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Join The S&A Podcast Today At 4:00pm/ET! How Can Viola Davis + Octavia Spencer Avoid The Oscar Curse?

Join The S&A Podcast Today At 4:00pm/ET! How Can Viola Davis + Octavia Spencer Avoid The Oscar Curse?

The Academy Awards airs today and the S&A crew plan to examine if winning the coveted Oscar truly helps, or hinders, black actors and actresses.  It’s an exciting topic that we’d love to get your two cents on so call us today at (347) 215 – 8777.

Here’s what to expect from today’s show:

  • Avoiding The Oscar CurseViola Davis and Octavia Spencer may win the coveted Oscar this Sunday but if they do, how can they avoid the dreaded Oscar curse that’s plagued so many black actors?  What kind of projects should they be looking for?
  • Black Oscar Nominees and Winners.  We’ll take a look at black Oscar nominees/winners from the past to determine what they did wrong or right for their careers and what should be their next move.   Monique, Forest Whitaker, Halle Berry, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jennifer Hudson, Taraji Henson and more will be on the discussion list.
  • Comebacks.  We’ll be naming actors and actresses that we’d love to see make a comeback.

Consider our live podcast show today your official pre-Oscar party!  Go HERE to join us on Blogtalk Radio and call in at (347) 215-8777.  Remember, the chat room is open as well.

So put your fuzzy slippers on, grab a drink and come join us.  See ya there!

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During the podcast, someone mentioned that black actresses (when speaking on the "what next?" for Viola and/or Octavia if they win the Oscar) have been portrayed as everything but a child of God…or something to that effect. I was in the chatroom but did not respond in regards to this. I wanted to, in a two-fold way: 1) "Child of God", other than the phrase being one used in all sorts of ways, I thought of the Cormac McCarthy novel of the same title, thinking how it could be if the book were adapted, the roles reversed and someone like Viola played the lead character. Read the synopsis of the story and see how much of a stretch from the norm and the expected and how challenging a role this would be for our premiere actresses looking forward to the next project after Oscar season. But according to Wikipedia, James Franco is already attacking McCarthy's work, currently filming, so there goes "that" idea. 2) Viola. My suggestion. Buy the rights to Toni Morrison's "Sula" and make it happen. "Sula" remains one of my favorite characters in all that I've read. She is complex and abstract and tragic (in the eyes of others), but above all, she is "her own". That's a movie, a short film, a mini-series, a television series, a feature-length that should be made. If Leonard can create his "universe" in "the Holler" of Kentucky, why not make Morrison's "the Bottom" of Ohio a similar television reality? Just my thoughts… Great podcast and discussion.

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