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Danny Glover Set To Star In Indie Based On Real Story Of White Supremacist Who Takes Black Family Hostage

Danny Glover Set To Star In Indie Based On Real Story Of White Supremacist Who Takes Black Family Hostage

Danny Glover will lend his acting talents to another indie feature project; this one sitlted Supremacy, which he’ll star in alongside Joe Anderson (The Grey, The River) and Dawn Olivieri (she plays Don Cheadle’s ex-wife on Showtime’s House Of Lies).

The film is said to be based on a true story about a recently paroled white supremacist who, “after killing a police officer, takes an African American family hostage.

Well then… color me interested, especially if Danny Glover is involved. I wonder what real-life case it’s based on. I can’t recall anything at the moment.

The film will be directed by Deon Taylor whose most recent and maybe most prominent work was the 2010 indie horror/thriller titled Chain Letter (didn’t see it).

Principal photography is scheduled to start this month. 

No other casting has been announced, but I’m assuming Glover will likely play a member of the black family taken hostage – maybe the father or grandfather. Stay tuned…

By the way,. I should note that Deon Taylor is African American. I don’t think we’ve covered him much here on S&A, but he’s now officially on my filmmaker “watch list” as well as this film.

Doing a bit of research on him, I learned he’s actually been quite busy, in both TV and film, quietly building a brand for himself withh Deon Taylor Enterprises.

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Lela Rochon was recently add to the cast, replacing Stacy Dash. The film is not a White bashing film at all, it is not anti-white. It's the true story of two worlds colliding, that ends in a positive outcome.


Who said it was or will be Anti-White?


@Hektor & Stop White Genocide: Get over yourselves redneck crackas.


More overtly anti-White garbage. Instead of making a film about the several thousands of kidnappings, murders and rapes committed by blacks each year, let's try really hard to find a screenworthy tale about a White crime and do that instead. Give me a break.

STOP White Genocide

What BULL SHIT. I see that Jew controlled Hollywood is pumping out YET ANOTHER disgusting anti- White film. How absurd. I'm sick of JEWllywood's endless anti- White propaganda. When will Whites wake up and sense the vile crap being spewed out of that sorry excuse of a so called entertainment industry.

This movie further reinforces the saying:

********** Anti- racist is a code word for anti- White **********


It sounds alot like the 70's movie Fight For Your Life starring William Sanderson


Another anti-white film that JEWllywood is making. besides Training Day, can anyone name one film with a black star and a white star where the white person is not the bad guy? This movie might be a real life story but I would not be suprised in real life the races were reversed where it is really a black supremacist who held whites as hostages. I'll give you a couple of examples where hollywood changed the real life white hero to a black/hispanic guy and the villian into a white guy, everyone saw the youtube video of the white epic beard man on the bus, Hollywood felt they needed to change him to a mexican and te villians into skinheads. How about that movie "Dolphin Tale" Real life it was two white Scienctist who saved the dolphin, but hollywood felt the need to make him black, there aemany more. Anti racist is a code word for anti-white


i LOVE danny glover. looking forward to seeing this. whatever happened to his toussaint project with don cheadle?????

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