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Attn: Actors, Actresses, Writers, Directors, DPs, Editors, Etc – What’s YOUR Story?

Attn: Actors, Actresses, Writers, Directors, DPs, Editors, Etc - What's YOUR Story?

I know that a significant chunk of S&A’s audience comprises of actors, actresses, directors, DPs, editors, etc, etc, etc. Some are able to earn a paycheck utilising their artistic and/or technical skills; others – and I’d say the majority – are what we’ve labeled the proverbial *starving artists*, working diligently, relentlessly, struggling to climb this incredibly steep hill, trying to reach some pinnacle of success – whether personal or professional. And still others exist somewhere between the former and the latter.

Where do you fall? And, as the title of this post states, what’s YOUR story, and would you like to share it with the rest of the world?

Think of it as an extension of the successful S&A Filmmaker Diary series which we started last year, with Matthew Cherry as the guinea pig. I’m looking for your individual stories of struggle and/or success, regardless of what rung on the ladder you are currently on.

It takes a certain amount of courage to be able to be vulnerable and share one’s plight, but I suppose that’s exactly what I’m asking for; after all, not only is S&A just a source for news, its goal is also to become a community of cinema lovers where we can all share/debate/discuss/learn/teach/commiserate/etc.

Here’s your chance. You might learn something; you might teach someone something.

What’s YOUR story? You can either share in the comments section below, or email me ( if you prefer. You can submit your story in any format – written, or even documented on video – and I’ll share it here. I probably won’t share ALL of them; but don’t let that deter you. 

It could be a story about a current situation you find yourself in; or it could cover several days, weeks, months, or years. It could be that you just want to vent your frustrations; aspects of, or people in this business that piss you off; aspects of, or people in the industry that encourage you. It doesn’t have to be all negative, nor all positive. We’re complex people, and so I assume our stories are as well.

So, who’s first?

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what's the time-limit on the video response? oh and working on that other thing … sending something by saturday, hopefully.

Henry Rembert

It was 2007 and I had just bought my first 3CCD Panasonic camera and I was sooo hype about finally building up the courage to jump into film making. I was shooting anybody that I knew was into music. FREE MUSIC VIDEOS FOR EVERYONE! I figured it was a win/win situation, I get experience and the artist gets a video to promote. It was going great up until I sent a treatment to one of my old college classmates who has had some minor success on the underground hip hop scene. It was my first encounter with "the ego" in the film. Even though we were working with literally NO budget and all the equipment was mine and I set everything up, he acted as if he had bankrolled hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every shot I planned or decision I made was debated against, not to mention the fact that I carried a shopping cart full of equipment from Brooklyn to the the Bronx and up 6 flights of steps by myself(also it was a rainy day) to shoot his video. My passion exceeded any set backs that may have come up, with the talent, location, weather, or lack of money. After the shoot he disagreed with the edit of course, and downloaded the final cut from my Youtube account, "remixed" it in black and white and stuck clips from old vintage videos in for B roll. I was never more insulted as an artist when I saw that. To this day I chalk the whole thing up as one of the most important learning experiences I have had. I look back and think "would I do it again knowing what I do now?" I would. My passion for film making is still the same if not more. I love the process and the end result, I learn something about myself every time I take on a project whether for free or a fee.

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