 14 year old sons and 16 year old daughters to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close…fantastic. We all cried and talked about it afterwards. Why is that young man not getting any oscar notice…I love George Clooney as much as the next person but seriously…the star of this movie..Thomas Horn takes your breathe away as does the is beautiful, surprising and incredibly touching. Go see it…and you tell me that this movie and boy don't deserve to be nominated!!!!

Stanescu Calin

Edith you are absolutely corect.


So Leo is not even predicted in the top 5? but for God's sake…what a dissapointment! If Leo doesn't get this Oscar then what else does he need to do? he has outstandingly performed any possible role to confirm his TALENT! Now, how many times do others "supposed-to-be-good-actors" get the chance to even be even considered in the roles Leo has obtained? Best actor means best actor period! Yet, the academy as well as inept critics always think best movie leads to best actor and best everything (this is considering they got the movie right!) If J. Egar was by many considered "not a good film" (which I don't comprehend) then does that mean automatically mean that Leo's AMAZING performance should not be acknowledged? As a mexican I would love for Damian Bichir to win, and sure Brad and George deserve to be nominated for their performances too, but this year belongs to Leo by all means – and we all know this in this in the back of our heads. I truly wish that The Academy uses good judgement and wisdom to be fair with those who well deserve it like Leo; and if not, it would absolutely be the biggest dissapointment in the history of the Oscars.


Mr. Gosling has long deserved an Oscar – "Half Nelson", "Blue Valentine" is now "The Ides of March". Oh, yes, "Drive" mesmerizing silence :o) (could be a silent movie?).
Gosling – the best!


If not Jean Dujardin, i'm guessing George Clooney.
But why is Joseph Gordon Levitt on the 12th place? He was way better than others. (etc, Brad Pitt). I think he should have a chance. I'd vote for him. He was amazing on 50/50!

Lord Voldemort

1)Gary Oldman all the way!! (Sirius Black guys!)
2) Rupert grint needs to be in here

One Love

The Academy Awards is the most prestigious awards held in the world of Holly Wood. Surely Leonardo DiCaprio in J-Edgar was the most outstanding performance by an Actor in a Leading role and by all standards deserve to win. Brad Pitt and George Clooney will just have to wait another year.


Christoph Waltz!


If DiCaprio gets nominated it will be the weirdest one in a long while. Globe,SAG,Broadcast critics and Satellite awards where there´s 10 actors…so three heavy…but not ONE from either San Diego,Phoenix,Washington or any other critic award,out of like 17-22 with weight. He got the two first early on. In other movies,if an actor does a great job in a mediocre film,there is no chance in hell he will be nommed…BUT,this is DiCaprio/Eastwood and some might see it as a must to pay homage or the campaigning was intense,noms seem decided on forehand. Either way,if Leo gets it,it will just be for show, he can not win. And Globe and SAG guarantees nothing. Maria Bello was up for both Globe and SAG in 2004,Agdashloo neither. Still,Agdashloo got the nom.

So Oldman has gained momentum as the film as predicted. Won in San Francisco,nommed in Chicago,by Online Film,London critics and Satellite…will it be enough? No Globe or SAG but It has dawned on people that he never has been nommed. Shannon has some heavy awards though.

So the 5 will be Clooney(he once again played himself,pathetic).Dujardin.Fassbender.Pitt(Give him a supporting for Tree of life instead n nom Shannon).Oldman. Another one who has neither Globe or SAG is Vanessa Redgrave,who I think will get nommed for Coriolanus.Will Streep be taunted with ANOTHER Globe win and ANOTHER Oscar miss?If there´s any justice and they dont feel like they have to compensate the 2time winner n 17 time nominee,then yeah. Swinton is gold in We need to… and Williams is also better.

Pitt might never have been more natural or restrained but the character is so blank and range of emotion limited to a chair thrown out the window off-screen. And the film was this years failed TSN:Rich people problems,without any criticism towards the ludacris amounts these people make.David vs.Goliat.David only has 20 milion dollars..what? Gleeson really got boned.Best acting of the year in The guard.

