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REDLETTERMEDIA VIDEO: Hey, kids! It’s every face punch in ROADHOUSE

REDLETTERMEDIA VIDEO: Hey, kids! It's every face punch in ROADHOUSE

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The comic geniuses over at Redlettermedia have created this forensic catalog of every right cross, chambered strike, backfist, hammerfist, haymaker, shovel hook, uppercut, trachea rip and jab thrown in Patrick Swayze’s classic Roadhouse. You have to admire the sheer length of this — 45 seconds of distilled face-punching goodness. I suppose we could call this piece a somewhat circuitious tribute to the late Ben Gazzara — who died this month at the age of 81. His evil turn as Brad Wesley is so gratuitous that it transforms a bad movie into a good-bad movie. Watching him get his ass kicked in this film is simply divine. Thanks, Ben. And thanks to everyone at Redlettermedia for creating and posting it. Check out their site here. If you haven’t seen his “Plinkett” reviews, you might want to watch them this evening after work. You don’t want to get fired for wasting company time.]

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Edward Copeland

Gazzara's portrayal of Brad Wesley was so entertaining and off-the-wall, it was hard to even think of him as a villain. He was more like the town eccentric. Only two things made the film watchable: Gazzara and the all-too-brief appearance of Sam Elliott. Watching Wesley absent-mindedly driving down the road swerving his car from one side of the road to the other (while singing or humming, if I recall) seemed to foreshadow a future scene on Twin Peaks when Leland would do the same once viewers knew he was possessed by BOB.

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