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2012 Oscar Predictions: Best Foreign Language Film

2012 Oscar Predictions: Best Foreign Language Film

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 84th Academy Award winners through February 26th, when the winners are announced.

Given its universal acclaim, strong box office, a nomination in the original screenplay category and the fact that it’s won pretty much every other foreign-language film award this year, one would assume it’s in the bag for Iran’s “A Separation.” But making any assumption in this category is ill-advised. After all, “The Secret in Their Eyes” beat “A Prophet” in 2010.  “Depatures” beat “The Class” the year before. And back in 2002, “No Man’s Land” beat “Ameile,” even though it had four nominations in other categories.

That all said, given the political climate in Iran and the effect it’s had on filmmakers from that country, sentiment is also on the side of “A Separation.” So while betting against it is still not recommended, if there’s any category where a favorite could fall, it’s this one. Poland’s “In Darkness” takes on standard Academy-friendly fare in its Holocaust theme, and would definitely be the one to beat it if anything does (they oddly share a U.S. distributor in Sony Pictures Classics — as did “The Secret in Their Eyes” and “A Prophet”). We’ll see come Oscar night.

Best foreign language film predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

The Nominees:
Bullhead (Belgium)
Footnote (Israel)

In Darkness (Poland)
Monsieur Lazhar (Canada)
A Separation (Iran)

The Predicted Winner: A Separation (Iran)
The Possible Spoiler: In Darkness (Poland)
Shoulda Been Here: Miss Bala (Mexico)

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People!! We are talking about the movie here not about the nationalities, religion, politics, countries, BLA BLA.. grow up!!!!!! From my side. I would say A separation deserves an Oscar more than any other movies

freidoon Malek

Separation was not to saparate Iran from USA but to join them politically and em

otionally and

ROBERT Hovakemian

Rock and Roll baby … Am so happy for Iranian people I know they are talking about winning Oscar now all over Iran I can feel their Happy and Positive Energy all over myself even being far away in Dubai , Thank you Academy Award and more power to you … Please Pull Your Love Everyone … Robert Hovakemian

xx pl xx

go agnieszka go !



parvindokht sani

I believe the winner is A separation .Viva Farhadi!


viva a separation from iran

Ahmed Mohamed

I already know the result: The Oscar goes to Separation, Iran. الله أكبر


"A Separation" is a favorite film for critics all over the world but I think it is not the movie that member of the academy like. I think the winner will be "In darkness" from Poland becuase it has the Holocaust theme.


Bravo "Monsieur Lazhar," Bravo!


I just have watched A Separation and i think it's really good picture


Bullhead is my favourite.


Seperation should win.. But I think "Where do we go now?" (Lebanon) directed by Nadine Labaki should have atleast been nominated. Excellent movie and a must see!


Unlike last year, this year has been loaded with superb movies with A-list international filmmakers. It's unfortunate there is not a foolproof methodology for selecting the best movie not spoken in English. Of course "A Separation" should win. But how many times does the Oscar foreign language winner coincide with winners of previous film festivals/awards shows? It's not a slam dunk. That is why I would not be surprised at all if "Footnote" wins. If that happens, it would be the first time the winner of the foreign language category overshadowed the ceremony. It certainly wouldn't be a footnote if it won;it would be a headliner. Still, I hope everyone would see "A Separation" because not since "The Lives of Others" has a film of any language had such impact—-and that's not the best movie to come out of a rich tradition of filmmaking!! Let's just hope the presenter is Shohreh Agdashloo;then we'll have a moment similar to Sophia Loren or Penelope Cruz. If not, I'll settle for Max von Sydow.

Memo to ALI ASGHAR HEIDARI: why the hate? It's not working. But at least we know who you are. You can stop now.

Have a nice day, everyone.


Oscar reward is only for The Seperation of Nader & Simin.only only & only


a seperation will win for sure…


A Separation is the most awarded movie of the year…!
IndieWire chose it as the second best film of the year (just after The tree of life)…
It will win because its a masterpiece and also because it fully deserves to win…

Jack P.

"Elite Squad 2" (Brazil) for the should've been nominated…
"A Separation" for the win.


yes everyone says is political but you know you all make it political because pepole of you harrison sorry had to tell you this that's why our country don't get a long is just a movie watch it and keep your politics to your polititions ok.


We are going to have a war of attrition here: Separation (Iran) vs. In Darkness (Poland), probably the latter winning by the skin of their teeth…


I like" so close so far" ,I think director name was Karimi( 4 or 5 years ago,I'm not sure I see that a dvd ).Very greater than this movie .why didn't nominated in that year ?this year become political .surely other movies are greater than your prediction.


I agree with Frans Spouwer about political. I think Monsieur Lazhar and bullhead are great. one of them should be winner .


a separation is a masterpiece and deserves to win an oscar!

