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Quote of the Day on the Oscars and How Women Get Screwed

Quote of the Day on the Oscars and How Women Get Screwed

You must read these really depressing but totally spot on piece by Martha Lauzen (the woman who gives us the stats of how many women are making movies, today published by the Women's Media Center.

…the Academy Awards fete films made mostly by men featuring a majority of male characters intended primarily for a male audience, that are then critiqued by a largely male group of writers and critics.

So fucking depressingly true. 

Read the piece: Oscar and the Usual Suspects

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If you break movies into movies with women characters and movies with male characters what have you solved? You get things like "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" which women don't want to watch and which was written, directed, filmed and edited by men, passed off as a movie about women. The entire empowerment by rape and empowerment by lingerie wearing genre is some sort of male fantasy that doesn't belong with authentic movies for women audiences.


Here's the real statistic, from an interview with Academy head Dawn Hudson, in The Hollywood Reporter by Stephen Galloway. Q by Galloway: "The L.A. Times did a study that found Oscar voters are 94 percent white, 74 percent male, with a median age of 62." Answer by Hudson: "That's about right". Talk about an OLD boys club. oy.

Korky Day

Best Actor is broken down into male and female. Why not all the other categories? Women members of the Academy could push for that. Threaten boycotts against resistance.

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