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Katherine Heigl To Star In ‘Face Blind,’ A Movie Milla Jovovich Has Pretty Much Already Made

Katherine Heigl To Star In 'Face Blind,' A Movie Milla Jovovich Has Pretty Much Already Made

It seems Hollywood doesn’t know what on Earth to do with Katherine Heigl. Her career as a rom-com star seems to be dwindling fast, with “One For The Money” opening in third last week (thanks to a Groupon promotion) to bigger numbers than expected, but still pretty dismal all around. In fact it’s the worst starring role opening she’s had ever — yes, even “Killers” with Ashton Kutcher made more on its first weekend. So, she’s gonna change up the game a bit.

The actress is now set to star in the thriller “Face Blind.” Penned by Dominic Harari and Teresa De Pelegri, the story centers on a psychologist with the rare affliction where she can’t tell people by their faces (if you think this is far fetched, famed neurologist Oliver Sacks actually has this ailment as well). Things get crazy as she becomes the target of a stalker who has been making life miserable for one of her patients, and because this is a Katherine Heigl movie, her husband thinks she’s crazy. OH MEN.

If this all sounds vaguely familiar, well that’s because it is. Last fall, Milla Jovovich dropped a straight-to-DVD movie “Faces In The Crowd” that essentially is the same thing. Except she plays a woman who gets mugged, hit on the head, becomes struck with faceblindness and then doesn’t know who’s out to get her. Frankly, we’d rather watch that movie — as terrible as it seems — if only to find out what Marianne Faithfull does in it. Before “Face Blind” has even rolled, Heigl has been pwned. [Deadline]

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Career counselor at your service! She should start looking into supporting roles. Maybe a few indie films to build a little indie cred and make people forget (temporarily) about all of her crap choices in the past decade. Once she juices up her resume, she can start attaching herself to more action flicks. Then she could do a period piece or two. Soon enough she will end right back in the romantic comedy genre that made her a star, but with a new PR team and preferably some common sense. There ya go, you're welcome Heigl!

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