Frans Spouwer

Bullhead is the best one,
A Seperation is going to win because it's political and Hollywood loves that.


"In darkness" is a masterpiece! And – based on a true story…


Before this week I would have said, and supported, that A Separation was going to win (and before the nominations were released I would have bet on The Skin I Live In–quite unfortunate that it didn't get a nomination, but then again, I am partial to Almodóvar).

Then on Sunday I saw Monsieur Lazhar. One of the most poignant films I have ever seen (to be hyperbolic). I am surprised that no one else has expressed their admiration, although I believe it has only been released in Canada and screened at a few festivals. And then there is the acting, from young children no less! And the cinematography. And the score.

While I very much enjoyed A Separation, Monsieur Lazhar is on a completely different level. They both deserve the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film (many films do), but my choice is Monsieur Lazhar.


you are right bogdan


Angelina Jolie's film should have been nominated. It was good enough to be in the company of these.


"The skin I live in" is the best non english film of the year – period.


Separation is winner , YESSSSSSS , only asghar farhadiiii…


what about bullhead ?


a separation is the best every one knows that…………
the winner is a separation by asghar farhadi


A SEPARATION is the winner yeeeeeeeeeeeees


Foreign Language Categories are notoriously unpredictable because to vote in it you must see all of the nominees. Because of that, the most recognizable nominee (A Separation) stands only as good of a chance as the others. That being said, it did get a screenplay nomination so that's definitely in its favor.


Let us be a bit frank. A SEPARATION has wiped out all the prizes so far. All the nominees are great, but many of them has submitted their films exactly where A SEPARATION had been submitted like Berlin, Golden Globe, LA and so on. What has happened if A SEPARATION does not gain Oscar?
I am sure the Oscar juries will not invent a new scale for winner because Golden Globe juries has shown everything.


with no doubt A SEPARATION




A Separation is an excellent film, but in my opinion FOOTNOTE is by far superior. Dealing with the father-son relationship on various and different levels, the result is a brilliantly told fascinating, poignant yet humorous story set on the backdrop of the Talmud department of Jerusalem's Hebrew University.

Well worth seeing and I am sure it will win.


In Darkness deserves this award more than any film.and I love miss wasn't fair.

amin 0111

just A Separation


& the Oscar goes to "A Separation" from Iran


A Separation is the most intelligent film I have seen in a long while. The screenplay is impeccable. Can´t say enough about the film. Just brilliant.


i am sorry for ALI ASGHAR HEIDARI and EHSAN .
a separation will win..


i think the movie "a seperation" is not only the best foreign language movie of this year but is also the greatest movie of this year for sure… it was magnificent

mahyar brad

& separation


i liked the skin i live(spain)


A separation,of course


I haven't watched all the movies but one, so I'm not in place to predict who'll win. But according to critics and prices, I think 'A Seperation' will win. I've seen the trailer, and it looks a great movie. Monsieur Lazhar looks a bit cheesy, Footnote looks funny, In Darkness looks good, too. I've seen the movie Bullhead and I have to say it was a very captivating movie. When you read the synopsis, you think it's going to be a lame movie but it's not. It's very psychological, beautiful images, poetic, and Matthias Schoenaerts has delivered a GRAND job on portraying the main character. I don't doubt the other movies had good acting, but Schoenaert's performance is just way up high, of a class of which I don't believe many alive can do it today. Bullhead has won several awards abroad and in Belgium. The reason why it didn't participate at the Golden Globes, was because Belgium wanted to send the Dardennes (who got nominated as well at the Globes). Belgium had three choices this year of movies who were just fantastic. Pity you could only send one movie.


"a seperation" is a masterpiece , without exaggeration. It will win the best foreign language film Oscar , and perhaps the best writing(original screenplay).


"A separation" is the *best*…will be the Winner…

tony fernandez

What about The Woman on the 6th floor … That was a terrific film


In Darkness deserves this award more than any film. It is grand, subtle, beautiful and touching. Give it the Oscar!


Just "A separation". Just Farhadi! I hope it wins.

ali asghar heidari

fuck to israel … war to usa …. fuck the oscar….fuck because i am a iranian male and my country is isolated by usa and israel… thus i can just fuck them…and you HA HA HA HA


A seperation is a master piece.
I have not seen a better movie. I hope it wins


a separation = Best Foreign Language Film in 2012 Oscar award


I have seen "A separation".that was a good movie and have some thing to this 9 film list,there is no doubght that its the best and will take the oscar.for sure.
but there are more and more splendid and respective movies in iran filmography.lots of artistic movies.hope to see them all in the oscar from now on.


I have watched "A seperation" several times, It is a Masterpiece movie.
It will win the Oscar 2012,


a separation totally deserves an oscar!!


