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Diversions: Jimmy Kimmel “Couldn’t Think Of Anything Good” To Commemorate Black History Month, So He Did This

Diversions: Jimmy Kimmel "Couldn't Think Of Anything Good" To Commemorate Black History Month, So He Did This

I have no words.  I just hope Chris Foxx isn't offended.

Shout out to Ray-Ray.

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"Well, that would require me to know a few personally." I can't… I don't… *violent headdesk*


What did he intend by doing this? Sometimes I just don't know what to say about crap like this.


Jimmy Kimmel is the king of subtle, covert racist shit, so I never watch his show. He juuuust goes right to the line, without showing his full membership as a Grand Wizard. His skits make me white people WOULD ignore us.


interesting….i don't know how to feel about this, so i'm just going to go…bye….


100 Barry Bonds & 100 Lousiville Sluggers!


I USED To watch this piece of shit ass show! We couldn't think of anything good?


I wish Jimmy Kimmel would walk up to me and ask me who my favorite white person is; I would tell him Jay Leno, because he doesn't do dumb @$$ segments like that. Jimmy Kimmel and ABC both suck rotten apples.


damn thats pretty fucked up.. "i dont watch that much tv." wtf does that mean? are we so exotic that you can only see us on tv? wtf does she think this is? animal planet? smh


WTF did I just watch?


For some reason, I saw this last night.


thats good


Whoa WTF…Was that Shock G from D.U.?! LOL


ya mean Chris Rock? Does anyone even watch Jimmy Kimmel

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