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CNN Suspends Roland Martin For Anti-Gay Remarks

CNN Suspends Roland Martin For Anti-Gay Remarks

Isn’t it ironic that a guy who likes to wear ascots calls out people for wearing clothing he considers to be “gay”?

But that’s what happened when CNN’s political pundit Roland Martin tweeted Sunday during the Super Bowl game what some considered to be not only anti-gay remarks, but seemingly also threatened anti-gay hate violence.  

In one tweet Martin, referring to an H & M commercial with David Beckham, said that “if a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H & M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him.”

In anothet tweet he attacked a football player for wearing pink: “Who the hell was that New England Patriot they just showed in head to toe in pink? He needs a visit from #teamwhipdatass.”

Not surprisingly CNN suspended Martin today for an indefinite length of time, and both the network and Martin have issued public apologies.

Martin claimed he did not mean anything offensive or anti-gay, but that he was making fun of soceer, which he claims he does all the time; and furthermore, he was “not refferring to anyone sexuality directly or indirectly…and I’m sorry if folks took it otherwise.”

Of course many people disagree…

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Color me ignorant, but I thought he was gay all this time. Any who, getting back to the topic at hand, he is a journalist and should know better, the tweet was not homophobic but distasteful for a journalist that works for a company such as CNN. Oh and this is coming from a black gay man.

Roland's neckline

Roland can use this extra time off to go to the gym and work out. He is too big. His double chin covers his neckline. As far as the gay comments goes this is nothing new. Black "straight" men always bash homosexuals. He said it as joke , but this is how he truly feel. He nends to be careful because we all know that 75% of Alpha Phi Alpha are gay men. He bashed most of his fraternity brothers.

Naomi k. Payne

Roland Martin has too much common sense/class/PROFESSIONALISM to make fun of people with the large audiences he has on so many different channels/RADIO stations that he appears on. Not to mention, his own TV one show. People are sometimes just looking to make jokes or have fun. Everyone needs to stop being so damn sensative……….


Much ado about nothing. People (public figures) just shouldn't tweet period. If someone doesn't follow you or chooses to take your tweets out of context, all hell will break loose. He still has his show on TV One which is pretty good. I watch him more there than on CNN. I doubt CNN would ever let him be anything but a second banana anyway – he's been there so long, hosted shows for longs stints, and still nothing. If he is eventually fired it wouldn't be a great loss to him or CNN.

Still don't get how saying something offensive then apologizing to the organization who protects the offended group has any significance. It doesn't change people's thoughts/attitudes, just makes them say and think what they want but privately. Nothing can be done about that. GLAAD should focus on matters of real importance instead of crying foul and demanding people's jobs every time someone says something they don't like.


Martin was foolish to be flippant about his offensive remarks: he should've known that GLAAD has assumed the role of sole arbiter of what is deemed tolerant, intolerant, civil, uncivil, bigoted or permissible.

They promote tolerance only until it offends them and their interests. The ultimate irony of our age. Land of the free but watch out for policing forces.


I don't believe that this bigot didn't mean to be anti-Gay, particularly since he has been snarky about Gays in the past. However, condemning his idiot tweets is sufficient enough, questioning his moral high ground in speaking out against biases in society (especially those that affect him personally) is sufficient. I don't believe people should lose their jobs over it. They only become martyrs to bigots then.


Get off of twitter, damn!!!

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