"A Separation" will wins. This is the best movies of the yer. It's not about lie. It's true life thing.

irfan ahmed

I have no word to say about film but Superb, superb……………………… Genius filmmaker




just A sepration!!!!!


A separation will win.That is the most beautiful movie I have seen.


only …………………. A Separation.


A separation will win…


In Darkness – amazing!


a separation , The Best


watched "a separation" 3 times already. each time it captures you from a different angle. One of the best movies i have ever watched if not the best. deserves an oscar.


A SEPARATION is all in one.


Having seen 3 of your top 4 at Telluride, the picture you have in the top spot is my pick for the best film of this category and frankly, of the year regardless of language. "A Separation" is a film that stays with you and invites discussion. It's fabulous, grown-up cinema.


hey people of the Academy, I would like you to ewview the movie Manila KingpinL Asiong Salonga Story. . good movie. . it's from the Philippines. . it's more fun in the Philippines. . :-)

Mohammad Asaraei

A Separation or In Darkness will win….Forget about the other films


A separation will win. Its amazing. Everyone should watch this wonderful movie.


Ofcourse "A Seperation" from Iran wins the 84th Academy Award.


with no doubt A SEPARATION


Oscar goes to A Separation from IRAN, which describes reality in our lives.


well, In Darkness is awesome not only beuse it shows the cruelty of Holocaust. The Jews portrayed in this film are not martyrs, they are real people who love, hate, desire, fear… A very true film which has to be shown to future generations.


A Separation…
It probably would be nominated for the
Best original screenplay… ;-)


the seperation is the thing.


Ofcourse "A Seperation" from Iran wins it, it has already won 56 awards…

pesare irooni

i think "A SEPARATION" is one of the serious nomination.just see this movie and think about it again




Oscar goes to ………………………. Separation from IRAN

Sam Will

A separation … It deserves an Oscar


SEPERATION ,for freedom


"In Darkness" is the best… must see it


pina is the greatest.


A seperation. 2012 Oscar belongs to Asghar Farhadi and his crew. Hope to freedom of Iran cinema


the winner of oscar 2012 is A SEPARATION


from Iran the Separation with no doubt


Absolutely the winner of golden globe


Its a shame the 'Where do we go now?' didn't make it. It should have at least been nominated!!! Its all about tolerance and love. Its a very powerful, funny and touching film.


A Separation……….one of the best movies that I've ever seen


A Seperation is this years best movie.


A separation will win. Its amazing. Everyone should watch this wonderful movie.




only speration……………..


for putting A Separation where it needs to be




Abu son of Adam from India is great movie… I think it can compete with any!!


i am so glad for this occurance.this film film must be first to happy all the iranian throughout the world. so we could forget some part of disaster in iran.


A Separation will be the Winner…. No Doubt


Are you just trying to be rebellious here? You thought ITLOBAH would win the Golden Globe. A Separation has won almost every award so far. AT LEAST movie it to number 2. The top 2 haven't even gotten too many nominations.


really perfect film. S E P A R A T I ON


The Egyptian film El Shooq and declaration of war are great .


Pina is a fabulous movie .it's dance language .beautiful and great .I like where do we go now ? it's about peace and love .greeting . I'm sorry they weren't in golden globe .it wasn't fair.


Abu son of Adam. [India].


i see best film in my live….A Separation


conflicts between what you know and what you believe.A sepration … .


go on and watch José and Pilar. it's not likely that it gets in the short list, but it's a perfect movie. of course it's more interesting to us, portuguese, either way, it is a great film, and it was not chance that made great directors as Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and Almodóvar (Talk to Her) enfathically support this movie, as producers. Saramago is such a character… and this movie portraits death, love and life in such a unique way. it is a must see.


"a seperation" was truly a masterpiece. it will win the Oscars. no doubt about that


"A Separation". I think it must be nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Director.real good movie


just golden globe, golden bear , silver bear,best foreign film from american critics….
yes………… S E P A R A T I O N……..


And the oscar goes to "FROM IRAN A SEPARATION"…. this film is perfect!


and the oscar goes to……………………….(a seperation_iran)……………i will keep my fingers cross 4 this moment…………………..


A separation deserves Oscar award


A seperation !


of course (A SEPERATION)
don't doubt about it.


A Separation
زنده باد ایران و هنرش


A Separation (iran)


A Separation for sure!!


Golden Globe Winner: A Separation from IRAN

amir hussein

A Separation….
Please I suggest it to any one,,, Please watch it then decide… I'm sure that the Oscar will go to "A Separation"


why they did not include the ang babae sa septic tank from philippines? Its really a wonderful movie ever created since the dangerous life.


where do we go now and declaration of war are fabulous .


Beriln film festival ,golden globe and now it is time to win the oscar ,A separation is deserve it.


Of course `A Separation (Iran)`


"A Separation" won the best foreign language film award at the 69th Golden Globes on Sunday.


