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Mia Wasikowska Joins Jesse Eisenberg In Richard Ayoade’s ‘The Double’

Mia Wasikowska Joins Jesse Eisenberg In Richard Ayoade's 'The Double'

Freshly minted on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s annual Hollywood Issue, Mia Wasikowska continues to stack up one great project after another. 2012 will see the rising actress appear in John Hillcoat‘s highly anticipated “The Wettest County” as well as in Park Chan-Wook‘s English language debut “Stoker,” and she’s adding yet another promising movie to her slate.

After inhabiting the world of Charlotte Bronte for “Jane Eyre,” Wasikowska will be dipping her toes into some Dostoevsky (sort of) in “Submarine” director Richard Ayoade‘s “The Double.” Co-written by Ayoade and Avi Korine, (brother of Harmony Korine), the story, which involves a bureaucrat who starts to lose his sanity when a doppelganger begins working in the same office, has been transplanted to contemporary America. As you might expect, it won’t be a literal adaptation, as Ayoade told us over the summer, “It’s one of those things where I don’t know how you would adapt that story faithfully. It’s so internal, about someone’s descent into madness. Also, the elements that are more satirical, about a counselor in 19th century Russia, don’t feel particularly personal now, people don’t go ‘Oh, those privy counselors!’ It’d be pretty odd, you’d always have to start with a bunch of footnotes.”

The plan is to get this in front of cameras in the spring or summer in the U.K., and rights to the project will be up for grabs later this month at the European Film Market. A movie stringing three of the most exciting young voices working in front and behind camera today? Sign us up. [Screen Daily]

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Couldn't agree more. Mia Wasikowska is overcast like a pig that's fattened for eventual slaughtering as bad as that sounds.. could be quite soon considering that she only managed to get a supporting role in Lawless. She does look as if she's either on tranquilizers or extremely vain. A guy who knows her told me that she wanted to be a dancer but had to stop because of an injury but that she says that it was her choice because she was more interested in human imperfection since the "Black Swan" came out.. wish she would start by not looking like someone whose been in make-up for hours..

Stephen B

I'd love to know how Avi Korine and Ayoade hooked up. Weird pairing.


I'm trying really hard to like her but she has zero charisma and screen presence. People talk about what a subtle actress she is but all I see is a blank stare from her over and over again. There's this mousy, reserved quality about her that makes her a supreme bore to watch. Disappointed she's joined this though Eisenberg playing himself again won't be much better.

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