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New Pics Of ‘The Avengers’ Walking & Thor Dramatically Gripping A Chair! Can’t Wait To See This In 3D!

New Pics Of 'The Avengers' Walking & Thor Dramatically Gripping A Chair! Can't Wait To See This In 3D!

While we did get a sexy Super Bowl spot for “The Avengers,” when it comes to actual stills from the superhero teamup movie, it seems Marvel just loves to dish out images of these heroes…standing around. And so a couple more images have been unveiled and once again, and we’re not sure we can handle them.

First up is Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor dramatically gripping a chair. WHOA! What could be on that computer that compels Thor and Agent Coulson to stare at the screen intently? Maybe Thor discovered that wonderful human invention: pornography. Meanwhile, a scan from Empire reveals Hawkeye, Captain America and Black Widow…walking! We really hope your eyeballs can handle these intense scenes when the movie is presented in pristine, post-converted 3D! How did we get so lucky!?!?!?

“The Avengers” opens on May 4th. It will feature lots of walking around and sitting, apparently. [HeyUGuys]

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Ray H

The costumes more or less worked in Captain America and Thor. It felt like the characters would actually wear those outfits. In this movie, they're just playing dress up.


I really liked "Captain America" and more specifically I liked his costume in that movie. This….eh. But Thor looks hot.

Ur mom

This movie is gonna be great!! Except Cap's mask, it just seems "meh". And the photo with Thor an Agent Coulson, that scene was actually shown at the New York Comic Con. They're watching Nick Fury interrogate Loki in a cell created for the Hulk. DO PSYCHED!! >.<


they look so dumb. is this the silliest movie of all time? lucky that dude brought his bow.

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