A Separation has won the critics award so it is very likely that it wins Academy's award. I have watched it twice and will watch it again, soon.


El shooq from Egypt is must see film , acting is so powerful , directing is great , picture is like hard dark dream , Egyptian cinema got it right this time


I am in Arab lives in Brussels , last night i saw El Shooq , Lust , from Egypt , it is just amazing , powerful cinema , try to see it


I saw El Shooq film from Egypt , three times , waw , what a strong film , best Arabic film I saw for years , will done Egypt


where do we go now is the best .every people in everywhere can see it and enjoy should be win an Oscar.


A Separation !!!! Just


where do we go now It’s pleasing, and it’s preferable to other .it‘s about humankind, kind, friendly, love.the big mistake was to be released that late in america ;and they didn't have publicity . incredible movie about peace .it's not fair it isn't nominated for golden glob .it deserve an oscar.voters will be wise ! or policy control academy such as another festival.

J Andersson

The Skin I live in – Pedro Almodovárs masterpiece would be favorite.


I loved the Egyptian film Lust , el shooq , best film i saw this year , go Egypt ,go


El Shooq from Egypt is amazing strong film ,


Hey where do we go now deserves the oscar even if it is not released yet in USA Nadine Labaki this incredible woman proud to be my country mate deserves to be at least an academy award nominee ; the producers mistake was to be released that late in america ; hope the voters will be wise and at least give Nadine a hope to be nominated to the oscars ; The greatest idea of the movie that women can set peace where men set war in a perfect comedy/drama edge . Be wise


Where do we go now :It is really amazing. it's deserve to Oscar.


"Where do we go now" is"the Audience Award at the 63rd Toronto International Film Festival" . Beyond brilliant.And this movie deserves an Oscar win. and Declaration of War is a great movie too.two excellent central performances make it very watchable, but an excellent narrative device elevates this story from a traditional weepie into entirely more interesting territory. A real contender for the Oscar in darkness is another great movie. they are incredible movie and about humankind ,family ,love,life ,hope ….I hope one of them be win.


Just saw El Shooq from Egypt in Brussels , , guys its amazing , the revolution was there , a great cinematic film


El Shooq , Lust , from Egypt , is great


Where is the spanish great film " black bread"?


A sepration is wonderful, I hope it to win.


"A Separation" Why this film shows itself as a spectator to see some of us!? because this is our life… in the (reality)

Ahmed Khair

The Egyptian film El Shooq ( Lust ) discusses in depth several problems which face many peoples all over the world , and through this film , the creative director Khaled El Hagar proved that he is an international director, so I think that this film should be the winner .


I can see things. In Darkness.

Sandra Milena

Shooq good film and , mabrook for Khaled El Hagar's :)


"Where do we go now" is"the Audience Award at the 63rd Toronto International Film Festival" the one won by Oscar's winner The King's Speech !but until now there aren't good publicity for it. why?it's rare and Beyond brilliant.And this movie deserves an Oscar win.
another great movie is Declaration of War.If cinema is about escapism, then 'Declaration of War' will certainly transport you, placing you right in the middle of this young couple's lives as they battle with something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.both of them are incredible movies.


Where do we go now?in darkness and Declaration of War and pina are great . one of them should be winner . but they weren't fair and policy rules in festivals . it's academy's member are unfair .


A Separation definitely. It delves into the depth of morality, trying to picture what is behind the veils of a family's life.
Benjamin, Manchester


“A Separation”, it is a great film and it deserves academic award for this year.


I like El Shooq VM,


Egypt, El Shooq , ( Lust ) , is a great film


A Separation is a great.


Separation is a great collaboration !

Sayed Badreya

Khaled El Hagar, a great filmmaker, This is the year of the Egyptian, I think El Sooq film will be the winner as it did at the Cairo film Festival. the Golden pyramids for best international film.

mohamed abu seada

Khaled El Hagar`s El Shooq film , i saw that film it was so great , i love it ,


Khaled El Hagar's El Shooq , Lust , the Egyptian Entry is a must see film , winner of the Golden pyramids for best international film , in Last Cairo film Festival , and best actress ,


بهترین فیلم خارجی زبان دنیا : فقط جدایی نادر از سیمین

If you cant read this text, you can learn persian. It's your problem


A Separation
It is when cultural clashes disappear through a smooth movie telling the story of human's inside. This movie helps us see the most internal part of our soul where even we, ourselves, can not be sure about our truth and lie.


Nader and Simin, A Separation


"A Separation" is really fantastic movie !