The Iron lady is like J. Edgar,a failed,stiff Biopic who with its 53% at RT isn´t even fresh! PS. The debt being completely ignored,even for ensemble by everyone is unfortunate.Christensen was worthy of a supporting nom. Worst filmyear in my 33 years. The Artist will take Best picture.Leading actor.Score.Costume design.Editing. Hugo: Best directing.Art direction.Visual effects. Soundmixing. The Help:Best supporting actress.Adapted screenplay.Song. Drive:Best supporting actor. Tree of life:Cinematography….and none for The descendants.


George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Jean Dujardin


im mexican so i will love to see demian bichir in the category for best actor but thats not happening and as far as the winner if they give the oscar to clooney that will be one of the most wasted oscars in history he is so overrated JEAN DUJARDIN NEEDS TO WIN THIS BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR


George Clooney plays George Clooney in every single film. He's a movie star, not an actor. Should have gone to Fassbender or DiCaprio



the prophet

Hold your tongues, folks. Next year, Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby will be all over this prediction website. THAT will be Leo's Oscar. And maybe Tobey Maguire's.


Brad Pitt and George Clooney's performances are horrendously overrated this year! And seriously how come Dicaprio has never won an Oscar and the fact that he hasn't even been nominated for "Revolutionary Road" ,"The Departed" and "Shutter Island" is just flat-out ridiculous! I would love to see him win it but I know it's not gonna happen,so I hope Jean Dujardin wins this!


I think Leonardo should win the Oscar. He did an amazing job in J. Edgar.


SHAME!!! Michael will win OSCAR!!!!


george clooney is one of the most powerful figures in hollywood, so a win for him wouldn't be a surprise. he did a great job in "syriana", but im not sure that he should've been the man to take home the award. hollywood is very political, and a snub for a well-deserved performance occurs very regulary (i.e., julia roberts over ellen burstyn, adrien brody over daniel day-lewis, etc. etc.). I'd love to see dicaprio take home an oscar finally. the only bothersome part of his role in my opinion was the strange-looking makeup that was done on him as an older j. edgar. pitt is overdue as well. i'd like to see one of those 2 win it. clooney was great but wasn't a far stretch from himself in real life, or any of his other roles in that case. next year's clear cut choice, i believe, is shaping up right now: daniel day-lewis for oscar # 3.

Rick in MI

Clooney deserves this one! I am sorry, but "J. Edgar" was a bad film and Leonardo was TERRIBLE in that role! Oldman was also quite good as was Gosling.


Leo Di Caprio


Why is Leo not winning?? He has done sooo many great characters "Gilbert Grape", "Blood Diamond", "J. Edgar". His acting abilities are not recognized in Hollywood, what gives?


what about carnage? that was just pure acting class. The whole movie was carried by superb acting. If it doesn't get at least one win for acting, the oscars are garbage.

In any case, Clooney does not deserve to win! His performance this year was not Oscar worthy no way! I much prefered Gary Oldman, but honestly I would be happy with anything except Clooney.

Or better yet, Just give it to Leo already, he has deserved an Oscar several times but was robbed on each occasions, sometimes not even getting nominated.


Being French I would naturally like Jean Dujardin to get it but actors like Gary Oldman and Ryan Gossling are wonderful and always deliver superb performances. I have never been impressed by Georges Clooney and Leonardo di Caprio and always thought "much ado about nothing"!


The posibility of George Clooney having two oscars for his "acting" and people like Joaquin Phoenix, Edward Norton, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Malcovich and Glenn Close (and a long list) having none is just really embarrasing and a little disrespectful to all of them.




Hollywood has their tongue up Clooney's ass. He can do no wrong. He should have never won for Syriana. He's good in The Descendants, but an Oscar??? Dujardin deserves it. Facial expressions in a silent film, that's acting!!!!


