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Crazy Brilliant? DreamWorks and Working Title To Remake Hitchcock Classic ‘Rebecca’

Crazy Brilliant? DreamWorks and Working Title To Remake Hitchcock Classic 'Rebecca'

Is it total hubris or a stroke of genius to attempt a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterfully intense psychological thriller “Rebecca”? Either way, DreamWorks and Working Title are planning to pull it off, setting Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”) to write the screenplay.

The 1940 Oscar-winning film, starring Laurence Olivier as a mysterious, troubled widower and Joan Fontaine as his naive new bride, was apparently based on an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s novel – Knight will reportedly return to the original for source material.

Given the current cultural predilection for contemporized Gothic material, this could be an intriguing gambit, although it’s clearly going to be acutely cast-dependent — no word on the anticipated lineup yet. Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner are producing for Working Title.

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Why not just go directly into the musical version? There actually is a staged one that has been playing on the continent for some time. I saw that production in Vienna five years go — complete even to the last act burning of Manderley. It was due to open on Broadway this Spring, but got rescheduled after funding problems. And, not to forget, the three hour ITV/ PBS version of 1997, which played truer to the book. Or the earlier, 1979 BBC production with Jeremy Brett grousing about as Max de Winter.

John Kerr

A catastrophe in the making. See Jude Law as Maxim deWinter! See Amanda Seyfried as Mrs. deWinter! See Tilda Swinton as Mrs. Danvers! Ugh.

Screw youu, Hollywood.

Must you taint everything I love?
I wish upon this production doom of the darkest sort.

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