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Sexism Watch: Sexist Ads for Jean Dujardin’s New Film Les Infideles

Sexism Watch: Sexist Ads for Jean Dujardin's New Film Les Infideles

Aside from the fact that the film is about male infidelity, this ad (which is among several problemmatic ads for the film) could cause Mr. Dujardin a perception problem.  I know that Mr. Dujardin does not have any control over ads, but the point is why the hell do people think that these ads are ok at all? 

There are tons of films about infidelity that don't have ads like this movie.  And you know that the ads are pushing the wrong buttons when people in France are pissed.  Looks like a major miscalculation.

Jean Dujardin's 'Les Infideles' Posters Campaign Draw Criticism In France (Huffington Post)

'Artist' Star Jean Dujardin Under Fire in France for Provocative Movie Ads (Hollywood Reporter)

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The ad will be out front for all to see and it isn't something I want in my face. And how is this a "sexual position", seriously?! It makes me want to look away and definitely NOT see the movie. In fact it makes me wonder how soon will I be able to go to see another movie without having this POS ad in my face. You know there are some movies I want to see, few, but still some and I am shocked by how often I am offended by crap malecentric trailers I have to sit through to see the movie I want. Remember the Sucker Punch trailer, OMG I yelled BOOOOO through the whole thing I was so sick of having it in my face. The men who run the media businesses have no concept of providing a complete positive experience for women consumers. They don't have a clue.

Bob from Accounting

i don't really get why the ad is demeaning to women.

she's in a sexual position and he has a smug look on his face….

i mean he doesn't exactly look positive or domineering in this at all. he looks like an asshole…am i missing something here? why the outrage?

its not like they don't have ads where men are given the same sexual treatment:

people waste their time caring and being outraged about things that literally have no affect on their lives.


The thing that gets me are some of the comments on supposedly progressive HuffPost that seem a-okay with these ads and don't know what's wrong with them. Well, first of all, they are sexist and demeaning to women. Second, these posters would be out in front of everyone–including children–to see. These ads make me as mad as the boob poster for The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.

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