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New Pics From ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’ Reveal Mystery Creature

New Pics From 'Snow White & The Huntsman' Reveal Mystery Creature

Oh, so the upcoming “Snow White And The Huntsman” with Charlize Theron as the sexy Evil Queen and Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart as her foes, in a big sword wielding, mature take on the fairy tale isn’t epic enough for you? Then how about this…

Over at the ‘Huntsman’ Facebook page, a few more images from the film have spilled out, including one that will certainly raise a few eyebrows. It features Stewart’s titular character standing in a dark forest being approached by… something. It looks like it crawled out of Guillermo Del Toro‘s sketch book, and the film’s social media page teases “Friend or foe?” Guess we’ll see, but clearly the scope on this project is a bit bigger than we imagined. As for the other pics, they feature Hemsworth looking ripped and in one shot, he’s protecting the fair Snow White from… something, all while wielding a badass axe.

Anyway, lots to come as the film heads to a June 1st release date. Can we get some more Charlize please?

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Andrea Cefalo

I always imagined Kristen Stewart would play the Snow White in my adaptation of this famous fairy tale. Ha! My, book The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen presumes that all Grimm's fairytale originated from one girl, a feisty shoe-maker's apprentice named Adelaide living in 13th century Cologne, a city in turmoil due to rampant fever and government corruption.
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Not to be a killjoy, but this monster pic is basically a grab from the trailer that was released a few months ago (1:28 mark). Regardless, I am looking forward to the movie.


Hmm. I'm not sure weird creatures are necessary. It might be bordering on "too much". I was sold at the awesome Evil Queen and gritty Huntsman. I hope this movie isn't about to jump the shark.


Does KJ stand for killjoy? I think the new still looks great, as do the multiple stills we've already seen of Charlize's character. We'll get more of everyone.

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