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“Pariah” Coming Out On DVD In April

"Pariah" Coming Out On DVD In April

For the record, let me say that Dee Rees’ extraordinary film Pariah never got a fair shot from Focus Features. The film never broke open outside just a few cities and theaters, and, as a result A LOT of people who are constantly asking for intelligent and sensitive black films free of stereotypes and the oke doke, and who would have loved it, never got a chance to see it.

Well, the good news is that they soon will have their chance now that Universal Home Video has annoncued that the film will be coming to DVD, both standard and blu-ray, on April 24th.

What extra features wil be on the DVD (and there are sure to be plenty of them) have not been announced as yet, but no doubt we will report about them closer to the DVD release date.

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Can't wait to see it!


It took them a while to get to Charlotte but I'm glad that they did, and I will definitely be buying the DVD as well.



Dankwa Brooks

Well I have to give credit to Focus Features credit for getting it in a theater in Baltimore. Most great films I read about here @ S&A and elsewhere never get released here. I also think they did better than the distributor for ATTACK THE BLOCK. PARIAH as great as it was didn't have the potential "cult hit" appeal of ATB. That movie could have at least made $40 mil I'm the U.S.


I was hoping for a wider theatrical release. I will buy a few copies to show my support.

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