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‘John Carter’ Producer Jim Morris Confirms Sequel ‘John Carter: The Gods Of Mars’ Already In The Works

'John Carter' Producer Jim Morris Confirms Sequel 'John Carter: The Gods Of Mars' Already In The Works

Well, this is not really all that much of a surprise considering it’s now a standard practice. For anyone who has been paying attention in 2011, major projects like “Real Steel” and “Green Lantern” were already talking about sequels long before they hit theaters. Studios are all about franchises right now, and they don’t want to be waiting around for years for a sequel should a movie turn out to be a big hit. Thus, with press assembled right now in Arizona for a massive “John Carter” pow wow with everyone involved with the movie, talk of a followup is already in the air.

ComingSoon chatted briefly with producer Jim Morris who confirmed that director Andrew Stanton and writer Michael Chabon are in initial stages of planning a sequel, which has a working title of “John Carter: The Gods Of Mars,” which is also the name of the second book in the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. We’ll let you wiki the storyline lest we reveal any spoilers, but needless to say, our hero would find himself back on the red planet for more adventures.

Meanwhile, our correspondent Jeff Otto caught up with Stanton who said if everything goes to plan, he’ll do the sequel next but also has something brewing in case it doesn’t work out. “I have to have two things. One I can’t talk about because it may not go for a while but I’m very deep in it as an alternative if we don’t do the ‘John Carter’ sequel,” he said. “So I’ve been working very hard on ‘Gods of Mars,’ which is the second book. And we’re just waiting to see how it does. ‘John Carter’ would be next if [the first film] does well enough. And if not, I’ve got another thing parallel. [The other film] would be a hybrid [of live action and animation].” 

Disney has a lot riding on this movie, and Deadline hasn’t helped matters by dropping an overblown story this morning about how the movie tracking poorly. Of course, as we just mentioned, press is in Arizona right now conducting interviews, so the campaign machine is only gearing up, with the studio recently dropping images and clips in the last 24 hours. So is awareness down? With all that considered, sure, but just remember, past Disney movies like “Tron: Legacy” and “Tangled” were also tagged with similar reports before those movies opened, with both going on to earn $400 million and $590 million worldwide, respectively. So, yeah, this movie isn’t down for the count yet.

“John Carter” opens on March 9th.

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Rick Pettey

John Carter should definitely have a sequel. The movie compares quite favorably to the book. Is it the same? No. What movie is. However, as one who has read the entire Martian series by E.R.B. as well as the complete Tarzan series, this movie did a great job in capturing Carter. Don't mess it up by brining in someone else to play John Carter. Taylor did a fine job in bringing Carter to life as well as Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris.


good, it deserves it :)

Ron Heydon

The sequel and the third part of the trilogy are an absolute must after the excellent first movie. Come on Disney get it moving forward, with the proper support this will be a financial as well as critical success.


This film is just screaming for a sequel! I loved John Carter-the books and the movie. I would love to see what Stanton and Chabon will come up with for a second film! Take us Back to Barsoom!


The clock is ticking and John Carter two will happen sooner than later. Take me back to barsoom facebook!

Jan Austin

This is sure fantastic news to hear about a possible John Carter sequel! I love hearing those words "Pow-Wow". We have thousands of thousands of fans on our Back to Barsoom Group working desperately to make this happen! Let's hope we get that Sequel!! GO BARSOOM!!


Now, after all is said and done at the box office and DVD/Blu sales are great worldwide, the fans of John Carter are hard at work promoting the film, changing minds (getting people to see it) and fighting for the sequel! Thousands of us from around the world are working together to make this happen and we're seeing great results and growing by leaps and bounds every day! Like fans before us (Star Trek, Firefly) we will turn the tide for John Carter and get the trilogy that Stanton and the rest originally planned! If you are a fan and want to join us you can find us at

Jerod "CDoe" Foss

Howdy there! I just want to say anyone who took the time to understand your life changing films will definitely want to follow the next one's. I just do not want to wait! I have some very good tips to maybe hit the broader part of American's being i'm from the tiny "village" of Grygla MinNesota. Graduated with 13 kids. Born June 7th 1988. The number 12 has always fascinated me although my favorite number is 7. I was Agnostic but this helped define things via a new perspective. Thank you Very much and I would Truly Love to join your masterful team someday.


Tron: Legacy and Tangled had a lot more buzz than this film.


Early buzz on John Carter is very good. Harry Knowles called the film "pure magic".

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