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Morgan Freeman Joins Tom Cruise In Post-Apocalyptic Thriller “Oblivion” (UPDATE)

Morgan Freeman Joins Tom Cruise In Post-Apocalyptic Thriller "Oblivion" (UPDATE)

God… uh, I mean Morgan Freeman will has signed on to star alongside Tom Cruise in the post-apocalyptic thriller Oblivion, to be directed by Joseph Kosinski for Universal Pictures.

Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko also co-star in a story that will see Cruise as the last man on an earth that’s become uninhabitable “who stays behind to repair ships that hunt down and blast a virulent alien species.

No word on what role Freeman will play in this, but Deadline says it’s a crucial one.

Mentor maybe? Older wiser sage? President? God? :)

I wonder if his Rendezvous With Rama adaptation that’s been around forever (with David Fincher supposed to direct) will ever happen. He’s not getting any younger.

I just realized that this might be the first time he and Tom Cruise have ever worked together.

UPDATE: Jeff Sneider at Variety just tweeted this:

EXCLUSIVE CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: In OBLIVION, Morgan Freeman will play Malcolm Beech, the leader of the human resistance on Earth. 

Sounds awesome! I’m just glad it’s none of my guesses.

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The title and set up sounded familiar so I Googled just to confirm what I was thinking and I was right. "Oblivion" is based on the comic from Radical Publishing. I got a preview of it at Comic Con two years ago when Radical was positioned across from our booth. The comic itself was definitely drawn with movies in mind.


Didn't Stephen King already do this story with The Stand?


I'll watch it. It's my type of movie.

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