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‘Machete’ Sequel ‘Machete Kills’ Will Start Filming In April; Danny Trejo & Surviving Cast Members Expected To Return

'Machete' Sequel 'Machete Kills' Will Start Filming In April; Danny Trejo & Surviving Cast Members Expected To Return

“Where the movie will go next? I have a bunch of ideas for it. It’s all in the end titles. We have to make them, of course, ‘Machete Kills‘ and ‘Machete Kills Again.’ Once you put it out there, just like we did with the trailer, you have to make it,” Robert Rodriguez said in the summer of 2010 when doing press rounds for “Machete.” And last year at Comic-Con, in the batch of titles Rodriguez announced was on his plate, his promised two sequels to “Machete” were on the list. So you can’t say any of this was a surprise.

Indeed, they are happening, as Deadline reports that Rodriguez and producer Alexander Rodnyansky are teaming up to bring “Machete Kills” to the big screen, with filming to begin in April. A script is already in place by Kyle Ward (“Kane & Lynch” and a handful of other films sitting in development), Marcel Rodriguez (“The Adventures Of Sharkboy & Lavagirl In 3D“) and Robert Rodriguez, and this time the “bigger and more ambitious” story will find Machete hired by the U.S. government to head into Mexico to take down a cartel leader and madman billionaire, who plan to launch a weapon into space. We presume this will set the stage for “Machete In Space.”

What’s not yet clear in Deadline’s report is if Rodriguez himself will direct or if he’ll take a producer role and hand the reins to someone else (it seems to be leaning in that direction), but either way, he’s clearly deeply involved. Obviously, Danny Trejo will be back with the surviving cast members likely to reprise their roles as well. And this is moving fast, with an April start date being eyed. While the first film wasn’t a blockbuster by any stretch, the hard-R rated film managed over $40 million worldwide on a $10 million budget, so a followup with the same parameters makes sense. And with the Latin market only becoming more lucrative (it’s not just for laffs that Will Ferrell is doing “Casa De Mi Padre“), it’s a smart play.

Of course, this now leaves “Sin City 2” — which has been teased to start this year — still up in the air. And it’s also curious to note that this announcement comes a few days after “Machete” co-director Ethan Maniquis was named in a lawsuit, suing the filmmakers for ripping off the idea from another writer. Perhaps it’s not a shock his name is absent from this film altogether.

Either way, the original “Machete” split our staff, some of whom embraced the B-movie aesthetic, while others thought the intentional so-bad-its-good aesthetic didn’t quite work. The first film was packed with lots of random cameos and surprises, so we’ll see who Rodriguez and co. line up this time.

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hi that sounds grate loved machetty its a cool concept moonrakers my fav james bond but i thought that be beter for a third film seems like alot to build upo in 1 film soyou can do the sequel where machety lands in thsih western type twon where a gropu of bikkers n bounty hunter who hunt the bikers have been raging war n posbly n an arcy take over machety girl gets kidnaped n other machety gets into traing n starts cuting thru the biker gang more vilent
tom zavinys charecters comes after him for finll show down n actuly has ninja assisans go after machety as he cuts his way he than has a final machety fight biger knives swords cuting thru all the ninjas n bikers n evil bounty hunters leading him to a western show down with tom savin than u find out people who hierd him n trainded hoim are the from the mexican border n waht sent a weapons star wars 1985 ragon n take over a scret space ataion tgn the goverment talks to machety trains him more n sets him off nto space what robert rod rigues said n lots more

ernest bodvar

i just like to say i loved the movie machete an can not wait for machetekills danny trejo is the best an i look forward to seeing machete i have on dvd a long with death proff an an planet terror

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