It would be a disgrace if "Where do we go now" doesn't win !!! Words can't describe this movie and the genius Lebanese director Nadine Labaki !!! Can you imagine that this movie is in 3rd place in all time Lebanese Box office after James Cameron Titanic and Avatar and ahead of Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" !!! Yes Nadine Labaki is among these 2 big names, Cameron and Gibson !!! The movie won more than 15 awards in too many different countries and more to come, the most important one "the Audience Award at the 63rd Toronto International Film Festival" the one won by Oscar's winner The King's Speech !!! This movie is simply more than amazing


"Where do we go now?"Miss Bala"in darkness and Declaration of War and pina are great . I hope one of them be win.


"Declaration of War" It's a heart wrenching French film about a young couple coping with their toddler's cancer diagnosis. Based on their own true story, director Valerie Donzelli and writer Jeremie Elkaim also star in this poignant, inspiring should be win .and another great movies are where do we go now ,in darkness ,pina and miss bala but they choice for policy in every award until now


What about "Black Bread"? I saw it yesterday and I can assure you is a great film, a harsh performace with a stunning acting…and that story is a blend of sensations: bitter dialogues, a heart-breaking plot and awesome scenery. Too dark and gloomy for my taste but a nice surprise. It's really unfair that is not in this list.


In Darkness only


"A Separation" shows all hiddens


"Where do we go now?" (Libano), 85%
"Miss Bala" (Mejico), 80%
"A Separation" (Iran), 75%
"In Darkness" (Polonia), 70%
"Pina" (Alemania), 65%


I cannot believe that Oscar Academy would not even recognize the movie "In The Land Of Blood and Honey" as contender in best foreign movie ,American's hypocrisy refusing to accept the truth about ugly part of war that really happened, The academy should realize that RAPE in America is not something new, so what is the difference? Academy is afraid that people will boycott the show,Bull….then Oscar Award judges are not fair …COWARD to accept the truth and recognize the good works of others!!! Globe Awards better …honest and accepts the truth!


Egyptian El Shooq film ( Lust ) when you see it , you will know why the revolution happened in Egypt , a must see film , great one ,




The Egyptian film El Shooq ( Lust ) must see film , one of the best Egyptian film ,


in darkness is amazing .why didn't speak about it .Declaration of War is inspired can't stop to cry it touches your heart .both of them have great act and directory.I hope to win for at least one of them.


Declaration of War and in darkness are the greatest movie .what's the hell in festivals ?it's policy .

Tarek Mourad

The Egyptian film El Shooq ( Lust ) should be number one , great film ,


A Separation , touches your soul under your skin. It makes you think what the real difference between reality and lie is .
I hope to see this film among final five nominees.


a separation was awesome . it had some perfect scenes . its end was a little starnge but it was real


where do we go now ?Declaration of War, in darkness,pina are the best.they shouldn't choice for policy .


Nader and Simin, A Separation

From Bosnia

where's "once upon a time in anatolia" ??

janice rider

Who creates these shortlists ? Haven't you seen LUST – the entry from Egypt directed by Khaled El Hagar ? Brilliant and beautifully shot film , very relevant to current situation in Egypt . Stand-out performance from female lead Sawsan Badr .

K. Wolf

What happened to Havana Station? I loved that film.


A Separation (Iran) is one of the best films I have ever seen …

film goar

A separation(Iran)


a Separation. I just like this to be the winner…


what about the icelandic film "eldfjall" or "volcano"? I've heard it's really good

Alireza rahimi

I saw this filme and it was really really grait!
I've never seen suche a filme in Iran befor set "about Eli".
I can saw proudly that this filme is a very good candidate for Oscar and I wish it can win the award. Good Luck Asghar Farhadi!


just IRAN


green iran

I believe, Nader and Simin a separation is a masterpiece of pure Persian (Iranian) cinema industry in the history of Iran’s cinema.
I vote to a separation (good luck)!


where do we go now ? it's the best movie in this year .deserve to Oscar.why didn't nominated for golden globe ,did they see it?it was a big mistake .


where do we go now ?Declaration of War are the best .why didn't speak about it . until now every award were ridiculous and political.


"A Separation" is a very well made movie and I'm perfectly sure this film can earn the Oscar in this category.


a separation(Iran)


where do we go now ?Declaration of War, in darkness,pina, every people should see them. the best foreign movies.
but Declaration of War is the best of them . director is Valrie Donzelli ,A real contender for the Oscar. she deserve to Oscar.great's about her life and her baby (he had cancer ) why didn't people speak about it?it should be winner in every festival , every person in every country should see it .it's about love ,life ,power ,family…


where do we go now ?Declaration of War, Le Havre, in darkness,pina, the best foreign movies.
Declaration of War 's director Valérie Donzelli is to be given special credit for her inspired direction. Not only does she pour her heart and soul into the filming of this painful chronicle but she also proves imaginative and creative, making use of an amazing variety of registers, devices and techniques which wind up making this movie unique.A real contender for the Oscar. she deserve to Oscar


A Separation is perfect.

thanks asgar farhadi.


where do we go now? War Is Declared ,in darkness ,pina , footnote .they are the best in list . everyone should see them .academy's member should choice them.


