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Are Young Black Girls Being Excluded From Seeing “Red Tails”?

Are Young Black Girls Being Excluded From Seeing "Red Tails"?

It’s beginning to look like Red Tails is becoming as controversial as Precious. Who’d thunk it? 

So what’s the problem now? Turns out that this morning the Dallas School District bussed some 5,700 boys to see the film at the AMC Mesquite Theater in the city as part of a Black History Month educational event.

Problem is it was just boys. Girls were kept from seeing the film.

The district paid a reported $32,000 for the excursion with Title I funds which are earmarked for low-income students, which one would assume with means both boys and girls.

A spokesman for the Dallas school district was quoted as saying that the reason why girls were excluded was because: “there is only so much available space at the movie theater, so the decision was made for boys to attend the movie. Girls stayed at school but principals were given the option to show them Akeelah and the Bee”

Well then I guess that’s makes up for it.

h/t to Clifton Coleman

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Honestly, whoever can't see where Hollywood is headed with all this IR stuff is either in denial or simply hadn't noticed. Espevially with wm/bw pairings for every black actress. Wait for Viola Davis initiation into IR with the excuse that an all-black couple etc…
And she'll get to do more IRs than Will Smith has ever lobbied for. Just like every other black actress of note has.

That's how it is. Apparently on the godawful Glee the overweight black girl has a (thin) white love interest. No wonder they got rid of the black jock character in the first season… to make the way clear lol. It's all about wm/bw nowadays. Is 'Shame' back on Showtime with Shanola Hampton banging the hell out of her white male costar?

So yeah… Red Tails with an ethnic white woman is supposed to compensate all that… right. When is the next Zoe Saldana/Kerry Washington/Sanaa Lathan/Halle Berry + 'white boy' movie coming out?
You can add Christine Adams and Naomie Harris to that list as well. British dark black women always in IRs onscreen.


On a related note, I guess black men shouldn't see the gazillion Hollywood other movies that have wm/bw (and no sexualized brothas in sight), like Last King of Scotland, Colombiana, Haven, Star Trek, A Sexual Life, Something New, A Bronx Tale, Joyful Noise, Ragz, Neo Ned, Monster's Ball (uh oh lol), Queen, Jeffersons in Paris, the Disney cartoon Princess and the Frog (remember the 'white prince' controversy from black men), Things they lost in the Fire, Cinderella tv movie (with two wm/bw ships and no black male on screen), etc… and let's not mention TV series for teens/kids. It's all about wm/bw today (since the 90s actually).

But blacks are still watching all this wm/bw not so? So what's a little rarely seen IR pairing in Red Tails (that probably got input from black girlfriend Mellody Hobson as well?) Yes Sergio???

Tryong to get some daft Black Women on your Lucas hate-train yet he actually gave you what you crave (a bm/ww IR). What gives? It's not his fault the majority white popl. was not interested in watching black men (including white women moviegoers who are dying to see Ryan Reynolds next role). Too bad. But hey…

*Goes back to reading comic where Archie and the black Valerie get it on lol)

Never supporting George Lucas again

I refuse to see this after I heard they cut out all the black actresses and the romantic interest in the film was European!!!! As if black women don't have enough obstacles to worry about, the biggest black action flick "accidentally" omits the black women.. Nice try Hollywood..BYE

Darla & Mark

Who the hell he suppose to be Sergeant Carter making a mean face at Gomer Pyle.


Ahh, the Lone Star. Saves them money and space putting Tuskegee Airmen in the history textbooks. Just send the kiddies to the movies. Leaves more room the books on creationism. But only boys? Wow. I guess to them it's not important that Black girls see Black men doing something positive and being role models.


What the????

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