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Oscar Talk: Guild Update, ‘The Artist’ vs. ‘Hugo,’ Clooney vs. Dujardin

Oscar Talk: Guild Update, 'The Artist' vs. 'Hugo,' Clooney vs. Dujardin

On this week's Oscar Talk, Kris Tapley and I agree that "The Artist" is a runaway train that will not be stopped. While that doesn't mean that it will win everything, George Clooney has reason to be worried.

We revisit our recent sojourns at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, which honored Viola Davis, Martin Scorsese and Christopher Plummer, and like the BAFTAs, has a small impact on the Oscars.

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Hugo is greater than artist.Martin Scorsese should be winner. Hugo is very beautiful . in darkness and bullhead are great movies. I like bullhead is a fabulous .

Nik Grape

Shame how you guys didn't say anything about Meryl Streep's ridiculous performance in The Iron Lady . Davis is the clear favorite now, but there's still some weeks to come and I won't stop hoping that Streep gets the Oscar which would be much much deserved. Davis was great in The Help, but in a film that she was bearly a lead in compared to what Streep did with The Iron Lady in almost every frame. In the fair world there would be no contest.


Anne, have you ever considered doing these talks with someone who is more upbeat? No disrespect to Kris, whose written blog posts are great, but he always comes across as bored and annoyed in these Oscar Talks, mostly because his favorites aren't winning. He does this every year, and it's a little tiresome. He doesn't seem to realize that what makes Oscar season interesting to listeners isn't finding out his personal opinion of the nominees, but what their odds are and how the races develop.

Obviously he's entitled to use the time during the talks however he likes, and I could, of course, stop listening altogether. But that would be a shame, because I do love listening to you. I can always sense what your personal opinion of the nominees is, but you don't let that overshadow your professional analysis of the season. Plus, you're witty and enthusiastic, and you choose to look on the bright side instead of casting everything in a negative light. You really are a joy to have as a commentator during the months leading up to the event.

I just wish you had a partner who can match your standards. Maybe you could ask around if Scott Feinberg or Peter Travers are available?



Regarding "Nothing But the Truth," you showed it in your UCLA class, even though you indicated that you have not seen it? I thought you programmed it because you liked it? Rod Lurie did a great job with that one, I think.


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