I loved Le Havre but it's gonna be A Separation without a doubt.


' A Separation ' is the best among these all.


A Separation…


"The Woman In The Septic Tank" SHOULD! be nominated! Very good!!!


a seperation


I sure that "A Separation" will be best Foreign language movie of 2012 year.


Just A Separation…..


I get how everyone thinks that A Seperation will win because it is the most well known by Americans and the most acclaimed, but I don't know. Maybe it won't win anyway, but it seems like A Separation is loved by critics a lot that it should at least be number 2.


only separation,a dominant family drama


i believe separation indeed is the best choice for wining 2012 oscar




just sepration

just sepration

just sepration




separation only!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Separation! The best foreign movie by far hands down!


Definitely La Piel Que Habito….so, so good


" a seperation " is one of the best movies in the history of this art. It will prove in future.


you forgot "Of Gods and Men", fantastic film!


A Separation!!!


U must watch Montevideo, God bless you. Its very touching movie about two friends and one world cup. The music in film are sensational. Watch this movie and forget for all your troubles.
Montevideo for oscar.


Foreign category is not very correct for example Amélie 2001 didn’t winner. It’s about politic and ridiculously. If they didn’t give wrong statistic in sites for example IMDB or rotten and they don’t political and choice logical, not for politic .The best choice Where Do We Go Now, War Is Declared, pina, le havre , Monsieur Lazhar.Pina is great and deserve to Oscar but I think it will be nominated for foreign and win for documentary.’ Where Do We Go Now” and “ War Is Declared” directed by woman and they are great and touch your heart. If they have correct choice and voted logical one of them will be winner.


Declaration of War is the touches your heart.


"Flowers of War"!!!!!!!!! Not just the best foreign film, the best film of 2011!


just just just A SEPARATION……


PA NEGRE the first nomination for a catalan language in a spanish film.


Where do we go now"and War Is Declared are great.see them.

declan more

Although Separation appears to be a clear-cut favourite and winner, I can assure you that In Darkness is going to be awarded the prize because of its highly controversial, and yet excellent subject and a completely incredible plot and story.


A Separation (Iran)


I'm surprised The Orator isn't on this list.It would probably be a dark horse if it was nominated but still a wonderful film nonetheless. Also enjoyed Le Havre and Land of Blood and Honey.




viva ;A Separation


just sepration


You forget Pina ,Lehavr , Declaration of War ,footnote.. Fault statistics are in movie sites and they are not worth of trust. If Oscar should about politic statistics are true.


just A Separation


"the Orator" (New Zealand/Samoa)


"Violeta se fue a los cielos" (Chile)


"The Orator" and "In the Land of Blood and Honey" are good


Nadine Labaki's "Where Do We Go Now?" is a work of a genius, a work of a passionate, a work of a talented!! how could you make me burst into laughter one second and shed a tear the very next second?!!! <3


i like Nader&Simin separation movie. Leila Hatami is one of the best actresses in iran.


a separation


A separation-iran-so sad and dramatical-the best i think


The Orator. First Samoan movie ever to get acknowledgement of any kind.

Peter Mouracade

"Where do we go now" such a powerful and universal message of hope and reconciliation.
You laugh, you cry, and it leaves you thinking of the absurdity of political and religious conflicts.

eliane jabbour

"where do we go now" is a vision for all the countries who has conflicts cz if a small village in LEBANON can do it so all the world can do it…nadine labaki is a director from a small country called lebanon but her works and movies are worldwide…this movie deserve a lot of oscars…it's the best…

Jean Gibran

"Where do we go now" is a prophetic projection from a small village to Lebanon, the middle east, and the world to come. "A masterpiece from the land of the Cedars…"

Sia Shar


Great & Spotless Performances , A Class For Screenplay Writing & Acting , Graceful Directing ,
Masterful Cinematography , Expert Editing And Rhythm .


Oslo 31. August is a great film, it really should be mentioned! Pina is wonderful, I hope it gets nominated!


where do we go now?(lebanon)one of the best movies i've ever seen

charbel el khoury

where do we go now! ;D

hadi fadel

Where Do We Go Now? (Lebanon)

aliya sous

Where Do We Go Now? (Lebanon)
Is one of the best movies I ever seen
I cried and laughed soo hard, I loved the little details more than anything.. It really was a great deep movie …

tamim karameh

Where Do We Go Now?


Where Do We Go Now? To and with the Oscar!


Staying in Belgium at the moment, watched Bullhead (Rundskop) in the movie theatres some time ago. The other ones are most likely better, but still, it did sort of move me. Anyone else seen it? Just wondering about what you think of it.


Where Do We Go Now? (Lebanon)
It's the best and deserve the best.

