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Cable Networks To Be All Over Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Cable Networks To Be All Over Whitney Houston's Funeral

It shouldn’t be surprising that it wasn’t going to be enough for just an online livesteam of Whitney’s Houston’s funeral tomorrow to satisfly people.

So it should come as no surprise that the cable networks MSNBC, CNN, CNN International, CNN Digital, BET, Centric, HLN and E! have all announced that they will be covering Houston’s funeral live tomorrow with HLN stating their coverage the earliest at 9AM (8 AM Central) 

Even the KKK Network…OOPS I mesn Fox News announced that even they would be covering the event live despite outrage that the network got when an anchor made racist comments about Houston a few days ago and has not, to date, apologized for

Personally I suspect the Fox News may crash and explode with that many black people on it at one time on the network. They can’t handle it

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They are a pack of hungry wolves. Of course they are hoping that somebody will slip up and give them something newsworthy so they can s&%t on her name some more. The only one that tried to get some straight truth is Kevin Frazier of ET. Who found out that their was a slight altercation between Whitney and Stacey Francis from X-Factor. Who was maybe trying to brown nose a little and wind up being a nuisance. This all took place at one of the parties where Whitney seems a little dishevel. News reporters harped right on said she must have been taking drugs. Kevin Frazier said that Whitney had previously acknowledge Stacey F, but became upset when she continue to hang around her and told Stacey Francis to "Get out of my face." and they decided to leave after partying an having a good time. Thank God someone loves the truth.
I just hope that all those who were part of her inner circle. Don't go for the book deals and try to trash her name for a few dollars.


I wonder why HLN is covering so early…can't they just leave all the speculation alone…especially on the day of her funeral…jeebus.

Oh and the funeral itself starts at noon…TMZ got a copy of the invitation


i want to know how whitney died,and what time is her funeral.


Fox will certainly cover the demonstration outside Whitney's funeral by the Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas because they say that god gave her a voice and she used it for evil. Idiots

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