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Sneak Peek: On-Set Pics Of Chiwetel Ejiofor + Wunmi Mosaku In BBC’s “Dancing On The Edge”

Sneak Peek: On-Set Pics Of Chiwetel Ejiofor + Wunmi Mosaku In BBC's "Dancing On The Edge"

The Daily Mail has just released some new on-set photos of Chiwetel Ejiofor and Wunmi Mosaku, stars of the upcoming BBC production Dancing On The Edge.

S&A first told you about this highly anticipated drama HERE, and HERE.

In case you’ve forgotten . . .

Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Stephen Poliakoff (The Lost Prince, Shooting The Past), the five-part series follows the Louis Lester Band as they find fame amongst the parties and performances of upper class society in the capital. Initially shocked by black musicians performing in polite society, many recoil, but London’s progressive socialites take the band under their wing.

When the band’s manager Wesley becomes too demanding to the hotel in which the band performs he is deported, forcing the rest to move on without him. The musicians play for the Prince of Wales who elevates their status to the heights of early pop fame. But they become entangled in the shadowy world of socialites, which results in the suspected murder of the band’s singer Jessie. The walls begin to close in on Louis and the other members until they realise that escape from England may be their only chance for safety.

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Tired, from reports I read Ejiofor's band is from America. They happen to be staying in England during the story. Makes sense. How many British jazz bands (particularly black British jazz bands) do you actually think existed during those times? And furthermore I brought up the comment about Ejiofor hair because they gave him a part down the side of his scalp. Back then if you were black and had a part in your hair like that, your hair was going to be straightened/greased down/conked up. At the very least it was going to have some amount of chemicals applied to it. Ejiofor's hair looks compeletly dry and natural. Just saying that if you are going to do it right then do it right. If Mosaku had an afro in this film wouldn't it stand out as being not of the times? Well, that's how I feel about Ejiofor considering the type of character he is playing.


To be honest Ejiofor's character , a jazz star of the early 20th century, would probably have straightened hair. Just a thought.


It does look like a great story, starring one of my favorite actors–Ejiofer.


Beautiful!! We need to see more of us put together this way! This sounds like a great story and the BBC is known for quality miniseries so I'm sure it will be done well.

Darla & Mark

I want to see this got bored with Downton Abbey.


Definitely excited for this. PLEEZ PLEEZE PLEEZ let it hit BBCA.

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