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BET Bans Nicki Minaj Music Video

BET Bans Nicki Minaj Music Video

Maybe it’s a crisis of conscience realizing that there’s a desperate need for better black images on TV; or maybe just because the song and video just sucks big time (I’ve seen it and my ears and eyes are still bleeding), but it’s being reported that BET is banning Nicki Minaj’s latest video, Stupid Hoe, from the network.

According to a network representative the network felt that the video, which not only features the title repeatedly sung over and over and over again, but also several almost naked women, was considered too explicit for the network.

So do you think BET did the right thing and is trying to change its image or is this censorship?

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Tonton Michel

BET has been slowly but surely changing their image and what they find appropriate to show their audience. This is not the same BET of the Uncut days. And they have gone after male rappers specifically Webbie who sexually harassed one of their video host, banning him from BET.


Put crap, but I have seen worse on BET.


I thought it was funny and entertaining.


I have to agree with the commentators here that it's sexist how women are targeted for censorship yet male hip hop artists do far worse in their videos and they get played no problem. Remember, this was the same network airing Nelly's Tip Drill but had a problem with Ciara's vid that was far tamer in lyrics and content. And why are they playing Lil Wayne's music? Not only is he horrible but that dude went on record calling dark skinned women ugly and yet he still receives full support from black media outlets. To me that's far worse than any bad song getting broadcast.


Publicity stunt for both Nicki Minaj & BET

Curious White

Very interesting comments! But my question to this forum is why do Black people look to Hollywood and other institutions (that may not be in their best interest of projecting the true essence of their culture) to display positive and correct images of who they are as people of African descent? That's like relying on the public educational system to properly educate their children– it will never happen. You cannot make sense of racism without understanding white supremacy.

other song

this song got banned because everyone hates it, even Nicki Minaj fans. Do you really think BET would stick their neck out to ban something crappy that some people actually like? lol. They're so desperate for ratings. Of course it's hypocritical. What's sad and kind of funny is that Nicki could really turn this PR into a blessing. It's free press for her. And the fact of the matter is that her fans are fickle anyway. they don't care if she releases a shitty song because it's not about quality for her. Nicki has just released a new track with David Guetta that'll probably track better with the public. Her fans will completely forgive her and continue liking her mindless music. Nothing quite like free promo.


Oh ok so lil wayne can smoke illegal drugs on tv and other corny men rappers can have their video hoes flappin their cheeks all over television…if it goes for one, it should stand for all. Js. #realist.


It is a dumb song and video and she seems like the stupid hoe for making this!

Elisha Bar Edwardz

Somebody praise God right now! Nimrod is once again ascendant in the posterity of Ham, and the PTSD of being disenfranchised descendants-of-slaves has contributed heavily to this faux, manufactured idol-worship that is sold as swagger. Beyonce and Jigger are seeing some of this fallout from their narcissism in the disrespectful backlash aimed @ their innocent newborn. It is not okay to keep allowing these Scripturally described fools/characteristics to steadily keep shepherding our posterity into a withered pasture of doom, while these "stars of the morning" have a haven and heaven on earth @ the expense of our children's morality…I call them false prophets for profit who are living "phat" off their 40Acres&aCoon.

Sexist BS

Not a fan of Nicki Minaj, but I'm going with Kia on this one. The song is dumb, but how many male rappers have done worse, degrading, disgusting stuff for years without getting banned. And the video is terrible, but it's not R-rated, hell it's barely even PG-13.

And Get these Nets, how can you claim it's worse for females to create these images? Shouldn't it only be females deciding how they on an individual level want to be portrayed? Even if it is for the purposes of male gaze, it's still her owning her own instead of being blended in the background equated with a car.

BET is so hypocritical. And some of y'all black folk need to own up to your own misogyny. You think it's more vulgar for a woman to sexualize herself than having male rappers pick the biggest, faceless booty to bounce on in front of a wide angle lens. Pfft!


I applaud BET for once!!!! This is easily one of the worst songs in history…and during Black History month at that.


We all know that if a man made that video, there would be no such ban. BET should be banned from television until they develop some real standards of respectability. Seriously.


That would have been a regular video in BET's rotation just 8 years ago…


Good, it was garbage. Worst song and video of the year so far.


So the song is about her?

get these nets

guess there has to be a line drawn in the sand, sometime..somewhere.

I think that a female artist projecting some of these images is more dangerous than male artists doing it, for the same reasons that Blacks projecting certain stereotypes (about Black folks) is more dangerous than outsiders doing it.

Children identify with the stars.


And if BET wants to "do the right thing," they need to at least show some diversity in their music and programming, because these wack reality shows, current bastardization of "The Game," weak sitcoms with poor writing like "Let's Stay Together" and "Reed Between The Lines," and that cesspool known as "106 & Park" is not cutting it at all. What's the point in censoring what you helped promote in the first place? You created the monster, so deal with it.


I think BET should stay the course and ban all the "explicit" images and 'sounds' from their video line-up. I remember they banned Ciara's "Love, Sex, Magic" video which was TAME compared to other vids (rap) in circulation at the time (and before). Stay the course, censor across the board; don't be selective in who they 'ban'. But on this song? Yeah, ban it for being a terrible song AND VIDEO. Just turrible.


Can't stand this clown or her buffoonish antics. When did the majority of black artists become so darn gimmicky to mask a severe lack of talent elsewhere?

Give me the 60's-90's over this trash anyday. At least we had creativity, lyricism, REAL talent, and a sense of pride in what we wrote and performed. Now? We're one pants sag/pink wig away from "Stepin' Fetchit" perfomances for all the world to see. Sad.


Mixed feelings about this. Although I'm glad to see BET trying to step up their image as it relates to programming, however… why use Nicki Manji as the example of what the network will/won't tolerate. How male rappers have said worse or shown naked "hoes" in every frame? Can't even begin to count.

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