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Preview – Doc “18 IUS SOLI” Examines Italian Law That Denies Citizenship To Children Born Of Immigrants

Preview - Doc "18 IUS SOLI" Examines Italian Law That Denies Citizenship To Children Born Of Immigrants

Curious about this documentary titled 18 IUS SOLI by Afro-Italian filmmaker Fred Kuwornu (above with Spike Lee) which, as the Afro-Europe blog notes, “examines the law that denies citizenship to young people born in Italy of immigrant parents, because they have no Italian blood.

It follows 18 stories of girls and boys born and raised in Italy whose parents are originally from African, Asian, and South American countries who moved to and have long-lived in different areas of Italy. They are children of immigrants: go to school in Italy, speak the language and dialects, have never even been to the countries that their parents are from, nor do they speak their parents’ language. Yet they are not recognized Italian citizens.

To obtain the Italian citizenship, they have to go through a lengthy and complicated application process and can only do so after they’ve turned 18 years old – a process that doesn’t always end positively for the applicant, resulting in serious and unavoidable problems of social inclusion and identity.

In addition to their stories, the filmmaker interviewed Italian politicians and sociologists for their input on the matter.

The film was entirely a grassroots effort produced in Italy, with the end goald being to use it as a platform to create a social awareness campaign aimed to change these laws.

Ius soli” or “Jus Soli” as the Afro Europe blog notes translates as (the right of soil) and refers to the Latin term for birthright citizenship.

It’s the right to citizenship determined by the place of birth (such as in France or the US). In contrast there is the Ius Sanguinis (the right of blood), applied in Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe, that only gives you the right to citizenship if you can proove that one or both of your parents or grand-parents were/are citizens or members of that nation. If not, even if you were born and raised in Italy, you have no right to be an Italian citizen. But many Italo-Americans or Italo-Argentians who have never been in Italy and doesn’t speak Italian has the right to apply for an Italian passport.

And if you didn’t already know, in the USA, if you’re born here, you’re automatically a citizen, regardless of whether your parents are citizens of this country of nor. Naturally, there are some who would love to see that law changed I’m sure.

Watch the trailer below:

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Magnificus Princeps Scientia Uriel de' Baiere

Buon Pomerriggio Fred, Come Vanno le Cose : I have this to add to my previous message ; In Conscious light of the preceding, Ask yourself / selves, why would or do you so feverishly want to be a member / Citizen of Something that didn't even exist until after 1861 C.E., not to mention, the tyrannical suppression of the Noble people of that penninsula by the Turin government that led to the exodus of over 26,000,000 People of Ausonia, so-called Italy. Question, Why would 26 Million people leave a landmass during so-called National Unification. So, as to the issue of Nationality, be it by Ius Sanguinis or Ius Soli, the Position that the Italian government has taken since 1861 is that the Free National Name of the People of that land, they now call Italy, ceased to exist. Now you ask yourself again, why would you want to claim or proclaim yourself as that. I strongly suggest or recommend you avail yourself of my Book : Che Cosa Ogni Italiano-Americano etc. ; In fact, I will even send you a copy, assuming you see or read any of these comments.

Magnificus Princeps Scientia Uriel de' Baiere

truly, truly feel for these Individuals concerning ths Doc 18 Ius Soli, but the law of Ius Sanguinis of which has been for time immemorial is fortunately or unfortunately, is quite acroamatic, that is, ( Lawfully and Legally accurate ), contrary to the ever popular U.S. so-called law which states that, citizenship is automatic if born on the soil of that Jurisdiction. How so ?. It is an issue of Nationality and Citizen Status. Meaning that Legally speaking contrary to the lay understanding of which Corporations like the U.S. passing itself off as a Nation, Nationality and Citizenship are not Synonymous. Nationality in Truth is determined by Blood ( Ius Sanguinis ) and not by Soil ( Ius Soli ) ; Whereas Citizenship / Membership is determined by Eligibility, eminating from the Right of Blood – Nationality. So, how do we know that Nationality is determined by Blood ?. If you are born of a Nation of People who are of the same blood, you are therefore identified by the same Free-National Name ( Nationality ), unless of course your power extends beyond your creator, it is a Maxim of Law that a Women or Man cannot change her/his blood. This despite what the U.N. adopted Declaration of Human Right Article's 13-15 would suggest about ys, having a right to a Nationality, but going to say that she/he has a right to change their Nationality ; and bearing the above maxim in mind, this is just not so. So, bypassing the Plebi ( Democracy as Defined in, of all things, the Soldiers Training Manuel issued by the War Department, November 30, 1928. TM 2000- 25 : p.118-120 ; Democracy defined as a government of the masses, authority is derived through mass meeting or any form of direct expression. RESULTS IN MOBOCRACY. Attitude toward property is Communistic – negating property rights, (because of the use of Communist slave scrip). Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate Whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in Demagogism, License, Agitation, Discontent, and Anarchy.
These are things again, of which many, and sadly including those campaigning against Ius Sanguinis law do not over, inner, outer, understand. Perhaps these individuals since having been born on Ausonian, so-called Italian Soil, should instead of seeking Italian membeship, which is rooted in Nationality ( Ius Sanguinis ) and I mean this in all seriousness, for it would be my honor to work with them, form their own Nation, Government and Citizenship.


Many countries have this requirement including countries in Africa


This is fascinating! Where is the U.N.? This should be seen on the major networks!


It is the same law in Sierra Leone. I am Lebanese born and bred in Freetown but I am not allowed citizenship. Same in the UK.

Christopher Scott

Very interesting documentary. I hope that this will play in America. I really missed the documentary where the director talk about Buffalo soldiers fighting in Italy during World War 2. I am yearning to watch this.

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