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Sam Greenlee’s Advise To Black Filmmakers: “If You Want To Be A Rich Ho, Move To Hollywood”

Sam Greenlee's Advise To Black Filmmakers: "If You Want To Be A Rich Ho, Move To Hollywood"

Long time readers of S&A will already be familiar with the below video clip of a very frank Sam Greenlee (The Spook Who Sat By The Door) dishing on the state of what we call “black cinema”.

And I’m posting it again a year later for those who haven’t seen it, as well as a reminder for those who already have. I could post this every year quite frankly, and it still would be topical… until something changes that is.

It fits nicely into the myriad of conversations we’ve had on S&A, and continue to have. Consider it an addendum to Anthony Mackie’s comments last year, and reiterated recently, about black people in Hollywood, which inspired scores of impassioned comments across the blogosphere:

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This film SPOOKED whites. The people posting negativity below are HACKS of the industry.


Great video.

Miles Maker

Thank you. I needed this.


Good stuff here.


This is one of the most relevant videos I've seen to date.


The Spook Who Sat By The Door is a great movie. Well-written, well-acted, amazing story line. For good reasons, it frightened people in the 1970s who attempted to bury it under other blaxploitation releases. I believe that movie still frightens people today, which is why it is seldom seen.

Miles Maker

Hollywood is about leverage. Don't come here with your hand out. Period. Come here with momentum and some value to add to the economic equation or you WILL BE A HO. Period!

It's time to make something of yourself first before you ask others to make you bigger. There are golden opportunities to advantageously co-exist with the system and retain creative impunity provided you thoroughly understand this business and can manipulate its environment with entrepreneurial savvy. It's not easy, but if you intend to have a long illustrious sustainable career, you'll ultimately engage this thing called Hollywood in some strategic–even if it's simply for reach and exposure.

Best wishes!

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