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Congrats to ‘The Aaron Cohens,’ Indiewire’s Project of the Week!

Congrats to 'The Aaron Cohens,' Indiewire's Project of the Week!

Thanks to your votes, the documentary about the many people in the world named “Aaron Cohen” aptly titled “The Aaron Cohens” won this weekend’s Project of the Week contest for last week!

Congratulations to “The Aaron Cohens” director Aaron Morris Cohen. The filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and is now officially a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

Stick around for this week’s Project of the Week!

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Anthony McHie

I too checked the site at 11am and reached the same conclusion: The winner was The People v. Aissatou Ba. Is there a specific reason that IndieWire changed the rules in order to select a different winner?

ugo edu

i wish i could join in and congratulate the cohens except that it seems like foul play considering that the people v. aissatou ba was the rightful winner at the specified time that the competition was supposed to end. it is unfair and unjust. please explain why that project was denied what it rightfully and fairly won. you at least owe the project director and voters that much. it's truly sad when injustice trickles into competitions of this sort.


Congrats to the Cohens, but this is not fair. The People v. Aissatou Ba was winning at 11am EST (the deadline to vote). Please explain to the people (the voters) what happened.


Congrats to Aaron Morris Cohen, indeed but I'm a bit confused: I checked polls at 11am EST on the 30th, the voting deadline noted in the project of the week poll, and The People v. Aissatou Ba was up by 10 votes. What gives?


When I was on your site at 11AM, the said time the competition would end, "The People v. Aissatou Ba" was the winning project. You owe us voters a reason for the very shady extension of the deadline past 11AM and for not addressing the fact that you did not uphold your own rules. The People v. Aissatou Ba is the project that won and is the project you should be announcing today. Shame on you, IndieWire, for your shady antics.

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