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Lenny Kravitz Talks “Hunger Games,” Challenging Himself As An Actor, Plans To Direct, And More…

Lenny Kravitz Talks "Hunger Games," Challenging Himself As An Actor, Plans To Direct, And More...

If you haven’t been paying attention, Lenny Kravitz’s foray into acting isn’t just some passing fancy; the man is serious about the craft and plans to stick with it for longer than a little while.

Since his relatively minor role in Precious… Lee Daniels cast him as Andrew Young in his currently-in-Limbo Civil Rights pic, Selma; he’s co-starring (alongside Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson) in an upcoming drama called The Blind Bastard Club – a $6 million indie project written and directed by Ash Baron-Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen’s cousin); and he’s playing the role of Cinna in the upcoming adaptation of The Hunger Games series of books… (“Katniss Everdeen’s stylist during her campaigns through the 74th and 75th Hunger Games.“)

So while he’s likely most known for his ability on the guitar strings, we might soon be talking just as excitably about his acting; and if the below interview recorded just last month (courtesy of The Playlist) is of any indication, Kravitz plans to stay the course, learn the craft well, pay his dues, challenging himself, increasing his skills as actor with each successive outing, and, oh yeah, he wants to eventually direct his own films as well. 

The interview was primarily about his involvement in Hunger Games, but it expands as the minutes pass.

I’d say he comes across as self-aware and humble, and you can’t help but root for his success. 

Watch the 10-minute interview below:

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I love Lenny. Have since 1992. Nice interview. I would love to see him in more. I think taking the smaller roles is a good way to begin, to hone the craft and work towards the standard that already-trained actors have set. Good luck to him.


As a fan of the singer, I'm definitely rooting for Lenny's success as an actor. He's dedicated and passionate (and selective) in his choices. He seems to be forging a path parallel to that of Common–making careful choices, being a team player, willing to learn new methods. On a sidenote, I'm pleased to see Lee Daniels moving beyond the abuse theme for Selma.

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