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Magnolia Announces Acquisition Of Kevin MacDonald’s ‘Marley’ On The Birthday Of The Reggae Legend; Film Will Hit On 4/20

Magnolia Announces Acquisition Of Kevin MacDonald's 'Marley' On The Birthday Of The Reggae Legend; Film Will Hit On 4/20

Well done, Magnolia marketing team. On the birthday of legendary artist Bob Marley, the distribution shingle has announced the acquisition of Kevin MacDonald‘s documentary “Marley” which will now premiere in theaters and on VOD and digital platforms on April 20th. Yep, that’s right, a 4/20 release for the Marley doc.

“Marley” is the first feature to be backed by the Marley family as well as the legend’s longtime music label head Chris Blackwell which should make for the most insightful look at his life yet as it follows “the musician, revolutionary and legend from his earliest days to his rise to international superstardom” using rare footage, archival photos and incredible performances and interviews with his family, friends and bandmates. Blackwell executive produces alongside Marley’s son, Ziggy.

MacDonald, of course, took helm of the project after the exit of Jonathan Demme who was working on it for several years. It remains unknown how much progress, if any, Demme made during his time as he reportedly split due to “creative differences” with MacDonald also previously telling us that he “came on, started over from scratch, and I’ve made my film, which has been a great experience.”

“When I went to Uganda for ‘Last King of Scotland‘ I was amazed at how Marley was present there and I’ve subsequently seen it in other parts of the developing world,” MacDonald added. “Marley as this kind of saint, a philosophical and religious figure. I then became more interested in him and why he has that kind of reach and then, out of the blue, last year, I got phoned up by Steve Bing, a producer on the film, who said, ‘Are you interested in doing this film?'” And from there, the rest is history.

Before it’s 4/20 release, the doc will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival later this month and hit SXSW next month.

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The anticipation is now maddening — I feel obligated to somehow attend the Berlin Film Festival and SXSW to see this film as early and often as possible!
A documentary release of this scale is so long overdue. An Oscar-winning director, who seemingly took on the project for all the right reasons, armed with full Team Marley support (including Chris Blackwell and Island), SHOULD result in nothing short of a masterpiece.
The impact of introducing Bob Marley [the most influential and important entertainer the world has ever seen] to an entire new generation, via this film, has immeasurable potential.

'Every day, the bucket goes to the well… one day the bottom a go drop out'

Robbie Hudson

I have waited for years for another Marley movie! I have read about it for 5 or 6 yrs. and now it is finally coming! WE NEED THIS!!!!!! One love! Robbie




que lindo enterarse de esto, va a estrenarse en la Argentina? POR FAVORRRRRRR


Much weight this documentary! Super excited to watch the documentary will be aired here in Brazil? o /

Vishal Desour

I cannot wait. it's about time we had an injection of what a real legend is and what music a true legend makes. :-)

Carol Rowe

I can't wait t see this film!!!! It's been a long time coming!!!!

Sharon Franklyn

I loveeee everything about Bob Marley. He is a Prophet, his music makes one mellow. Thanks for the movie cann't wait.

noel o brien

love listen to bob ,something more about the songs its not word that you here but ,it.s like feelings floting thu you give you peace ,,

Jay Ashford

WOW!!!! it's about time they made a movie about Bob

Albert and Tempie

We can't hardly wait for this!!!

Jose Manuel Contreras L.

que bien! me gusta eso de saber lo que hizo el compañero Marley sobre las cosas1 que mas gente se entere sobre como se formo esta historia pero quisiera saber en donde pasaran la película o como la quiero ver quiero estar en la primera fila el día del estreno!
viva Rastafari amando por siempre a JEHOVA! JAH BLES!!

Lina M. Gonzalez

Genial! espero llegue a Colombia.
Me encanta la musica y la filosofia de Bob Marley.

Joan A. Harris

Reading about the making of a movie of Bob Marley's life make me very happy.
It is about time something like this happend. As he said " you think you take me out of the race but you going to be tired to see me face." JAH all ways knows best.

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