Short Film “Yom Kippur At WME” Starring J.B. Smoove Gives Career Boost To Writer

Short Film "Yom Kippur At WME" Starring J.B. Smoove Gives Career Boost To Writer

I just learned that the below short film, made by writer Geoff LaTulippe – a short he made for WME's company retreat, starring comedian/action J.B. Smoove – helped Mr LaTulippe close his first directing job at Paramount – an untitled comedy ensemble based on his pitch.

Paramount prez Adam Goodman saw LaTulippe's short film on Deadline, and ordered a meeting with LaTulippe (a writer with a few credits aspiring to direct), and eventually bought his pitch. Not sure if J. B. Smoove is part of the *package* though.

If only it were always that easy… watch the short below:

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Well done


HILARIOUS! The Help 150 million, domestic. Thirty-two dollars fifty-nine ,international. *dead* I LOVE JBSmoove! This was sooooooooooo funny.

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