Yeah, the sad part is that Leo should have won for performances a long time ago. I really think that he should have won it for Revolutionary Road, but he wasn't even nominated and even then, he didn't stand a chance. If George Clooney is worthy of this award, then he was worthy when he played Ryan Bingham; the characters aren't too different, he was just lucky enough to have played in two beautiful films. But Leo is long overdue. Jean Dujardin or Pitt for sure. But if Pitt wins, it will be the biggest "fuck you" to Leo ever.


I also found Clooney's Golden Globe acceptance speech odd. The way he tagged Pitt and referenced Fassbender's anatomy. I guess we weren't the ones drinking cocktails but it didn't make me more of a Clooney fan.


Fassbender and his co-star, Carey Mulligan give indelible tour de force performances in Shame. Fassbender's superlative genre-bending performances in X-men, A Dangerous Method, Jane Eyre & Shame are pure gold. Its a tough choice. This is Clooney's best work. This is Pitt's best work. Dujardin exudes charm, even when he's not tap dancing. Honestly, I would cut DiCaprio-his performance is neither a revelation nor innovative. Shame is the boldest work of 2012 and a stronger film than J Edgar. I would love to see Fassbender get nominated because I think he genuinely deserves the award; however, if Pitt or Dujardin take it home, I would also be pleasantly surprised. Pitt's character is complex, well-written and nuanced. Dujardin's physicality and facials sometimes comic and fatalistic are theatrically-polished, self effacing and so charasmatic.


Brad Pitt deserves to win. He takes risk and delivers the character.
George Clooney is definitely networking King. His show's can be horrible and hollywood still praises him.

Christopher J

It has and is very unlikely that DiCaprio gets nommed for several reasons. Globe and SAG means zero,look at Maria Bello 2003. Nominated for both,Shohre Agdashloo for neither,Shohre rightfully got the nom. Gyllenhaal had neither,still was oscarnommed for Crazy heart(although the low number of nominations only contribute to the rumors that she bought the nom.It makes no sense)And for Leo, it would just be for show,the film failed,he has Globe,SAG and Broadcast and NOTHING else….as predicted Oldman is gaining momentum and somewhere along the line people realized this veteran has never been up for ONE. Won San Fransisco,then nominated by Online Film and Chicago critics(they rarely miss) and now 2nd place by National society of Film critics. Think it might steal a picture nom if its 10,along with art direction,A.screenplay and Oldman.

Shannon is praised and nommed but money is a factor,PR matters,money that the likes of Clooney can spend. Gleeson deserved one for The guard,wont happen.

Fassbender,Dujardin,Pitt,Clooney,Oldman are the five. Trade Clooney and Pitt for Gleeson and Shannon anyday. Pitt gave his most restrained and mature performance in Moneyball but to reward such a blank character just cause he didnt go over the top….no.


It is a time for Leo to get the award, he is much more talented than Clooney


While a lot of these guys are deserving of this nomination, I won't even watch if Oldman isn't nominated (finally). The man is a genius. He can play any role and master any accent. He is also a huge influence on most of today's young actors (just ask Gosling). The only actor I can think of who comes close to matching his versatility is Meryl Streep. Justice already!

J Andersson

Gary Oldman of course! And Peter Mullan did a great job in Tyrannosaur.


Jean Dujardin is great and then Gary Oldman.


Gary Oldman – I think he is exceptional.


clooney o di caprio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'd like to see: George Clooney – The Descendants, Dominic Cooper – The Devil's Double, Jean Dujardin – The Artist, Ryan Gosling – Drive, Joseph Gordon-Levitt – 50/50


Tom Hardy or Nick Nolte from Warrior should get too yeahh


Tom Hardy (Warrior) should have been nominated too.


