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Director Pierre Bagley Finally Speaks On “From The Rough” Release Problems (Taraji P Henson Stars)

Director Pierre Bagley Finally Speaks On "From The Rough" Release Problems (Taraji P Henson Stars)

Well… I was scheduled to chat with the director of the film Pierre Bagley on Monday morning, but after listening to this, I suppose there isn’t much need to now.

In the clip below, speaking with Roland Martin on his radio show, Bagley explains what the hold up has been with the release of the Taraji P. Henson sports drama From The Rough, which was supposed to open on February 3rd 2012 (pushed from an initial October date), but, as I noted in a previous post, never did open as scheduled.

I sent an email to Gyre Entertainment, the production company behind the film, inquiring about its release, and I did eventually receive a reply, and a phone conversation with Bagley was scheduled for Monday, during which he was to reveal details on the film’s release.

In listening to the interview below, clearly something’s fishy about all this, but I’ll let you listen to it and judge for yourselves.

As a recap… in the film, Taraji P. Henson stars as Cassandra Turner, a fictional character based on the real-life Dr. Catana Starks, a former swim coach at Tennessee State University who became the first woman ever to coach a college men’s golf team. With drive, passion, and guts, she took an unruly group of mismatched kids from around the world and guided them to an all-time record at the PGA National Collegiate Minority Championship.

Henson, Henry Simmons, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tom Felton, Letoya Luckett, star in the sports drama produced and directed by Pierre Bagley.

One interesting item of note that Bagley reveals in the clip is that the film cost over $6 million! Wow. I would never have guessed that, to be frank. That’s a nice chunk of change for an indie film with a black female lead who, at the time the film was in production, wasn’t exactly what we’d call a *name*, and it’s from a first-time director. I know it has “Draco Malfoy” from the Harry Potter movies, but still…

Not that I’m complaining; I was just surprised by the figure.

Anyway… DRAMA! Listen to Bagley lament the film’s release ails below (Trailer for the film underneath if you’re not familiar):

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I don't really care about why they are not realising the movie the trailer is brill and I know that they will get there money back so they should realise it but when they do someone just tell me when it is in cinemas and on dvd


Tom Felton has got millions of fans all over the world, and the more movies he's making, the more famous he's getting! Golf is a famous sport and golfers would for sure watch it, Tom Felton is a famous and very talented man with a lot of loyal fans and I would for sure go watch it if you would let it show in the theaters!


wait do they not think there will be enough people who will want to go see this movie? first of all there is TOM FELTON. girls love him. harry potter fans love him. of course they would see this film. second, there is a black female who will be the main role. that means most of the black community will see this movie. and third there are people out there who have a passion for golf who would love to see this movie.

Stephane Mohr

Sorry, I know this is going to sound super bratty, but I really don't like that you said "Draco Malfoy for Harry Potter", because, he DOES have an actual name… you should say "Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter" or something like that. Again, I know it sounds bratty, but, yeah…..


Release the movie, let 'we the people' decide. What is the industry afraid of??


This is for Pierre Bagley
Please contact the Maysles Cinema on 343 Lenox Ave/Malcolm X Blvd, NY, NY, because this the type of movie that they are interested in showing. This is a theater in the heart of Harlem serving the diverse community.

Mr. Private

This looks like a really good movie and I guarantee it will be inspirational to alot of people.


From what I've just seen in the clip, I think this movie is a keeper it has lots of potential to be a box office hit. I would definately go see it when it does hit theatres.

Ed West

I don't know about all that. I've only heard about the movie and it never came out because Bagly botched it. Just check him out and you will see he just a con man. Embarrassing.

Ed West

Look a little closer are this Bagley guy and you will know all you need to about who he is. Check out his last project about the fatmanwalking and see what's up. He screwed everyone on that deal including the fatmanwalking dudes wife. Who he is still dating and hired for On the Rough. Where is that movie? Nowhere, just like this one is going to be nowhere. This guy is a a little pot belly clown. Tambay you should do your research before you look more silly with this guy.


Sooo, is this film ever going to be released in the uk, either on film or dvd. Or not?


