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First Look At Bruce Willis & Jai Courtney As Father & Son In ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’

First Look At Bruce Willis & Jai Courtney As Father & Son In 'A Good Day To Die Hard'

While we probably would’ve preferred one of the other contenders like Ben Foster, Paul Dano or Aaron Paul to roll with Bruce Willis in “A Good Day To Die Hard,” we will say this about Jai Courtney: he at least looks like he could be John McClane’s son. More so than the other guys anyway (except maybe Ben Foster).

Anyway, the first look of sorts between John and son has arrived courtesy of a snap from Courtney’s screen test for the film. Parents just don’t understand, indeed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it seems we’re going to be in for a lot of bickering as these two pair up to save the world from Russians or something. At this point, all we’re asking of director John Moore is something at least more watchable than “Live Free Or Die Hard” which this writer has failed to watch successfully from front to back. It’s awful.

Filming gets underway this spring and you can bring your girlfriend (after you buy her a really nice dinner) to see it on February 14th. [via Bleeding Cool]

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seriously though, am I the only one that found DH4 agreeable? yeah it wasnt rated R, but I think it did it for me. I was pleased. At least we got one Yippe Kiyay Mother Fucker. One is all you need timed right. He timed it perfect.


Glad to hear you hated Die Hard 4 as well. I saw it with a friend, and we both watched in stunned silence as the rest of the audience cheered and ate it up. It was an incoherent, misogynist piece of Die Hard fan fiction that felt like a video game. When John McClane walks across shattered glass he has to agonizingly pull the shards out of his feet. That's who he is. He does not jump off Harrier jets onto trucks on freeway overpasses.


Wait, what! There is another one. Just leave the series alone.


it's only that he has closely-trimmed hair on his head because, otherwise, i seriously don't see the resemblance between the two. (Courtney: HUGE bottom half of face. Willis: big skull.)


Oh man, thank god this is just a screentest pic.

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