What about Dominic Cooper in The Devils Double. I thought he did a spectacular job.


let this be BRAD PITTs Year!! YES BRAD PITT ALL THE WAY!!!! : >


George Clooney, "The Descendants", 100%
Jean Dujardin, "The Artist", 100%
Brad Pitt, "Moneyball, 95%
Leonardo DiCaprio, "J. Edgar", 75%
Michael Fassbender, "Shame", 75%


How the hell is gosling not at the top of the list? he did a spectacular job in Drive, he portrayed the very essence of a caring but disturbed human being and you are not even going to nominate him wow! Longshot my ass i want him to win he deserves it the most.


I watched 50/50 twice back to back just to see Levitt's performance. The most moving thing I have seen all year.


Jean Dujardin, The Artist should be the first choice and then George Clooney, The Descendants.


This is Brad's time . He is great in "The tree of life", also.


Where's Johnny Depp for 'Pirates of the Carribean 4: OST'? but it will definitely go to 'George Clooney' or 'Brad Pitt' but BRAD PITT ALL THE WAY!


Along THE WAY the journey is realized.
Buen Camino!




The elevator scene in Drive is fantastic, no dialogue but Ryan Gosling manages to convey multiple conflicting emotions in a five-second scene…Gosling strikes again. But I doubt he'll get nominated. I fear he's going to be like Meryl Streep–his personal bar will be so high that the academy will constantly overlook his outstanding performances. If they can overlook him in Blue Valentine, where he is so totally immersed in character that you forget it's him, then they can do it this time too. But one day his time will come…


would love to see Gary Oldman getting a nomination


What about gerard butler in machine gun preacher?


I seriously worry about Fassbender's Oscar chances. I've heard from several Academy sources that that they LOATHED Shame, and despite being impressed by Fassbender's performance, just don't think the film merits any nomination of any kind. Oldman is apparently gaining momentum, as well as Bichir. I fear either of them could easily knock Fassbender out of the race.

Mrs. Radcliffe

uhmm hey where the hell are Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman??? WHERE????


I bet Michael Fassbender is going to win this year, he deserves it


I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivered a very relateable and emotional performance in 50/50. It's very relatable to me because my one of bestfriends had a form of cancer as well and it shows that life is great, but it's not without its tragedies. For example and O apologize if anyone hasn't seen 50/50 so here's somewhat of a SPOILER ALERT. When everything is going well for him in the film and he is learning to deal with his disease and is feeling great, his whole outlook changes when of the chemotherapy patients he befriended dies. That was an emotional scene and one that really captures the essence of how you'd feel. My buddy is good friends with some of the people he met while doing his chemotherapy. Just thought I'd share my thoughts a on the situation. Very moving for me. I've seen other films this year tho and saw some great performances. This one stood out to me for personal reasons that's all


Clooney's, Pitt's, DiCaprio's names are mentioned for the oscars. But, where's Colin Ferrell's name??? Some people will question it. Watch Fright Night and you'll understand. I know it's a horror movie. He fit the role perfectly ( most underrated movie of the year). Maybe won't be nominated, but hopefully they'll consider it


If kids are allowed, I'd nominate Dakota Goyo and Asa Butterfield.


I would totally love to see Michael Fassbender win, but against Pitt, Clooney and DiCaprio I don't think that's gonna happen. I love Michael Shannon and would perhaps put him over Brad Pitt, who should be nominated for supporting actor for Tree of life. Never gonna happen though…


What about the movie Margin Call???? Fantastic Movie

Emma Gilbert

Leonardo diCaprio deserves it for a long time!


This Oscar (and all awards) sucks! Brad Pitt and DiCaprio have never won an Oscar before????? Come on! It's ridicules!

1994-Interview with the Vampire/Legends of the Fall, 1995-Se7en/Twelve Monkeys, 1997-Seven Years in Tibet, 1999-Fight Club, 2006-Babel, 2008-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 2009-Inglourious Basterds,

1993-This Boy's Life/Gilbert Grape, 1995-The Basketball Diaries/Total Eclipse, 2000-The Beach, 2002-Gangs of New York/Catch Me If You Can, 2004-The Aviator, 2006-The Departed/Blood Diamond, 2008-Revolutionary Road, 2010-Shutter Island/ Inception

Fuck the Oscar! It's bullshit!