Rima Saadeh

Where Do We Go Now? (Lebanon)
Best movie ever


Where Do we Go Now? extracts the nectar of a tormented war torn country that is filled with hope and aspirations for a better future yet caught in an endless game of passions. The movie brings you to a fable of sorts and hangs one's emotions in the balance and tosses so many questions and the resolution is more towards it being an education. It is really good. A must see. It hasn't won so many awards internationally for nothing. It is easy to digest yet it creates a hunger for more. What is hard to believe is that the actors are over 50% regular people who are playing facets of their real characters .. it engulfs a Lebanese stamp as such yet it is personal so the director is a true film maverick .. lots will be said about the director who happens to be a woman and extends a total new view of women from that part of the world – the Middle East. Because of that the film assumes a responsibility that carries further with the viewer. Such material could not pass unnoticed. That is why it needs to be celebrated and pushed to be first in the envelope.

Joe mawad

Best film ever made bye Nadine .wish you all the best.keep walking……nadine ur the best


where do we go now!!best movie ever!!gd luck nadine :) best wishes !! u deserve!!


Definitely , A Separation .


Where do we go now? is one of the best movies for 2011. Wish you more success Nadine!! Good Luck Nadine, Good Luck LEBANON!!


The Best movie is Where do we go now ? amazing movie a unique movie like on other really ,i watched it 4 times and still thirsty to watch it more actors ,best director ..


Where Do We Go Now (Lebanon) shoud win for these reasons:
1- Till now it won more than 10 International Awards including one of the most important: Audience Award at the 63rd Toronto International Film Festival – Canada (2011).
– Best Movie Award, the Best Scenario Award & the Best Actress Award for Claude Baz Moussawbaa in Oran Arab Film Festival, Algeria (2011)
– Best Screenplay Award & the Best Music Award (Khaled Mouzanar) in Stockholm Festival, Sweden (2011)
– Audience Award: Best Narrative Film at the DTFF – Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Qatar (2011)
– Audience Award in Oslo (2011)
– Bayard D'or for the actresses of the movie, the Bayard D'or for the Best Film& the Award of the Jury Junior in the 26th International Francophone Film Festival of Namur, Belgium (2011)
– Award To The European Film, Audience Award at the 2011 San Sebastián International Film Festival – Spain (2011)
РNadine won the award of Best Actress in Angoul̻me Film Festival РFrance (2011)
– Francois Chalais award "Un Certain Regard" & the audience's award in Cannes Festival – France (2011)
and more to come
2- "Where Do We Go Now" is officially the Biggest Arabic speaking film released in Lebanon.
3- "Where Do We Go Now?" is the 3rd all time Lebanese Box office Hit under James Cameron's Titanic and Avatar and ahead of Mel's Gibson Passion of The Christ.
While watching the movie, you laugh, you cry, you listen to an amazing music !! We need the message it delivers nowadays . Simply the best !!! Good Luck, Where Do We Go Now really deserves this award !!

marlyse chamoun

where do we go now!!!!
as an interior and graphic designer, i would like to comment first about the campaign of the movie, i think it is well exposed, it makes us be more and more curious about the content of the movie, the photos are very well manipulated and sure Nadine looks great in each poster. the interior design treatment of the set was really authentic, it holds the simple life of the lebanese village. second, what about the movie and what it carries? this is the simplest kind of movie i ever watched. the songs and music are touchy as the whole movie is very touchy, it makes us laught and cry at the same time. and if you noticed audience, after the scene of the death of the young man, i personally felt that i can not laugh anymore while watching the rest of the movie. Best Regards Nadine, wish i can meet you.


Where do we go now of course :D one of the best movies i ever watched and one that I will enjoy to watch many many times It deserves an Oscar

Mario Kaazan

where do we go now? the best movie ever!
I watched many times
this movie will win!
hope so!
Good luck!


Where do we go now? … It's not another Lebanese movie about the diversity issue in Lebanon. it's THE movie about authentic people, true feelings, human conflicts… the music is awesome! All the other movies competing in the same category are being promoted by their actors. Nadine chose people from her daily life as Lebanese to star in the movie. these people are not acting, they are leaving every moment in the movie! thumbs up!!!


Where do we go now (Lebanon). It took a problem out of it’s roots gave it the worst case scenario and then several solutions. It was combined with drama, spontaneiousity and laughter, which hit us on a deeper level.It takes a person with a powerful vision to present all those ideas, in one movie and make us talk about it in details even after watching it for the first time! It definetely deserves an Oscar for it’s correct view of humanity and what our lifes have come to. Also a view on how we can change…


Where Do We Go Now? (Lebanon)
One of the Best Arabic Movies Produced, Simple Funny Dramatic and Touches Real Life Issues.
The Director Could present the Story Directly to the Hearts of the Audience.


Lebanon….."where do we Go now" best movie….


