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And the 2012 Oscar Presenters Are…Funny (UPDATED)

And the 2012 Oscar Presenters Are...Funny (UPDATED)

Take a look at the stars lined up to present at the 84th Academy Awards on February 26. Per tradition, each of last year’s acting winners–Christian Bale, Colin Firth, Melissa Leo and Natalie Portman– will join those previously announced. Clearly, the show is leaning toward comedy, from the cast of “Bridesmaids,” Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy to Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, Tina Fey, Chris Rock and Ben Stiller. Bringing sex appeal are Bradley Cooper, “The Help” star Emma Stone, “Resident Evil” star Milla Jovovich (what’s she doing on this list? Feels like a Harvey Weinstein plant), Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.

In the catgeory of “I’m going to be there anyway so I might as well present” are nominee Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt’s date, Angelina Jolie.

And veteran one-time superstars Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise will also deliver good news to winners.

Whether or not he is officially announced, we bet the house that this year’s winner of the Golden Collar Award, “The Artist” star Uggie, will turn up on the Kodak stage Oscar night in his doggie tuxedo.

(Here’s last year‘s list of presenters.)

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"Resident Evil" star Milla Jovovich (what's she doing on this list? Feels like a Harvey Weinstein plant) You know why shes on here because she is a kind, beautiful, talented, amazing and hialrous person. SHe is a talented actress any your comment is so unfunny its sad. Come back with a better "witty" joke next time please. She will be a great presenter so will Emma, Chris Rockm and the Bridesmaids gals


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Milla Jovovich and the cast of "Bridesmaids" are the only ones in that lineup that I have any interest in seeing as presenters. Otherwise, it's a sorry bunch.


Don't understand why people pay lot attention to this boring maintream stuff. Many of the dudes from this anual list of showing up on the anual gala show, are showing their existences to remind people that they have upcoming projects are gonna be publicly released soon this year, for example "Resident: Evil" the lastest episode or to remind what they did awesomely for spectators last year.


Is this list complete, or is there still more to come?

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