Michael Fassbender was amazing in Shame and completely deserves an Oscar for his role.


Please DON"T nominate Gosling for Drive! It would be like nominating Sylvester Stallone for Cobra. lol


dujardin all the way. i am sure that gary oldman is a fine actor but his performance
in that cure for insomnia , " tinker tailor whatever ……" merits only sympathy not an
oscar. he adopts this bored and dour expression and doesn't vary by so much as a facial tic
for the length of the film ( it only felt like 5 hours ).


I would love to have seen Chris Evans get a mention for his role as Mike Weiss in Puncture. It was an amazing performance!!


BRAD PITT. Period.


If Daniel Radcliffe doesnt get this 1, then oscar really sucks……only american artists have the copyright for these awards or wat!!!


I would love to see Gary Oldman finally get a nomination. I hope Oldman and Michael Shannon get in before Leonardo di Caprio. He's a great actor but this performance was not worthy of a nomination. He get's snubbed all the time for great performances (like Revolutionary Road) so he could definitely miss out this year.

Mickey Ortez

I Think Brad Pitt Should take the award this year the way he plays a character in conflict with himself is very extraordinary his character uses himself as the person to avoid drafting on his team Brad Pitt has a way of showing this when his character is showing emotion.


Michael Fassbander. Should be. His performance in Shame is truly breathtaking.


Waow, you guys are severe with Leo DiCaprio ! I think he is a great actor, one of the best in the current industry ! He just needs to give himself a break with these tourmented characters he has played for a long time and to do something different, but, come on ! He was breathtaking in "Shutter Island", very solid in "Inception", wonderful in "Revolutionary Road", fantastic in "Catch me if you can" (one of his most underrated performances)…

If one of these guys has to be taken out it should be Brad Pitt in my opinion ! I do like him, but he had been much better than in "Moneyball" ! In this movie he was just… very good, but certainly not oscarworthy ! However, I agree Leo should not win for a crappy movie ("J.Edgar" seems not so far of that category !), but if his performance is as good as it seems to be, why the academy wouldn't consider him for the actors' list ?

The guy is more popular in Europe, no ? Anyway, for me, Michael Fassbender was tremendous in "Shame", I hope he (or Jean Dujardin) wins ! I'm french, so I apologize if I made mistakes and thanks for reading dudes from America !


I actually would not be suprised if Mel Gibson is nominated for The Beaver.


I would actually say Gosling all the way! definitely not diCaprio, J. Egdar wasn't that good. and Actually Drive has been the most well reviewed movie this year, I would be suprised if he didn't win.


BRAD PITT for Best Actor. He deserves it.




The person who deserves an oscar nod the MOST this year is Andy Serkis playing Caesar in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." Even in motion capture…..he delivers a performance that is out of this world. He made that movie and deserves recognition from the academy. It is truly breathtaking to see him become a chimpanzee in this role.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! Best performance of the year!


Leonardo DiCaprio is the emperor's new clothes! Terrible actor, grossly overrated. When I watch him it's like watching a high school play. Incredibly lucky, amateur actor.


George and ONLY George.

Nick A

I think Ryan Gosling will be nominated for The Ides of March. His performance in that film is mesmerising.


1- I haven't seen SHAME yet
2- Michael Shannon and Gary Oldman should be locks for at least nominations
3- Just wanted to throw in the acting snub of Sam Rockwell in 2009 for MOON . . . Along with Gary Oldman, two of the most overlooked & underrated actors ever

Eldene Towey

Dominic Cooper was brilliant in The Devil's Double, how could he not be nominated????????????


Leonardo diCaprio


Michael Shannon was incredible in Take Shelter, absolutely brilliant! It would be wonderful if he were nominated for an Oscar!


this should be more accurate

1.ryan gosling,drive
2.michael shannon,take shelter
3.gary oldaman,tinker,taylor,soldier,spy
4.joseph gordon levitt,50/50
5.michael fassbender,shame


Ryan Gosling over George Clooney, Clooney is overrated.


