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Ernie Hudson, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Edwin Hodge Join TV Pilot & Sci-Fi Film Casts

Ernie Hudson, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Edwin Hodge Join TV Pilot & Sci-Fi Film Casts

Some quickie TV and film casting news…

First TV… Ernie Hudson and Megalyn Echikunwoke have joined the cast of NBC’s upcoming futuristic drama Beautiful People.

The show is set in the near future in a society where humans co-exist with mechanical androids that look like people but are treated like second-class citizens – essentially the period before the machines rise and take over the world, creating a matrix :)

Specifically, It centers on the very wealthy Lydia (Frances Conroy), whose late husband founded the firm that makes Mechanicals.

Hudson will play the owner of a law firm. Echikunwoke will play the boss of Lydia’s son, an attorney. Not sure if they all work for the same law firm that Hudson’s character owns. But that’s all I got for now.

And in film… Edwin Hodge has booked a lead role opposite Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey in a Universal studios sci-fi thriller titled Vigilandia, which Michael Bay is producing (but not directing).

Plot details are being kept underwraps so I have no idea what this is about. But with a title like Vigilandia, we could maybe guess that it has something to do with vigilantism??? Or would that be tooo literal?

Shooting begins next week in Los Angeles.

James DeMonaco, primarily a screenwriter, is directing from his own script.

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Good, I love the Hodge Brothers. And Ernie is always good to watch.


VIGILANDIA apparently is set in a future world obsessed with security & one night a year, people can commit the most heinous acts of acts as a way to control the human need for violence-like a pressure cooker. A family thinks they're safe in their super-duper secure home & community. Well, I guess hilarity ensues huh? :-/


Hmm, the pilot sounds a little like Battlestar Galactica. Or, rather, the premise for what started the major conflict in that series.


The NBC plot sounds (like Bladerunner…insomuch as you have a widow of an industrialist that created a race of androids…or Mechanicals, only this race takes over and isn't hunted down and 'expired' by Harrison Ford lookalikes…and yeah, I just wanted to talk about Bladerunner) interesting. I'm interested, as long as it isn't cheesy. There's a lot to be done (has been done) with this subject matter androids vs. humans, a. i., i. robot, le matrix, etc. etc. etc.

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