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DC Comics To Unveil A Black Superman

DC Comics To Unveil A Black Superman

DC Comics has revealed that their upcoming Action Comic # 9 in the series will present for the first time a black Superman

The stand alone comic, written by regular series writer Grant Morrison with art work by Gene Ha, takes place on a alternative Earth in which the superhero battles with a monster from a parallel world, a Superman surrogate known as Superdoom.

Anyone out there think this will raise the hackles of those people who got upset when Idris Elba played that Nordic god Heindall in that Thor movie last summer?

I hope it does.

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Skip that, give me black Batman!


The greatest Superman ever


You don't change superman. Everyone loves him as he is. White


Don't bother me none, as long as it's an alternate storyline.


Don't bother me none, as long as it's an alternate storyline.


One thing which has been a continuous frustration has been is the idea that ONLY Kal escaped krypton's destruction. Nobody else could read the writing on the wall and either stay away or leave. Fairly recent you have super girl who got out, cool. Krypton has folks who look all sorts of ways so why not a black character with equal abilities to supes due to the yellow sun. Why not a black Daxamite? In fairness to DC Marvel is no better. You have Storm, decent power level but no heavy hitter. Also the Blue Marvel who WAS a heavy hitter but sees nothing outside of the mini series. Let him be an Avenger, everyone else is. The key to making a cool superhero is make him cool and then color him black/latino/Asian etc… I apologise I danced around the point.


Just wondering, what about Kal-El from Earth-D (1999)?

George Johnson

Do your worst DC Comics.
Since you've decided that the movies are your cash cow, you can thrill in your money.
However, since I've stopped purchasing your comicbooks, you have lost a customer.
How long before I stop watching your movies? So they lost a customer of over 20 years and soon they lose a customer for their movies. Shall I do the customary "Golf Clap" now?


Morrison already did a Black Superman as part of Final Crisis. It was an alternate Earth in which the racial lines were all reversed, so Superman, Wonder Woman, etc., were all black. Superman was also President of the US in that one.

Ronald T. Jones

I'm not impressed. There are plenty of interesting original black superheroes. DC and Marvel seem to have adopted a formula. Why create new black superheroes when you can color existing white heroes black?


I think it'll be a good thing. I like the way Marvel is handling the Miles Morales aka Black Spiderman. It's a pretty cool and ambitious comic on Marvel's part. The DC reboot 52 issues are a pretty good read as well that features some black characters like Cyborg, Static Shock, and even Batwing aka Batman of Africa. Both companies are basically trying to expand their readers with this. I'm cool with it. It's all lost cost research and development for their parent companies.


There have already been black supermen, whether they were actual supermen or Superman archetypes

One such example:

Unless you're saying that this is the first time in this volume of Action Comics that there will be a black Superman, then you are right.

Miles Ellison

DC is going to need an actual Superman to survive the tidal wave of hate mail that they will inevitably receive.

other song

I think…. I don't give a shit. Sorry, but I'm not into hand-me-down stories. Superman's been done to death. Nothing exciting here. Past its prime. And so, like an old tattered jean, it's tossed down to the neglected minority, in the hope that some buzz will be generated. thanks but no thanks.


Good news. My son will be happy. Thanks DC. I will buy the first issue.

that dude

You were happy enough with STEEL? How?

So does that mean you are overjoyed now, or you think this is too much?


I knew this would happen sooner or later. Here come the racist white people!


Honestly I was happy enough with Steel.


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