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Josh Fox Arrested on Capitol Hill While Filming ‘Gasland’ Sequel

Josh Fox Arrested on Capitol Hill While Filming 'Gasland' Sequel

Oscar-nominated “Gasland” filmmaker Josh Fox was arrested this morning in Washington, D.C. and charged with unlawful entry after trying to film a House Science Committee hearing on fracking.

UPDATE: Fox issued a statement this afternoon after he was processed and released.

According to Politico, Fox was led out in handcuffs before the hearing began while shouting, “I’m within my First Amendment rights, and I’m being taken out.”

Fox’s “Gasland” took on oil and gas companies for their policy of using hydraulic fracturing to obtain fuel from underneath layers of otherwise unpenetrable rock.  The process has been accused of contaminating drinking water in rural mid-Atlantic towns, and Fox’s film is famous for showing residents set fire to the water coming out of their kitchen sinks.  He was in the Capitol shooting a follow-up.

A credentialed ABC News news team was also denied entrance, according to the Huffington Post.

Capitol police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider told Indiewire that the arrest took place at about 10:30 am ET. As of 12:45 pm ET, Fox was still under arrest and being processed.  

Fox is in the process of shooting a sequel to “Gasland,” which was nominated for best documentary at the 2011 Academy Awards.

According to a blog post written by fellow documentarian AJ Schnack, Fox had hoped to release his “Gasland” sequel early this year.

Per Schnack,

It will include cameos from those at every level in the debate, including U.S. senators, small-town inspection officers, and petition-wielding parking-lot activists. “On the one side is a very powerful industry and their political and media allies,” says Fox. “But there are small groups of extremely dedicated activists fighting fracking in every state where it’s a threat. It’s incredibly inspiring to see these mini-labs in democracy in action.”

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Talk to someone involved in these jobs. Don't just sit behind your large office chair and debate over needless babble. Get out there and talk to the people. You will find that it's not all it's cracked up to be and realize that the sensationalism that hollywood creates isn't necessarally true.


I'm trying to find the webcast of this hearing, i almost got it last night but there was static and today i cant find it. Anyone know how to access this? It would be important to know WHY they wanted him out of the room, what they were discussing that they dont want the public to know.


Hydrological fracturing was deregulated by the so-called Halliburton Loophole. The 2005 Energy Act reclassified horizontal hydrological fracturing as an unconventional technology and exempted it from the Clean Drinking water and Clean Air acts from the late 1970s. The industry, largely lead by corporations like Oklahoma based Chesapeake Energy and Colorado based Energy Corporation of America, are in the process of transforming Appalachia into the next superfund site….one that will span upwards of 100,000 square miles. Please educate yourself on the truth about hydrological fracturing and support local resistance. But be prepared….arrests are possible.


Sorry – I don't think anyone is "demonizing" fracking. Josh Fox is simply telling it like it is. As much as we would prefer to believe that fracking (and the Keystone XL Pipeline, for that matter) is all about jobs and energy independence, they both mean fat paychecks for big oil and pose unacceptable risks to the environment.


there are fortunes to be made, jobs to grow, politicians needing campaign funding, and it doesn't make as much smoke burning. Nothing will stop natural gas fracking. The lifestyle of today requires it and has robust denial tehnologies built in

Justin Kownacki

Arresting and detaining the journalists covering an industry doesn't do much to un-demonize that industry, does it?


Fracking needs to be done carefully without harming our citizens but demonizing it won't help our economy either. There are tremendous natural gas resources in the US and it's not all about corporate greed. It's also about energy independence and creating jobs in such a tough economy.

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