I don't see why Ryan Gosling wouldn't be nominated for his outstanding, breathtaking performance in Drive. A great deep, powerful and poetic movie where we can all see Ryan Gosling blossom into the great actor that he is. It would be such a wast to see his tremendous performance in Drive not be acknowledged. He surely is THE actor to watch. Can't wait for the Oscars =D


I hope to see Michael Fassbender bring this award home. His acting was great in 'Shame'! He is truly the ultimate Breakout Actor of 2011! I am looking forward to see him in his upcoming films (Haywire and Prometheus)!


Leonardo DiCaprio all the way! And I agree that Alan Rickman deserves to win, but in the Supporting Actor category. He's not a lead actor in the Harry Potter films!

peter wolf

Jean Dujardin followed by Gary Oldman.




If anything from J. Edgar wins an oscar then they should nominate Alvin and The Chipmunks for best Picture



Juha Tapani

It`s A Tie….Ryan Gosling For "Drive" And Michael Fassbender for "Shame"…
And In Real Life Will These Two Get Even Nominated???
Shame On You Academy Members !


Alan Rickman, was abosolutely amazing in Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows part 2.
Deserves an award for how well he portrayed his character Severus Snape.
Harry Potter for the win!


Think Durjadin should win… But I would like Brad Pitt to get it.
I also really want Joseph Gordon-Levitt to get a nomination.. He's a really good actor and I think an oscar nom would really help his career…




Alan Rickman deserves recognition for his incredible portayal of his character of Severus Snape, HP all the way!


1.Jean Durjadin
2.Ryan Gosling
3.Woody Harrelson
4.Michal Fassbender
5.Gary Oldman


bad ok pretty good




I have seen DiCaprio and Pitt's performances and… let's just say that they were not the best of them (Pitt is starting to put the same "Vito Corleone" imperturbable gesture for EVERY role since Inglorious Basterds (I miss his old good times of "Fight Club" and "Ocean's")… and DiCaprio increases ever more his frown (this "Shutter Island" DiCaprio is overacting. He was better and more natural in "Gilbert Grape", "The Departed" and even in "Titanic").

Jean Dujardin is the only flawless starring of that top 5. He has given the most outstanding performance of the year, no doubt. Of course, that's just my opinion…


Gary Oldman is one of the greatest living actors. It'd be wonderful to see him win (or at the very least finally get nominated), but he's probably too good for the highly politically influenced and biased Oscars.

the kid

Georgeous George, all the way.


Leonardo diCaprio


Bullshit! Why does the academy stick with there 'big' names al the time? Ryan Gosling in drive and ides of march were amazing performances and the most emotional moive of the year, warrior, doesn't even get mentioed? Tom Hardy made me cry! Thats never happens! And Nick Noltes or Albert Brooks deserves supporting actor gong!


SAGs got it right. Demian Bichir was phenomenal in a rather under-rated movie so far when it comes to the awards season. If Best Actor truly goes to the Best performance by an Actor for the entire year, then George Clooney would be replaced with Demian Bichir. I would also say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is getting overlooked purely because of '50/50' being a comedy and not a pure drama.

Best Actor nominees should include Bichir, Gordon-Levitt, Dujardin, DiCaprio, and Pitt.



Thomas Horn deserves to be on this list.


Brad Pitt all the way.


If the Academy Awards swaps out Leo and Brad Pitt for Michael Shannon and Gary Oldman, they'd actually get it right.;

A. O. Zeta

I think Ryan Gosling's performance in The Ides of March is also noteworthy – though his performances this year was less better than in 2010's Blue Valentine. Also noteworthy for Best Actor is Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton for Warrior.


Better name than Dark Horse, but you should still put Joseph at the top of longshots (or another good name is Underdogs) over Woody Harrelson. I havent seen ANYTHING for his film

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