Where Do We Go Now? (Lebanon) best movie ever made, it is so inspirational. It deserves the best.

N. Gemayel

Where Do We Go Now ? (Lebanon)


Where Do We Go Now? (Lebanon) for sure

lama lawand

where do we go now? . this movie will win . it has all the components needed for.Great story, picture, music,edit, actors,directing , set, scenery , it is moving , real, genuine ,and the most important when you se it you will always talk about the message that it delivers and that will always remain in your memory.
Good luck

Barbara Johnson

How could you have left out the very wonderful Danish film "In a Better World". As far as I'm concerned that is the Best Picture, including the US entries, for 2011.


my Predictions :
– Where Do We Go Now ???? ( Lebanon)
– A Seperation ( iran)
– In The Land Of Blood And Honey (USA)
– LE Havre (finland)
– In Darkness (Poland)


C'mon where is the love for Jolie's flick In THe LAnd OF BLOOD AND HONEY ???????
check rotten tomatoes ,it wasn't bashed (haters onlY)


For sure separation will be the winner. I hope…


"A Separation" is a great and perfect film.It's winner…Be sure!


There are so many wonderful movies that are eligible/have been submitted that a not very good movie like in the land of blood and honey would be an insult to have been in this group.

Tobby Jay



Think that Chinese movie is called the Flowers of War or Jin Ling Shi San Chai (in Chinese Pin In)


nader and simin a sepration deserves the best.what a briliant performance.the best movie i have ever definetly will win.a sepratin rocks


"A Separation (Iran)"


Just "Separation"…
i love it.. :)
that should Take Oscar..


IN DARKNESS from Poland must be THE WINNER !!!


i think it will be "A Seperation".


nadine labaki lebanon WHERE DO WE GO NOW?


1. Where Do We Go Now? (Lebanon) for sure is the winner


(take the time to read this, and dont let my on-going fact-release digress you from reading) I strongly suggest you see "el rumor de las piedras" or "the rumble of the stones"- Most people in the USA now a days are concerned about problems everywhere else in the world, usually focused on the middle east/asia or africa. You refer to Southamerican countrys as "third-world countrys" yet no one gives a shit. In Venezuela, the total death rate (killings) was higher than the united states (who where at war). in Venezuela every 5 minutes 3 people get kidnapped. The inflation rate is higher than in Haiti, and yet people still say that the death of Gadaffi was more important to have in your frontline news. This movie (the rumble of the stones) was done in venezuela, and the impressive thing about it, different form other foreing films-is that every single detail in the movie is imitated to perfection, in fact some things are left out due to the fact that audiences perhaps would not understand or find it unrealistic. it is a movie that has not been given the merit it so desserves. So i encourage you to see it, and to help me distribute the word about this great film-a film about real events. a film that captures real people. Hollywood has lost its insite on what films are all about. When movies like bridesmades are nominated to an oscar….well, nough said, please email back i would love some feedback.


I wish i could see Once Upon A Time In Anatolia there. Cause it was a real great movie, but A Separation's a strong nominee.


a separation is one of the best iranian films ever. shahab hosseini's performance is great. I hope it will win what it deserves.




Its going to be 'A Separation' .. What a brilliant film making..


What about Of Gods and Men? THAT MOVIE WAS GREAT!!!

Michael Chester Cwynar

I've seen In Darkness… what can I say?
My father was born on Lvov. He was 8 when war started… He survived… but never…
he never told me what happened in Lvov during the war… Sad…
After watching In Darkness I was in shock…
My father knew… for sure he knew what happened in Lvov but NEVER talked about that…
That film MUST be THE WINNER…


i watched this amazing movie a seperation and i think it deserves to be among the nominees


just A Separation (Iran)

Amir A

A Separation for the win.


A Separation (Iran) is the best movie.


LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY isn't eligible. Also, it's not very good.


where is angelina jolie's IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY ?????? definitely the winner


Where do we go now is incredible, it better get the nomination or I'll be very disappointed.


I think Angelina Jolie's In the Land of Honey and Blood will be nominated.


Karl Markovics' "Atmen' (Breathing) from Austria ought to be in that list! It has the all the overwhelmingly fresh strength and sensitivity that one felt upon watching a French New Wave film for the first time in the last century…..


I think Brazil's got a really big shot with Elite Squad, now that the director's taking care of the RoboCop remake.


i 'm really happy to see my favorite actress who 's going to get Oscar…Leila Hatami and Asghar Farhadi deserve it


Le Havre is great and deserve to Oscar.I surprised .it's not nominated for golden glob . and War of Flowers is great too. if they are fair and not political ,they will choice one of them.


one of the best in the cinemas histore and leila hatami

A. O. Zeta

Has anybody seen The Woman in the Septic Tank (Philippines)?


one of the best in the cinemas histore and leila hatami and shahab hoseini the best artist

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