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Comcast Wants to Launch a Netflix Killer With Streampix

Comcast Wants to Launch a Netflix Killer With Streampix

Can Comcast beat Netflix with Streampix?

Multiple reports broke this morning about Comcast’s plans to launch subscription VOD service Xfinity Streampix this week. Comcast Corp. filed its trademark for Streampix last September, describing the service as “provision of non-downloadable films, television programs and other video content via a video-on-demand service.” Comcast also has stake in Hulu.

Streampix comes with a major caveat: You must have Comcast cable — and unless you take a package that includes video, broadband and phone, it’s an additional $4.99 per month. Netflix streaming is $7.99 a month.

And Streampix would have to contend with Netflix’s superior content selection. Accordint to reports, at launch, Streampix would include prior-season TV content from its own NBCUniversal, as well as Disney, Warner Bros., and Sony Pictures. 

However, Streampix will also be utilizing content from other partners. Streampix would also allow access to some content via online, wireless and connected-TV platforms.

And according to the Wall Street Journal, just the presence of competition is enough to make Netflix stockholders anxious. As of approximately 1:30pm ET, Netflix shares were trading at $118.84, down 2.54%. 

Other upcoming competitors in the space include a bolstered Amazon streaming service and a partnership between Verizon Communications and Coinstar’s Redbox.

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Any worthy business must shoot to dethrone the winner in its field. It seems that they all fall eventually. That said, to dethrone Netflix a service will have to offer incredible depth of content. My thought is that everyone will have the big high profile stuff, so an important differentiator will be the more obscure titles – the so-called "long tail" . . . Listen up guys, counter-intuitively, non-Hollywood is the key . . . serve it well . . .


What is a Netflix "killer?" Is it like a serial killer who preys on Netflix or is is some sort of idiotic journalistic shorthand?

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