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‘Rambo 5’ Is Apparently Happening, Will Be Either Like ‘Unforgiven’ Or A “Passing Of The Torch”

'Rambo 5' Is Apparently Happening, Will Be Either Like 'Unforgiven' Or A "Passing Of The Torch"

Even though David Morrell was the original author of “First Blood,” star Sylvester Stallone has co-opted the popular character of John Rambo to the point where 2008’s “Rambo,” co-written and directed by Stallone, was near-autobiographical. Retiring the violent soldier hero made sense, as Stallone is now 65 years old. But legally speaking, the onscreen John Rambo doesn’t belong to Morrell or Stallone, but rather Lionsgate, who released the last ‘Rambo’ film to a $113 million worldwide gross. In other words, a new ‘Rambo’ movie will happen with or without Stallone.

Writer Sean Hood (“Conan the Barbarian“) is currently working on the script for a fifth installment, and he tweeted to fans (via Collider) that Sly is still very much involved in the next installment. ” ‘Rambo 5′ on hold as Sly finishes ‘Expendables 2,’ ” he tweets. “He hasn’t decided if R5 will be an ‘Unforgiven‘ or a ‘passing of the torch.’ ” Of course, this timetable doesn’t take into account filming on “The Tomb,” which should get started in the second half of 2012 with Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Best case scenario, Stallone is ready to go on another ‘Rambo’ at the beginning of 2013.

Stallone, who brutalized his now-elderly body for “Rambo” and “The Expendables,” may be having second thoughts about the monumental undertaking of another ‘Rambo’ movie. But at the same time, an “Unforgiven” idea could find him giving the series a natural close, putting the blood-soaked PTSD sufferer out of his lifelong misery with his customary meatheaded poetry. A passing of the torch, however? This could mean Rambo teaming up with his son, or maybe a younger soldier with the same sense of killing, adding the same cross-generational heat Lionsgate is banking on with the casting of Liam Hemsworth and the dubious PG-13 rating for “The Expendables 2.” Or it could mean a straight-up “First Blood” remake with a hot young Channing Tatum-alike stepping in Stallone’s boots. Given that the “Unforgiven” ending allows Stallone to finish this series on his terms, and because some batons don’t need to be passed, we are hoping for that first option if it must indeed happen at all.

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No one can replace Stallone no matter what……


Please not the author of conan the barbarian. That was by far the worst script ever.

Enrico Balik

Hello! For either the First Blood remake or the John Rambo Prequel, whichever one you decide on, I know this guy named Brian Wright who would be Perfect for the part. He is even half Native American and half Italian. Brian also has several First Blood/ Rambo-style handmade survival knives already. Brian even has a tooth or two missing, and he even has that PTSD look, which stems from real-life events that has left him pretty PTSD'd all the way around. Plus Brian really knows how to act. Hell, he's been acting like a real Son Of A Bitchin' Asshole his whole life! And get this: Brian is Strong too. he isn't all tight-chested like Stallone was, and he has a few extra pounds (although he could lose it all in no time), but Brian is real and his emotions, even when acting, are real. And he can do Rocky Balboa incredibly well! And besides, Stallone was pretty much an unknown until someone gave him his shot at acting, so why not do the same thing for Brian Wright? He's a nobody so why not give him a shot at being a somebody in Hollywood, just like someone gave Stallone a shot? Plus, Brian is an excellent shot with such barbaric weapons as professional catapult slingshots and the .625 Caliber Pro Blowguns. I really think that if Hollywood decides to make another Rambo film, either ongoing or a prequel of a younger Rambo joining the Green Berets and going to Vietnam, they sure as shit are going to miss out if they don't look into offering Mr. Brian Wright the part. Brian is a natural pro at everything he does. Plus he even had real life military experience, Not only that but Brian's late Father, Billy, was a real-life US Army Special Forces Green Beret who taught Brian everything he knew as far as survival, combat, not falling to the enemy should they catch you, and Billy even taught Brian how to make his hair curly so the darn head band that he tied onto his head would stay on so he would look like his dad, a real Green Beret hippy-type. Anyway, please pass this on to Hollywood. Brian deserves this break. He at least deserves to be looked into for the next person to play the role of John Rambo. Thank You, Enrico Balik


What a retard would consider Channing Tatum as a good choice for such type of movie?!

Ssg. Gingerich

I think they need to back it up and tell the back story of john rambo from the time he joined the army and went to nam.


rambo film will never happen without stallone.dont be ridiculous…

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