Does anyone know the Crizelli's ? Why they don't offer up a interview? Let us know what "Broaden" means ? Also Why did he target the biggest African American events ? Why did you hire a African American Director? Why do a story on a African American woman and then pull back on targeting it to us ? This Crizelli Guy needs to speak up and I want to hear from my woman Catana. The movie is empowering !


My friends and I saw the film in New Orleans and really enjoyed it, this movie is inspiring and the sound track is incredible. What does Catana Starks think of this delay? What about Taraji ? Please screen this movie soon – Its up beat, inspiring, shes passionate and it's multi cultural, a family movie just as we saw it. We will keep on following and support this filmaker passion


I don't know why there isn't a link to the new article. I've been dying to see what the latest news is from the Director of this film. For those of you that haven't seen it yet
This Critelli guy is amazing! "I'm white; I paid for it, and I get to decide (being a CEO for the last 30-some odd years) what people see in the theater." As I mentioned before on this post, I saw this film at the Hoodie Awards in Vegas last summer. The entire room laughed, cried, and shouted (as we are known to do) at the screen. It was a moving story that the world should have the opportunity to see. If another version comes out and the Director doesn't support it, I'm not going to see it. I think we should stand together on this and I'm going to start looking on the internet for avenues to be heard – and refer them to Tambay's articles as support.


If anyone should get clarity on this movie it should be S&A. I trust that they'll ask the real questions that need to be asked because it doesn't sound lie the whole story is being told by the "players" involved.


Just wondering if you got the scoop today…I can't wait to hear why some of us (I saw the film in Las Vegas and loved it) may never be able to take our families to see this film. I can't bring my kids to any of the Tyler Perry or black romantic comedy flicks. When does my opinion matter?! When do we count? All of Hollywood is broadened – rather than the stereotypes, I want to see my face, hear music that moves me, feel what moves me – what's the point of 'indie films' if they show no independence and forward movement?


maybe the exec producer is just mad that they spelled his name wrong in the credits…


Anyone else have a problem playing the interview??


Writing…terrible. Did middle schoolers write this? Each line of dialogue is so awkwardly worded. I love that the trailer says "From Harry Potter Tom Felton;" even the cards are poorly written!


After I calmed down I realized this story was a little too obviously RACIST for me to swallow. I had to look around the net for more info. I didn't hear this in the interview, but Michael Critelli has a personal connection to the story. Critelli learned of Dr. Catana Starks through his younger son's chess coach and had his son Mike write the screenplay. He then contacted Pierre Bagley whom he met through NUL where they decided to create GYRE Entertainment. Yes, something is fishy. See article from Huffpost entitled "My Highly Improbable Journey From CEO to Contemporary Urban Film Producer" by Critelli. Tambay you have got to get that interview. It seems there is more to the story.


Wow, he was telling errything. My man was shaming the devil on this one. Some things in business shouldn't be said. This is some straight up drama and now the film will go straight to dvd. SMH.


Although it is very possible, I can't imagine someone wanting to go back and reshoot that much of a film. While 6 million is a lot, it is not that much. There have been a several movies recently that prove there is enough of a black audience to double your money back on that alone. I wonder if this is just a disagreement on how to market the film. I forget the proper name for it but you could just use a multi-tiered approach. Some ads aimed at specific groups without it ever seeming limited to one group. If you can roll out these ads simultaneously all the better. You simply need to make sure all the elements of the ad campaign work together and don't confuse people. It seems as though this is the perfect movie to do that with. Maybe the money guy is concerned about distributors. If he is, he should look at the play book of the people that distributed jumping the broom.


The Harvard folks need to get together on this.


So basically…he wants to add a white actress with "buzz," shoot an additional 10 scenes to change the storyline so it's about Taraji and her white "mentor" then change the posters to reflect that? Are we really that surprised?


BTW – These dudes don't have money because they have skills. They have money because they had access. This does NOT make them effective business men. To think… I was nearly brought to tears by the TRAILER, now it's being put off because my country does not want to see anything that looks like me? F this dude.


I don't know about the six million figure that was stated, but perhaps the filmmakers should take a look at your post from yesterday about making an effective trailer.


FYI – Critelli, Tom Felton has such a psycho teen girl Harry Potter fanbase that you kind of don't know what you're is talking about. Critelli has an article in the HuffPost dated Feb 4.


"Broaden"…that's code for more white, latin, rapper actors.

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