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“I Am Legend” Prequel/Sequel Is Officially In Development

"I Am Legend" Prequel/Sequel Is Officially In Development

No surprise here… I’ve been expecting this, since I think we all heard the rumors that a sequel/prequel to that 2007 blockbuster (almost $600 million worldwide gross) was coming.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros has confirmed those rumors, and is moving ahead with the follow-up project, having now officially closed deals with writer Akiva Goldsman (he wrote and was a producer of the first Will Smith film) and Overbrook Entertainment (Will Smith’s production company) to do another installment of I Am Legend.

Relative newcomer Arash Amel has been hired to pen the script this time.

Will will of course reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville.

My question is what exactly would they do with the story’s continuation, especially if it’s a sequel instead of a prequel?

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The theatrical ending was stupid. The whole movie he's been getting signals that the infected are still people. And then *SPOILER ALERT* he finds out that Alpha just wanted his chick back, he finds out that HE is Legend. He's the bad guy-killing them. The butterfly connect was much deeper too! But ohhh no, they had to turn him into Jesus & they painted themselves into a corner. One of the few times it actually made sense for the good guy to survive & learn something and they fumbled. LOL Still enjoy the movie but the alt. ending was waaay better.


On the DVD alternate ending…he didn't die. So being a sequel might work. Either way. I look forward to seeing it.


This is the true story, judging by the film. The film had a weak second half and ending. The story about how this all got started should have what the film was about anyway.

I loved the dog. Please bring her back!


I hope salli returns as well


I hope they bring Sallie Richardson back as the wife and wasn't willow their daughter? That could be dope on a sequel.

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