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Nicole Beharie Will Play Jackie Robinson’s Wife In Brian Helgeland’s Biopic “42”

Nicole Beharie Will Play Jackie Robinson's Wife In Brian Helgeland's Biopic "42"

We’ve known this for a little while, but it wasn’t public yet, and now it is, so I’m posting it.

Nicole Beharie has joined the cast of 42, the upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic announced a few months ago, that direcor Brian Helgeland and Legendary Pictures are developing.

The new film is based on the life of history’s most celebrated baseball figure, Jackie Robinson, made in collaboration with Robinson’s widow, Rachel Robinson.

And that is exactly who Nicole Beharie has signed on to play – Jackie Robinson’s wife Rachel Robinson, née Rachel Isum.

Beharie will join relative newcomer Chadwick Boseman (who’s worked primarily in television on shows like Fringe, Justified and Castle) who will play Jackie Robinson in the film.

Also, Harrison Ford was reportedly offered the role of Branch Rickey in the film – the Brooklyn Dodgers’ manager who made history by signing Robinson as the first black player in the history of the Major League Baseball organization.

Brian Helgeland will direct from a script he also wrote, which will tell Robinson’s story, as the first African-American to play in the major leagues.

Congrats to the young Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie in what should be their highest profile roles yet, and largest paychecks!

I dig this casting; Helgeland went with young, promising Actors (emphasis mine). Neither is what you’d call an A-lister, or a *name.* A rarity when it comes to casting films with black casts. Helgeland could have gone with a rapper and a singer instead, but he didn’t.


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"I dig this casting; Helgeland went with young, promising Actors (emphasis mine)." Me too!


Black people need to stop thinking that white studios will give them $$$ to make a movie about black people. It doesn't happen. Tyler had to use his own $$. Spike use his own $$. If the studio could have cast a white actor to play Jackie Robinson or put him in black face they would have. We need to write and tell our own stories. But we also need BLACK EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS. WE NEED BLACK $$$$$$$. And WE have it but won't spend it until the WHITE MAN DO IT FIRST. Hallelujah!!!


Chad is a great actor. Hard work and developing your acting craft is priceless. Actors continue too dream and don't give up. Opportunities will come. :)


Love Nicole! Congrats to her!


More history dramas. Thank you, White People.

Larry Doby

Wow…I guess that nix's one of Spike's dream projects. He too, had a Jackie Robison biopic he wanted to direct. I hope Helgeland doesn't get carried away with green screen and special effects. Not to mention tackle Jackie's battle against racism in a straight up/honest way…


Hmm…I wonder if anyone hates Nicole for playing a felonious single mother with multiple babies from different men, for which her performance was lauded (she did tear it up) & put her on the map in AMERICAN VIOLET? Just wondering…


It looks to be like it`s going to be a great cast with Brian Helgeland as the title role of legendary baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson and with Harrison Ford. But this new comer Nicole Beharie is a fantastic actress I loved her in American Violet and The Express. Both she and Mr. Helgeland were in the Express with great performances in that film. It is good to see them come back to the big screen with this film about Baseball.


This sounds great and I like the casting too. Sometimes big names and "a-listers" cloud the story and the movie becomes about them instead of the subject. Although it won't hurt to have an A-lister like Harrison Ford sign on to play Rickey. I think his presence will be just enough to boost the profile of the movie but not too much to overtake it.


LOOOVE her… now…getting a LITTLE tired of the historical flicks, but they could make this movie everything RED TAILS was not. One of my favorite movies was "A League of their Own". Outside of Gina Davis, Rosie O'Donnell, Madonna, of course, Tom Hanks and Lori Petty, the cast was stellar and I couldn't tell you half of their names. New talent, fresh talent, old talent… it's all talent. I will VERY MUCH look forward to a film with lesser known ACTORS featuring Chadwick (whose work I'm going to check out)…


wohooo!!! Congrats Nicole! :-)

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